Obama To Hillary To Rice

    Susan Rice the UN Ambassador withdrew her name from consideration of being nominated for Secretary of State because she has become a political football. She only has ones self to blame for becoming a political football. For some reason which we are still trying to get answers for, you have an UN Ambassador going on five Sunday talk shows to tell the American people and the world that the Benghazi killings was caused by a YouTube video, when in fact it was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that turned down this roll of not going to all the talk shows; this really fascinates me for the fact that Hillary Clinton will never turn down a reason for showing herself all over the TV cameras. As we have found out in the meantime, is the fact that this attack was not caused by a riot or a YouTube video, it was caused by a terrorist organization, and Obama, Clinton, and Rice knew this, because they were watching all this activity unfold in real time. The question is who pushed Susan Rice out there on these Sunday talk shows, and who told her what to say. It is clear Susan Rice could not have decided to do this on her own. So who was it and why? The President has stated that if they are to go after someone they should go after him, so come on Mr. President, lets have the truth.There was a Presidential election coming up, and everything that was said about this attack had to be in lock step, so Hillary Clinton didn’t want to do it because as we found out her department messed up as we saw when she claimed later that she would accept full responsibility for what happened. You see the President was trying to convince the American people that since Bin Laden was killed we had destroyed the effectiveness of Al-Qaida. The President did not want to show to the American people that Al-Qaida was very active, so Obama through Hillary, sent a UN Ambassador, Susan Rice out there to the five Sunday talk shows to do their dirty work and do their lying. So now Susan Rice has the audacity to say that she is withdrawing her name because others have made her a political football.


5 comments on “Obama To Hillary To Rice

  1. Frank Boone says:

    It matters little if at all, who Obama appoints to this position as it will be six of one a half dozen of the other and the next will be as bad or worse, as the one before

    When we have public officials such as these willing to lie and cover it up if necessary and then a willing accomplice like our so-called “America’s watch dog” media that will help them perpetrate but also cover it up, we have little chance with a public that remains so ignorant of the truth.

    In a time of Universal Deceit, telling the Truth is a Revolutionary act! George Orwell
    “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” ..George Orwell in his book “1984”

    That empire and that time is upon us.


    My favorite quote comes from Charles Dickens in his book “A Christmas Carol” wherein the ghost shows Scrooge the two children hidden under his coat and introduces them as “his children” and when Scrooge ask what are their names the ghost replies “Ignorance and Want, beware of them both, for upon their brow is written ‘doom'”

    I find it all too ironic this is the season that book is most often read and the movies about it are shown.

    Right after the election when it became all too apparent that “Americas children” are now “ignorance and want” where the half that pay no income taxes have their votes bought by the democratic party in exchange for promises the democrats can not keep at the cost of our liberty.

    Dickens tried to tell us, warn us if you will, over 150 years ago, that ignorance and want are to be feared.

    Instead now we have a government and their willing accomplices in the media and the teacher’s unions that produces them by the thousands year after year after year, generation after generation, and now it’s catching up with us. The “progressives” are sure and steady and will eventually if left unchecked, consume us and our liberty.

  2. johnapappas says:

    It’s true it really doesn’t make a difference who holds the position of Secretary of State with these socialists, as of today they are thinking of Frankenstein( John Kerry) and you know what he is all about. The thing is they cannot let Hillary Clinton get away with this Benghazi foul up, four Americans got killed, and now she fainted and fell on her head and she can’t testify. Give me a break. They better schedule her for another day; I know there will be more lies, but she will be under oath, I hope, so she better not make a mistake. Hillary Clinton is a collector, a collector of what? I will write about that another day.
    Right now I must concede, the progressives are winning; that is not good as we know, because that will cause a crash, our economic system will not be able to handle it. That’s why we need people in government to talk about work, instead of what freebee to give. I hope this happens before it is to late because Marxism is just right around the corner.

    • Frank Boone says:

      I see that today that alleged “independent commission” that looked into what happened in Benghazi did verify that not only did Ms. Rice lie repeatedly about the “protest” but so did our president but then the commission turned around and they assigned no blame for what happened. They said “there were mistakes made’ and of course that is true but to let everyone walk is the biggest of mistakes. If there are no repercussions, no consequences for those who made those mistakes, then how can we expect for those mistakes not to be made again?

      I found it also par for the course and evidence this so-called “independent” commission wasn’t as “independent” as they’d have us believe when they actually came out and assigned “blame” the Chris Stevens himself.

      They assert since he was the most senior official on site that he bears some responsibility saying he should have been more “assertive” in requesting more security.

      Why that totally ignores that not only he but many others there had for ,months up until even 3 days before the attack, had indeed requested far more security.To me that would totally absolve Stevens from any blame for his own death.

      I wonder if the people on this commission would know the truth if it crawled up their leg, got into their butts and somehow made it out of their mouths. It’s sorta like blaming the young woman who wore a miniskirt for getting raped.

      What is more alarming in my mind isn’t that we have so many allegedly educated public officials that would lie to cover up tier inep0tniess but how many Americans we have that ignore it and won’t take a stand and demand they lose their public positions. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need and or want of the public officials to look the other way in order to secure their own seats of power and public positions, but for the American people to ignore and or dismiss all of this is what makes my head spin and my stomach turn.

      • johnapappas says:

        Today’s independent commission’s report is ridicules. People like you and I who have followed this Benghazi mess know it. What did this commission say that you and I already don’t know about? That’s what happens when you have the government checking out the government. The State Dept. really messed this whole thing up, why? because they are naive. They live in a make believe world, and this is the type of out come you will get when it is such, and the most hilarious thing is that they recommended no disciplinary action, and why is that? because Obama and Hillary are involved.
        The people get rattled if the news media gets rattled. The news media went after Nixon in Watergate and the rest is history. I am not saying that Nixon did right, but in this Benghazi situation four of our people got killed, and they are trying to sweep it under the rug. The news media no longer reports the news justifiably. They will pick and choose who they will destroy, and who they will leave alone.

        • Frank Boone says:

          Amen. For years, even decades I’ve known our so-called “main stream media” outlets have been what I considered “naive” because of their mental disorder better known as “liberal” but since 2007 it’s become apparent that not only are they naive but now are flat out dishonest and untrustworthy because of it.

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