President Obama’s Obsession With Taxing The Rich

   President Obama is still obsessed with taxing the rich. It has been established that increasing the upper two percent of the rich will only fund the United States for six days, so why the importance of this step? This is part of his downgrading of our country. The rich are rich because they are able to move their money around. The President knows taxing the rich will not help the poor, because the wealthy will only find another place to put their liquid assets, and will not expand the businesses they have now, which means not only will they not hire, but they will lay off.

    This is his continuance of class warfare on the American people, which will lead to socialism, which is his agenda.

17 comments on “President Obama’s Obsession With Taxing The Rich

  1. elaine says:

    Well said! Obama is supposed to be smart right? So is he dumb enough not to know that companies won’t hire and layoff? Which tells me he is not looking for the well being of America.

  2. Sam Judie says:

    Please Dear People! Stop watching the LIES on FAUX NEWS! Sam of …Sam in Henderson

    • johnapappas says:

      Say Sam, Should I watch Chris Matthews on MSNBC so whenever President Obama gives a speech I can get a chill up my legs? So I assume what you are saying is that everyone who watches Fox News cannot think for themselves.

      • Sam Judie says:


        I am tired of the LIES that Fox News broadcasts………….that’s all! can think for yourself….but please…… NOT believe everything you hear/see on Fox News! My favorite show is Rachel Maddow on MSNBC! I used to watch Lou Dobbs on CNN until I foumnd out he also spews out lies too!

        John………..just be careful of what ideas that “FILL YOUR HEAD”……..The TRUTH is NOT always that easily discernible!

        But? I thank God for this new ‘thang’ ……. “The INTERNETS” !!!

        It can help every citizen in the US to be informed…….hopefully? Of the TRUTH!

        And because of FaceBook? Soon? Every citizen living under the ‘Thumb’ of a Home Owners Association can have a ‘voice’ in their HOA 24/7 365 days a year!

        And once ‘that’ takes off? WE CAN ELIMINATE OUR VERY CORRUPT CONGRESS ALTOGETHER! And let the 300 Million Americans VOTE directly on every issue concerning Our Country! From the convenience of their HOME COMPUTER!

  3. Frank Boone says:

    Let’s see Obama’s fixation on taxing the rich when he knows the funds generated will only fund his trillion plus a year deficits for a matter of days???

    Could it possibly be his Marxist ways and ideology? After all he was born of communist parents, raised by his communist grandparents, mentored under the biggest communist in Hawaii Frank Marshall Davis, who he talked about so often in one of his books, then went to college where he “chose his friends carefully, the Marxist professors” and radical students not unlike the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, then studied Sal Alinky’s “Rules for Radicals” which I might add Obama taught for a while as a pseudo professor after Alinsky’s son said Obama was his father’s “best student” 😦 Not to mention once in the White House Obama appointed Van Jones and avowed communist to be his green jobs czar.

    Do you think there might be a chance Obama is a Marxist?? And guess what Sam Judie I didn’t learn all this while watching Faux News, I learned most all of this from Obama’s own book “Dreams From My Father” 😦 Even the title itself should tell you this is not dreams “of” his father but the dreams he took from his father, a dream he himself has.

    I think we both know why Obama is the way he is, what strikes me as odd if not sad is that so many Americans don’t know all this or even care 😦

    • johnapappas says:

      I have been saying what you just said since the election of 2008. I have wondered like you many times why don’t the American people get it, why are they voting for a Marxist? I have concluded as such: its all about give me. I want what he has, and he has to spill it over to me, he has more than enough of what he needs. That 25 year old that is using his parents insurance policy, you think he cares about socialism? The food stamp recipients that collect food stamps that have doubled under Obama, you think they care about socialism? The people who are thinking what the next new entitlements will be, you think they care about socialism? What I was hoping with a Romney Presidency was because he would have created new jobs, and its having a job that changes ones spirit, the attitude of the so called give me people would have changed, and thats the only way it will change.

