Mental Health And Guns- A Common Sense Discussion

At times I reminisce of my boyhood years in school. Besides my friends, at times I think of those kids that were different for my taste. I am sure everyone knew at least one of these types. The student that was always getting in trouble for one reason or another such as not getting along, or maybe was always wound up, or the student who just couldn’t communicate. I sometimes think what are these people doing today. Did they get in trouble with the law, are they successful, are they good citizens, or did they just grow out of whatever they were going through. I went to grammar school in the 1950’s, so there have been a lot of changes in our society since then. The main thing that held most kids in line in those day’s was not to get in trouble so as not to embarrass our parents. We did not want to see the hurt in our parents eyes, plus the punishment that came after. Is that the same today?

Let’s fast forward to a different era, which decade this all started I am not sure. Lets take the same type of kids that I talked about in the 50’s. Everyone’s personality that I talked about, now has a label and the pills to go with it.

Asperger’s Syndrome(significant trouble with social situations)

ADHD-(attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

Autism Spectrum Disorders- (are neurological conditions that affect the abilities of a person to communicate with others)

So all ready these kids are labeled and its in their files. Now you have a lot of these kids on pills, or school administrators are suggesting to parents to have them and the child visit the psychologists to possibly put them on some kind of pills, and or treatment. One of the arguments that have been used as to not legalize marijuana whereas it has been found out that alcohol use kills brain cells, science still does not know 100% what affects marijuana has on the brain. The brain is a very complex organ that science is still learning about. So now some of these children that have become young adults have now possibly been on these pills for most of their lives. Through all these years does science know what these pills have done or haven’t done to their brain? It’s really to new to know.

What has happened to our God fearing society? The first thing you must instill in a child is a conscious. That child is to be taught the love of God as he or she is growing up. It starts at the dinner table with a prayer, then what will God think of you for not finishing your food while there are people growing hungry around the world, then a prayer at bedtime, and teach the child he can pray at any time, God is always listening. If you do not instill conscious in the child it’s like the brain floating like a butterfly. It will do whatever it wants when it wants to.

I am not going to call this killer in Connecticut by his name so as not to glorify him. Who knows how long this person was labeled with his illness, and how much medications he was on, and how long he was taking them. That poor mother of his just didn’t know what to do. She waits till he is twenty years to attempt to have him committed and the story that is rumored now until we find out more is that she was keeping him away from society, by keeping him in the basement. We can talk about pills, video games, guns all day, only each parent knows across our country if they have one of these kids in their household ready to explode, and it is up to them to turn them in long before the explosion point of having small children, parents and teachers killed in some school, and the mother herself. This is so devastating for me to hear of such tragedies and most of this I feel could have been prevented.

I believe, naturally, in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. I am I must say confused as to why people must have these semi-automatics, or even why do guns have to be sold on the internet. Lets see what George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson had to say about the 2nd Amendment.

George Washington- “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the people’s liberty teeth keystone. The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference”.

Thomas Jefferson- “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in governments”.

Someone can say that weapons were different in those days, but that person misses what they are saying I believe. When Jefferson said, “to protect themselves against tyranny”, I’m sure he didn’t mean not to advance with the advancement of technology, and just continue to use the weapons from 1776.

I believe the interpretation of the 2nd amendment by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson speaks for itself. I also have realized guns can have an effect that many people are not aware of. Since guns are in our society why not use them as a deterrent. John R. Lott is a leading gun expert, author and college professor, and here is what he says: “Mass shootings repeatedly have occurred in designated gun-free zones, which attract lunatics. Lets take the Aurora, Colorado movie theaters . There you have seven movie theaters, only one movie theater was posted as banning permit-concealed handguns. The killer didn’t go to the movie theaters that was closest to his home. He picked the only one of those movie theaters that banned people taking permit-concealed handguns into the theater. This also happened in Portland, Connecticut, and the Sikh temple attack in Wisconsin.”

So as you can see from the article of John Lott, a gun can also save lives, and be used as a deterrent.

As I wrote earlier, we do not live with these troubled people, it is their parents, roommates, relatives, whoever have you. I feel it is their responsibility to society to warn society of this troubled person, if this person has gotten beyond reach.

This is definitely a topic of opinion, and it should be a national discussion.

3 comments on “Mental Health And Guns- A Common Sense Discussion

  1. Frank Boone says:

    I have heard that same “liberal” argument that the weapons (firearms) were different back then and as such modern day weapons shouldn’t fall under the protection of the Second Amendment.

    That is another par for the course naive and closed minded assertion. Using that “logic” (if one could even call that logic) then radio and television, periodicals and newspapers today shouldn’t fall under the protection of the First Amendment. The printing presses of the day were hand cranked, not the automated high-speed machines of today and not to mention radio and TV had yet to be invented.

    Like everything else in any liberal argument, it’s not logical. Today’s weapons are a product of evolution and as such have to keep up with the evolution of the weapons said tyrannical government would bring to bear upon it’s citizens. Like force should be available for “we the people” to “keep and bear.”

    Putting the arguments about firearms aside for a moment, let’s look at society ‘s changes since you and I were in grade school. Mine was in the 60’s. In those days we were held accountable for bad behavior and suffered physical consequences the same as we would have at home. A spanking was customary for egregious offenses and suspension or expulsion for the most serious of offenses.

