Hillary Will Always Be Hillary

Before America attacked Nagasaki, and Hiroshima, Japan in World War ll, the United States dropped over five million leaflets to warn the people of Japan that we had a destructive bomb that was to be dropped on Japan and that they should surrender, they did not listen. Ambassador Stevens and other US diplomats sent numerous cables and emails warning the State Department that the security at the Benghazi consulate was inadequate, lets call them leaflets; nobody listened. In the interrogation of Hillary Clinton by the House and Senate last week,which was a joke, each Congress person had five minutes to ask a question, and Hillary Clinton had many weeks to study all possible questions, because she was home and recuperating from a fall; she testified that she knew of no such cables. She lied. She has said that she accepts full responsibility as to what happened in Benghazi; I would like to know who accepts responsibility over Hillary Clinton? it sure is not President Obama, because he and Hillary got together in a meeting to calibrate a uniform story. The little I saw of this freak show Hillary answered the question in regard to the Sunday talk shows and Susan Rice that she knew nothing about it, but later she volunteered about the Sunday morning talk shows, “everyone knows how I hate to go on Sunday morning talk shows”. You can take that statement one of two ways, that they did not even ask her to go considering they knew she doesn’t like to, or the way I find it is, that she probably told them that she was not going on any Sunday talk shows, to get her someone to go for her, and that she would like to know who it was that was going, or in fact Hillary was probably the one who assigned Susan Rice. I have concluded that the You Tube Video lie was for the American people to think that the riot was over a You Tube video, so for America not to find out that all this boasting from Obama that al-Qaida was diminished in the region, was really a lie. As we found out there was no riot, but an assault by al-Qaida. For a person who says she is in charge of 70,000 people in the State Department and that she takes full responsibility, as Senator Rand Paul suggested she should be fired for not doing her job of not knowing even about one of the emails sent. It would not be the first time Hillary Clinton was fired which I will go to next but first, have you ever wondered what happened to this person who filmed the You Tube video, where is he? what did they do to him? is he alive? why is there no investigative reporter finding out these questions? after all, he is an American, and he does have rights.

The following information is from an article by Dan Calabrese. As we know President Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency over the Watergate scandal. In 1974 Hillary Rodham was a member of the impeachment inquiry staff in Washington D.C, advising the House Committee on the Judiciary during the Watergate scandal to impeach President Nixon. She helped research procedures of impeachment. Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, supervised the work of 27 year old Hillary Rodham on the committee. Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation, Why? “ Because she was a liar”, Zeifman said in an interview. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality”.

Hillary Rodham tried with other committee individuals in a scheme to deny Richard Nixon the right to counsel during the investigation. The top House Democratic leaders including Tip O’Neil said that Nixon clearly had the right to counsel. As we know, Nixon resigned and this devious scheme of Hillary’s was not necessary.

I have been talking about Hillary’s lies for a long time now. She was lucky that all her other misdoings never made it to trial: cattle futures, travel gate, whitewater and what have you. I believe she got away with it because of the the poor little victim role she played with President Bill Clinton’s infidelity scandals, as though she was not aware of his sexual activities, that was a marriage of convenience. I could just imagine Hillary telling good old Bill, just don’t get caught and embarrass me. Well, he got caught, and the rest is history. The special prosecutor let up on Hillary.

President Nixon is up in heaven talking to God, and he said to God, why didn’t I think to say like Hillary said about Benghazi in regard to my Watergate mess, “what difference does it make?” God said to Nixon that by that time you had learned your lesson, but until she changes, Hillary will always be Hillary.


Where Is That Conservative?