  4. Frank Boone says:

    Some great men in our history warned us because not only were they brave and smart they were students of history. We remember history don’t we, that little thing we’re not to forget? “Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it” I believe is the quote. But Benjamen Franklin nailed it when he said “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” And sadly you and I are alive to witness his prophetic words come true.

    It’s no longer “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You” but “how much can I get if I vote for you?”

    I never thought I’d see this day but here it is. It’s not like we weren’t warned but sadly our never before witnessed in the history of mankind’s history “liberty” has caused many including myself to think it could never happen here and sat on our butts until it may be too late to save the republic from becoming a socialist democracy if not a total communist state.

    Likely we will have to go through the growing pains of communism first by living through “mob rule” for a decade or two. With this last presidential election we just got a taste of what that will be like once the producers in our country have become the minority.

    • johnapappas says:

      There is no way that our country can prevent itself from going through a crash. I will write about all this in a future blog. This is all elementary economics. There are just to many regulations that are imposed on business, which will choke them all to death, especially the small business person. What is the motive to this is control. Make the business person say, ok Mr. Government. I give up, I will follow all your guidelines. This is where we are heading. This is Marxism.

  5. Frank Boone says:

    I have noticed that when faced with having to accentuate the basis for his assertions,beliefs and diatribe Sam becomes unable to. Just thought I’d throw in that little observation. LOL :)))

    • samn3s says:

      Excuse Me Frank?
      People like you and other Right-Wingers? I have learned that you WILL NOT listen to the Truth? I therefore? GIVE UP! You kids play amongst yourselves………I will remain ‘Silent’……..last time participating at “John’s Blog”……….. Have a nice life under: FOUR MORE YEARS of Mr. Obama! 🙂 YIPPEE!

      • johnapappas says:

        The thing that I always hope for from people who write in my blog is to be respectful to one another. If I recall the first writing from Sam on my blog was that I listen to lies from Fox News. When he was asked by a reader to back that statement up he did not reply. That’s how liberals are, they can give out, but they can’t take it when they are confronted.

      • Frank Boone says:

        Sadly Sam you are suffering from two disorders. One is paranoid personality disorder, that one glares out at us and the other I can’t recall it’s medical name but you affirmed it accusing me of what you are guilty of. I’ll have to consult psychologist friends on that one.

        Your assertion I’m a “right winger” first presupposes that would be a bad thing but you haven’t any basis on which you can quantify that other than that you disagree with me and when I call you out you can only cast what you consider to be aspersions.

        You “give up” because you haven’t any facts or truths that can refute the facts and truth I bring to the debate. You are indeed the one that will not listen as you refuse to admit to evidence that is readily available to you. Ignoring evidence such as that is the truest form of ignorance because it is willing. You chose, are willing, to dismiss evidence that will prove your ideology and preconceived notions to be incorrect. In other words “you won’t listen” especially to reason.

        The most clear evidence of that were your two assertions that “Faux News” lies. That shows you believe they would be the only ones while you overlook that not only MSNBC has been caught repeatedly “lying” by others in the news business, but also CNN and that CBS has even been proven to have not only lied but manufactured and or knowingly produced known to be falsified documents.

        If you can sight at least one example of FOX doing anything even remotely like that I will eat my words. But I have no fear of having to as with so much of what you exclaim, it hasn’t any basis in fact and so no evidence will ever surface.

        Plus your glee in 4 more years of tyranny shows you to be little more than a useful idiot of the left. You are an example of what the Editor of Time magazine noted “it’s the morons that elected Obama” and the ones that seem to revel in their own demise.

      • Frank Boone says:

        Oh I just called my friend that is a psychologist by trade and he told me they refer to that other disorder you seem to have as “projection bias” or “Psychological Projection” I won’t go into the details but suffice to say I studied it also and that is what led me to see it in you Sam. It is often times curable with counseling and in some cases combined with medication that should be covered under Obamacare. LOL :)))

        It’s a defense mechanism one uses to lessen their own discomfort caused by their inability to prove with any provable facts, others assertions are false.

        Good luck with that one Sam 🙂

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