    Today and for decades now, that is not the case. It’s filtered down into the home as well where “corporal punishment” in most jurisdictions is no longer allowed even in our homes. Kids no longer fear punishment because “timeout” just gives them time to think about how to get away with it the next time. So they grow up in this atmosphere of being impervious to physical consequences. No wonder we have so many youths that get into serious trouble as they’ve never known what true punishment is. Then as adults “going to jail” (a physical punishment) isn’t conceived of because they’ve never known the physical side of what punishment can be.

    But the liberal mindset hasn’t been happy with just absolving any perpetrator of their wrong doing, they had to go it one step farther and assign acronyms to them as a way of further absolving them from and make “excuses” for their bad behavior.

    “The pedophile raped a dozen little boys because he was abused as a child.The kid acts up in class because he has a problem paying attention.” Don’t whip his ass for acting up, give him a pill to stop him from just being a kid. Kids are what they are. They’re gonna act up, at least most will at some point or another. That’s where punishment for bad acting up was for, and in most cases cured it after one or a few times.

    Politicians only real fear of “we the people” is only if we are armed. That is why they will use something like this last mass killing to play upon emotions, make ludicrous arguments that won’t do anything, wouldn’t have done anything, to solve the problem of people that want to do others harm.It’s just a way to secure their seats of power. They are able to get away with this since society has become so lax and most people never see the need to protect themselves.

    It’s ironic that if the politicians really did want the children and others to be protected why they’d ignore that principal that stopped an armed gunman from entering his school with his very own 45 caliber handgun he kept in his desk drawer.They chose to ignore that even the government’s own sources show a far different argument “for” bearing arms” than do against it.

    According to the CDC, gun violence doesn’t even make it into the top 15 causes of death in the US.

    According to both the FBI and National Institute of Justice, guns are used for self-defense forty times (40x) more often than they are for crimes. That is just when the gun is *fired*! How many are used as a deterrent that don’t need to be fired? Could this be one of the reasons that there is a solid correlation between less restrictive gun laws and lower crime rates?

    So it’s quite apparent guns in the hands of citizens is not the problem but likely the cure.

    As to correlation, you can go state by state, and even county by county and see that the highest violent crime rate areas (NY, D.C., Philly, Chicago, Detroit, etc.) also have the most restrictive gun laws whereas “shall issue” states have much lower rates across the board.

    Even in geographically specific studies, they have repeatedly tracked stats after passage of laws that either discourage or encourage concealed carry and the results are the same. More concealed carry, crime rate goes down. Less concealed carry, crime rate goes up.

    The left’s only argument for this is that “correlation does not equal causation”. So having a “D” after your name clearly doesn’t equal commonsense either, but then correlation doesn’t equal causation so I guess I shouldn’t poke fun.

    Suffice to say the “right of the people to keep and bear arms” is not about protecting ourselves our homes or our children while they’re in school, although that is a side affect, It’s all about being able to put down tyranny by a government that wants to run every aspect of our lives from what size soda we’re able to purchase, what lunch we can send our children to school with, and if we can seek and receive medical treatment that would lengthen our lives or the lives of our loved ones. Those aforementioned circumstances are the very reason our right to keep and bear arms is of more importance than ever in our free history and the very reason the politicians are using emotion to try and take it away from us.

    • johnapappas says:

      It is a bewilderment to the mind when you think of the United States as just over two hundred years old and what it has accomplished. It took off after World War II, which if it had been like most countries in civilization, after conquest, the victorious would have taken the spoils from the defeated country. What the United States did was pour manpower and money to rebuilt the defeated countries: Germany,Japan, Italy, and some smaller participants. We became the biggest industrial and economic country in the world.

      Fast forward to today and you have a Marxist movement that is trying to undo the economic might that the United States has accomplished via the free enterprise system. You and I know what’s going on, by them penetrating our school system, taking control of our kids with their agenda of taking away the studying of our Constitution, and making the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution which gives Americans the right to bear arms look like it was put together by some crazed people, our Forefathers, trying to convince the American people, that the right to bear arms is for some kind of turkey hunt, where in fact as I wrote in my blog it was mainly to prevent future tyranny in America.

      They have started as I stated, making our kids zombies by over prescribed pills; the feminist movement taking the boy out of boy, by dumbing him down because of being over hyper, and just taking the life out of him.

      I will hold myself back for now and save all this for another blog, but we cannot allow this to happen, how? it will take a lot of exposing this to the American people. I don’t know how to get there as of now, but we need someone out there to talk about all these issues, and not to hold back because of some political agenda.

  2. Frank Boone says:

    Those same liberals that try to discredit our constitution because it was written by white men that owned slaves seem to ignore that those same men put into place a system within that constitution where we could undo the wrongs of our past.

    “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted”

    The “progressives” have indeed “progressed” by giving us just what Thomas Jefferson said it would take for us to lose this republic. Uninformed and uneducated masses. The teacher’s unions insist on not being held accountable for kids going through 12 years of school and still not knowing how to read write or spell.

    Yet 9th graders can readily tell you how many plastic bottles are likely in any given acre of landfill but can not tell you when the War of 1812 was fought. Sort of like “who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?” but still they don’t have the sense to tell you.

    The poison that has been injected into the very framework of our American society I’m not sure can be counteracted. It runs very deep now. In the schools and then if the kids had enough sense to graduate they get them in the institutes of higher learning, our colleges. The “brainwashing” and misinformation is pounded into their heads and then whenever they see the news, it’s reinforced by the left’s willing accomplices in the MSM. To add insult to that injury the sitcoms and movies further the myth and perpetuate the brain washing.

    We are standing on the precipice and directly in front of us is our doom. To go back will take as long and be harder than it was to climb to this point. I truly fear for the liberty of the children.

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