Conservatism is not dead, we need the messenger. Where is that conservative? They were saying conservatism was dead over thirty years ago and then there was President Reagan. Now I must stress that there does not have to be a Reagan, but you cannot sit back and say, well President Obama will not run four years from now. America has been taught to receive from these liberals, rather than to be optimistic about America. What is a better feeling about ones self than to have a job, which gives a person self respect? but the message to the American people has to be as such. This conservative who is sitting on the sidelines has to get up and get with it. America is just going with its last successes now. This Marxist President has set the wheels in motion for an America that will be converted to Marxism. In his Inaugural Address, nothing was mentioned about the creation of jobs because after all that would have been putting the job creators on a pedestal. We cannot wait four years until the next Presidential election. This conservative has to start now, and constantly counteracting by speaking about anything damaging that this President is attempting to do to our economy and society. It’s actually teaching the American people all over again as to why we were created in the first place, and believe me it was not to sit home and collect free Obama phones from the government. Right now all I see from conservatives is responding to whatever Obama says, like some kind of ping pong match where in fact it should be the other way around as I will discuss as we go alone. The General Accounting Office just came out with a report just a few days ago stressing the fact that our economy cannot withstand the direction our country is now heading without curtailing spending, but Obama does not care, he continues the path of Marxism by continuing to choke the small business person.

About five million conservatives did not vote in the last election. That would have been more than enough to have won. Now someone can say, but a conservative would not have taken the moderate vote. Again, lets go back to Reagan, if I remember right, he won by a landside the first time, and an even bigger landside the second time, and you know as well as I know he was no moderate. He got the blue collar voter, and do you remember Democrats for Reagan? do you think it was because people were anticipating job growth from him, and even more so the second time around because the people were getting jobs. This conservative has to go back to that premise, which is jobs for you, whereas I think one of the mistakes Romney made was talking about companies creating jobs, which is all well and good, but he should have used the words, jobs for the people more often; Romney ignored all the conservative talk shows, and the one conservative who was getting more crowds than even Obama, he did not let her speak at the Republican Convention.

I understand the fact that the news media is definitely bias, but if it is the right conservative the people will step over the news media. President Nixon definitely was not the darling of the news media, as a matter of fact they picked on him so strongly that the news media became a case of paranoia to him, so much so that when he lost the governorship in California he made that famous statement “you don’t have Nixon to kick around anymore,” yet he came back to win the Presidency in 1968. When President Reagan was running for President the news media labeled him a cowboy, and a simple person, until the American people and the world when they got to know him loved him greatly for what he had proved himself to be. After his death our academia friends were astonished to see the thousands of essays he had written. President George W. Bush who was a graduate of Yale and Harvard, the news media always considered him a man of little intelligence. It is so comical, in 2004 when Bush ran against John Kerry, the news media was insinuating that President Bush had a low IQ, where in fact it came out that Bush had a higher IQ than Kerry. Again their they were, three people that became President without the wishes of the news media.

Where is that conservative to talk about the shenanigans of Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice about how they mishandled Benghazi?. We all know the story by now; the lie that there was a riot caused by a YouTube video here in America, accept there was no riot, it was an outright terrorist attack, that Ambassador Smith warned it would happen. Obama lied so the American people would not get wise to the fact that Al-Qaida was not dead. This is an impeachable offense, Obama lied and covered up to the American people. You need this conservative to talk about this as a constant.

Where is that conservative to talk about Fast and Furious? This was a scheme to send guns to Mexico and make it seem like American citizens were sending the guns so Hillary Clinton and Obama could justify more laws on gun control. I remember Hillary was on Fox news with Greta making the accusation as such. This is another impeachable offense, the Obama Administration caused the act to happen, then they lied that they knew nothing about it. Again, you need this conservative to talk about this as a constant.

The liberals(Marxists) are nasty. You need a conservative to hold his or hers ground against them. This is not a priesthood, politics is a dirty business, and liberals fight dirty. America is running out of time before it becomes totatally Marxist. The people have to get back to the attitude of betterment for ones self, instead of what you have, I want, because America is going to fail to exist with that format. With an optimistic conservative in the arena as a constant instead of just answering each sound bite, America can go on. This is the way I found my country and this is the way I want to leave it to my kids and Grandchildren, so they can always say about our Forefathers what I have always said, what geniuses to leave us a Constitution of such merit.

Afghanistan: A Vietnam Phenomenon

Two of the most talked about words, what if? How many times have we used those words in our personal lives? Naturally throughout conclusions in history, what if has been a constant. My favorites are, what if in ancient Greece, Athens and Sparta did not spend all that time fighting with each other, how mighty would the Greek Empire have been? and how much longer would it have lasted? What if President Abraham Lincoln had allowed the states to succeed from the union, would there ever have been a United States of America once that was allowed to happen? What if Adolf Hitler was a peaceful leader and used the scientific intelligence of Germany for peaceful exploration, where would Germany be today?

