America, When And How Did It Change

The United States of America, and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights created by our Forefathers from the imperfections of the country that they came from, which was England. The United States has always had the belief of an almighty God, which means God fearing people, a love of country and family, and the order of which those two last ones go differ with different people. The US Constitution is so perfected that it is the longest living constitution that other countries have tried to copy.

People complain that there is to much dirty politics in todays presidential campaigns, which there is, but there is nothing new about this in the American history. You have the presidential campaign of 1800, Jefferson vs. Adams, in which Jefferson hired a writer and had a creative line to say that Adams was a “hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a women.”

Adams’ Federalists carried things even further, asking voters, “are you prepared to see your dwellings in flames… female chastity violated… children writhing on the pike? GREAT GOD OF COMPASSION AND JUSTICE, SHIELD MY COUNTRY FROM DESTRUCTION.”

We had dirty politics from our infancy. What I feel makes it so dramatic now is the time line. What I mean by that is that today the news cycle is instantaneous, because of radio, cable, and the internet. I will give you an example of the news cycle in bygone years. When President Lincoln got killed it took over a whole year for the whole country to find out, in regard to the limited means we had in those days to commute the news.

Our civil war that was so sad, with families disagreeing on the war in ones own family. So many dead. President Lincoln for freeing the slaves had to make one of two choices. He could allow the South to succeed which a state had a right to then, and have two different countries, or he would by war force them to stay in our Union, and the rest is history.

Where I am heading with this is from the start of our nation, it being presidential campaigns, wars, hardships and everything in between Americas whole being was to preserve our Constitution, under God, come what may.Families main concern was always love of country and God. Why would this ever change? It would not change from the masses, it would only change from leaders who know better, or think they do, than our Constitution.

This was the American ideology and there was no President to challenge it until Woodrow Wilson became President in 1912. In 1908, as president of Princeton University and prior to ascending to the Oval Office in 1913, Wilson authored a treatise titled “Constitutional Government in the United States”.Yet, Wilson wrote not of the Constitution as is but as he wished it to be—that is, denuded of its carefully crafted limits on the central government.

Wilson asserted, “ No doubt a great deal of nonsense has been talked about the inalienable rights of the individual, and a great deal that was mere vague sentiment and pleasing speculation has been put forward as fundamental principle.”Clearly, Wilson dismissed not only the Declaration of Independence and the Founders’ announced purpose for American independence, but the Lockean exposition on natural law, the nature of man, the social compact establishing the civil society, and the essential ingredients of constitutional republicanism.In short, for Wilson, rights are awarded or denied the individual as determined by the government.pg189

What is ironic is what saved our country from Wilson was World War l. Woodrow Wilson was a hard pacifist. His pet project was to get The League of Nations active, which never happened. He suffered a stroke in office I believe because of the pressure of the war, which in turn he lost much of his activeness, and in the process was not able to implement any of his ideology.

America was speared until here came President Franklyn Roosevelt. I will call Roosevelt the Father of Socialism in America.

There is no denying Roosevelt’s revolutionary fervor. Whereas the Founders broke from tyranny, Roosevelt and the utopians broke from the Founders. Cass Sunstein, a former academic now employed by President Barack Obama as administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Office of Management and Budget, in 2004 wrote approvingly that “America’s public institutions were radically transformed under Roosevelt’s leadership.The federal government assumed powers formerly believed to rest with the states.pg205

Whittaker Chambers, who had been a member of the Communist Party USA, Soviet spy, proponent of the New Deal, editor at Time magazine, and who later condemned communism and the New Deal, wrote in his 1952 autobiography, “Witness, “I had to acknowledge the truth of what its more forthright protagonists, sometimes unwarily, sometimes defiantly, averred: the New Deal was a genuine revolution, whose deepest purpose was not simply reform within existing traditions, but a basic change in the social and, above all, the power relationships within the nation.It was not a revolution of violence. It was a revolution by bookkeeping and lawmaking. Insofar as it was successful, the power of politics had replaced business. This is the basic power shift of all the revolutions of our time. pg207

Franklin Roosevelt gave us Social Security, only because he intimidated the Supreme Court, warning the Court that he was going to attempt to add seven more justices, to the bench, as I had written in another composition. Lets talk about this subject. Until this time period, Americans were always self sufficient people. Americans always came through with the strength of the family. Americans did not ask for Social Security, it was implemented by a leader. I have written about this before that at that time the average death rate in America was 59, ok, they rounded it off to 60. There was no way in the world those economists in that era had any idea that the death rate someday would be 75, yet even with them knowing at that time the death rate was 59, they made collection of it 65, in other words most of the time the money would stay in the treasury. I feel that every time a government benefit comes into being it causes more reliance to the government and less reliance to the family. These socialists have split up the family make up, in our country. These programs have given people reason to leave their family considering of the fact Mom and Dad are now receiving Social Security. Not so much in that era, but as more entitlements have been added. All these bookkeeping laws that were put into effect, mentioned by Whittaker Chambers, that Franklin Roosevelt has received credit from the intellectual community for ending the depression, had nothing to do with ending the war, as we were taught when we were going to grammar school. What ended the war were factories producing round the clock because of the war. Giving out chicken soup, and chicken, and closing banks do not end a depression. Roosevelt used the depression to implement his socialistic programs of reliance on government, and what is ironic again as what happened to Woodrow Wilson, it is the war that halted all this socialistic expansion because the war needed 100% attention.

I have stressed that once an entitlement is implemented you can not take it away. What this does it gives one more piece to the puzzle to a complete socialistic take over. We must go back to the American dream of self reliance. America’s people today number about 47% who receive some kind of entitlement. I always said all my life, that America should help the people who really need help. The people who demand from America an entitlement as an automatic, have no place in our country. President Obama is a socialist in the highest order. Four more years of him and he will complete his mission of putting us in such a socialist state, that it will be almost impossible to go back to what our forefathers fought so hard for. One must remember, A Marxist society has never succeeded anywhere. We have to get a President who believes in the free enterprise system, and it will take a few presidencies and changing the congress to put 47% of the American people back to the ideology of self reliance. When we talk about the 47% of Americans receiving some kind of entitlements, in that number are social security and welfare recipients. These are people who have paid into the system, and the employer has put in matching taxes to match the employee’s.

Like Benjamin Franklin said when he was asked coming out of the convention, Dr. Franklin, what have you given us?, and he said, “A Republic if you can keep it”.

pg. 189 Ameritopia – Author Mark R. Levin
pg. 205 “ “ “ “ “
pg.207 “ “ “ “ “

6 comments on “America, When And How Did It Change

  1. Frank Boone says:

    I find it is not ironic but par for the course that some of what we talked about on the phone today, you touched on in this blog. And that before I had even read this.

    Once entitlements are given to the people, and they start to rely on them, you can never take them away. That is but one of the many ways communism is implemented. The quote accredited to Nikita Khrushchev “We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism,
    until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism” seems to be as prophetic as it was ominous.

    Yet like many things in America, that little bit of history is not taught to today’s children I suppose, in the hopes if they don’t remember history they will be doomed to repeat it.

    The “progressives” (another name for dangerous idiots) have been slow but sure, never hoping to realize their dreams right away but slowly “progressively” implementing enough to build upon later until the stable foundation for tyranny has been laid.

    First they laid the foundation, “social security” then the frames of this building had to go up. The framework is welfare and other social so-called “safety nets.” So they’ve laid the foundation and the framework so all that is left is to collapse the old building, “capitalism” and when the people cry out for help, tyranny will complete the building.

    It’s been true since the dawn of man and here we are again having to live through and witness it firsthand. Why? Because “liberty” and what it really is and takes to keep it are no longer taught in the schools. All of those things have over time, been made to look as “tyrannical” themselves or outdated. You tear away what made this country the most prosperous benevolent nation to ever exist by first bastardizing those things then discrediting them.

    The progressives were able to make capitalism by bastardizing it and making it “crony” capitalism, picking winners and losers and blaming any bad outcomes on capitalism itself.

    Then take God out of the picture, the backbone of much of what we hold dear in this nation. Not so much in a God itself but what God stood for and imparted upon us to uphold. Once that is stripped away the rest comes easy for the tyrants.

    Writing into the Constitution things it doesn’t say, then repeating that lie over and over and over until most people having heard that same lie told so many times by so many people, “we the people” start to really believe the constitution calls for a separation of church and state. It says no such thing.

    In fact the founders so relied upon the belief in God that even today in the buildings we cherish so much we can see it. Everyone in statue on the top of the Supreme Court building are facing one man and that one man is Moses and he’s holding the Ten Commandments. On every door there they are again. Adams noted that the Ten Commandments were the foundation of our laws.

    So with little due respect to those that cry for a separation of church and state, it would appear the founders saw no such thing. They imparted those same laws to us with the same moral compass that one usually only gets from a belief in God.

    Progressively stripping God from “we the people” only puts us one more step towards tyranny with the tyrant and his government replacing what God and keeping his commandments should have and have done for us.

    Great blog 🙂

    • johnapappas says:

      Yes, its obvious what’s going on to our country, we are losing it. We do not have a spokesperson in the same light as Ronal Reagan. The opportunity was there when the Republicans had control of both houses of congress, and they blew it. George Bush Junior came out with that slogan”compassionate Republican”. I wanted to tell him, speak for yourself, because Republicans want to hold spending in line so as not to economically destroy America, that means they are not compassionate? They should have held spending in line when they had control of the congress, after all, that’s why they were voted in. Ronald Reagan saved our country from the malaise we were in under Jimmy Carter, by initiating the biggest tax cuts in history, and because of that the US Treasury was bringing in money unheard of, and the people were prospering, and there was the broken promise by the Democrats in congress that there would be spending cuts along the tax cuts which Reagan never got, told by him in his autobiography.

      I have blogs coming up to write in my mind, about the issue of why Obama is so keen on not matching spending cuts with increase in taxes. Why can’t the average American see this, really stupefies me. You cannot continue to rape the businessperson of revenue, ( in other words the hand that feeds you, the businessperson), because Mr. Harvard graduate, Obama, as you know, and by the way Pres. John Kennedy also went to Harvard and he gave America a tax cut and the countries treasury also started to bring in money; I guess Obama did not get the same education from his professors at Harvard as John Kennedy did. The government gets its money from the taxpayer, if the taxpayer is laid off, or fired, how will the US Treasury get its money? Obama is taking our United States of America down, and if some conservative who is as gifted a speaker as Ronald Reagan doesn’t come along we are heading for a big crash, and what is ironic is the fact that will prevent America becoming Marxist, because by that happening the American people will realize the Marxist that Obama is.

  2. Frank Boone says:

    No no John don’t you dare fall for that one. That somehow Obama just doesn’t know what he’s doing that somehow he didn’t get that lesson at Harvard that JFK got.

    He’s used that excuse spoken by even lame republicans as a way to let him try for 4 more years. If the American people think he’s really been trying but circumstance and the republicans have somehow stood in his way, then we the people will be more likely to give him another bite at the apple. If he can convince we the people that the first 4 years was just his ineptness and that now he’s learned his lesson, “give me four more years” then he’ll get it. And he did.

    Obama knows exactly what makes an economy thrive and prosper. But he doesn’t want us to prosper, His ideology The “Dreams from his Father” is that America is rich because it stole the wealth from less prosperous 3rd world nations and he wants to “even the playing field” which means the American middle class will have to go. Has to be done away with because that has always been what made America thrive.

    No matter how much he punishes the so-called “rich” they will survive. You could confiscate 99% of Warren Buffets wealth and assets and he’d still live better than you or can even dream about living.

    What he’s doing is making it impossible for the rich to prosper more than he would allow and in return what he gets to go with it is a destruction of the middle class, making them more akin to the poor and thus more reliant upon him and his government. It’s a very shroud plan and sadly it’s working because of as Time Magazine’s editor noted, “it’s the morons that elected Obama”

    Obama is no fool. He is probably, and in my estimation, the smartest most shroud president we have ever had. But not in a good way unfortunately.

  3. Frank Boone says:

    PS Please forgive my misspelled shrewd as I didn’t take time to proof read. I was so incensed with the behavior of this president and the ignorance of the American people to see it, I get excited and type away without ever looking up at the screen. :)It wasn’t the first time I[‘ve done such a thing and likely not the last LOL

  4. johnapappas says:

    If you read the total perspective of my reply you can see that I was just being sarcastic on my comparison of Obama’s and Kennedy’s Harvard education. I was trying to point out without a doubt that no matter what kind of education you have, if you have a total commitment to a Marxist philosophy, no education will change it. Naturally Pres. John Kennedy was a Democrat and I definitely will not make him out to be a conservative, which he was not by a long shot, but at least he used the mechanics of our capitalistic system in the form of a tax cut to stimulate the economy, whereas Obama is doing everything he can not to stimulate the economy

  5. Frank Boone says:

    I got cha, I should know better as “sarcasm” is my second language LOL :)))

    I also suspect the reason Obama had his school records sealed is because it likely shows not only was he a poor student if not average at best, but that the records would show that this former Editor of the Harvard Law Review got that position through affirmative action and not on his merits.

    I truly believe he’s more wily than smart.

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