What if President John Kennedy had lived? would he have allowed Vietnam to become such a disaster? Before he got killed he had confided to some in his administration that Vietnam was his biggest puzzlement. I believe that if President Kennedy would have lived he would have either done one of two things: he would not have ever sent many troops there, or if he did he would have allowed them to fight and finish the war as quickly as possible. President Lyndon Johnson who became President after Kennedy got killed sent 500,000 American troops there and did not allow them to fight to their fullest capacity. The yellowbelly that Johnson was, he would hold them back at certain borders because he was always afraid of what would China do if our troops were allowed to cross into certain borders or bomb more heavily. The Vietnam war got to be so troublesome to him that it caused him not to run for reelection.

Richard Nixon is now President and he had promised the American people that he would end the war. What if the actions he finally took he had done early on? The news media always like to say we lost that war, whereas in fact our troops did not lose that war, it was the Congress of the United States that lost the war. President Nixon finally had enough. He got tired of the Viet Cong always lying to him. Over Christmas he ordered the constant bombing of Hanoi which went for two weeks, and he minded Hanoi Harbor; Nixon’s distractors thought that the President had lost it.What in fact happened was that the Viet Cong went back to the negotiating table and worked out a deal that South Vietnam and North Vietnam went back to their borders, and the war was ended. The main thing that President Nixon’s predecessor President Johnson was so worried about that China would enter the war if we expanded the war, never happened.

What if President Nixon remained President instead of resigning because of Watergate, would the Congress of the United States have taken the action they did? They stopped all funding for the Vietnam war, and President Gerald Ford did not have enough votes to override the veto. That allowed the Viet Cong to invade South Vietnam again and this time it didn’t take them long to overrun the whole country. All the sacrifice our troops had done was in vain.

We now have the Vietnam phenomenon in Afghanistan. The news media had labeled Afghanistan the good war, whereas Iraq with President Bush was the bad war. I will write on a future blog about President Bush and the two wars. In the meantime we must remember the differences between the Vietnam war and Afghanistan. We were worried that if we lost Vietnam it would set off a domino effect ,and we would lose all of Asia. If we lose Afghanistan what will happen is that the Taliban will go back in and they will bring with them al-Qaeda. The Taliban has been holding back ever since President Obama started with his time lines to get out. Why would the enemy just not sit it out and wait for us to get out. As far as getting out, Obama is prematurely planning for our troops to come home. Obama wants to hurry up and use this new found money of not having to support the troops for his welfare agenda and entitlement programs here at home, so he can continue to put the rope around the small business persons head, and continue to lead into Marxism. In the meantime he forgets that this war in Afghanistan was not about domino theory’s, it’s about the enemy wanting to kill us, or anyone that does not accept their religion for that matter, the infidels, that is you and me. If we lose Afghanistan that will make it easier for the Taliban to expand, and the next stop might even be in Iraq, and they even might team up with Iran which means a bloodier war in the future.

Obama is doing the United States a great injustice by prematurely leaving Afghanistan. All we needed in Afghanistan was the fortitude to continue on with great strength and put the enemy away instead of allowing them to get a foothold again which they have; they are in and they are just waiting for us to leave. When Obama was running for President the first time, he told the American People that he would never allow Afghanistan to be defeated; he has lied again.

Collapse Of The US Economy Is Inevitable

There has never been a President so hostile to the business community in my life time or anybody’s life time for that matter as Obama. He has practiced Marxism in the first degree such as the Marxist number one rule of class warfare, business owner against common person. I at one time was a small business person, and small business is about 70% of all businesses. You make it tight for small business to prosper, and that will be the fall of the United States, and that is the game plan of Obama; look at his background since childhood, influenced by socialists, communists, a Reverend who preaches hate against the United States, and a terrorists; with these influences growing up how can Obama be a capitalist, and that is why in fact he is a Marxist; I have not been so sure of anything in my life than the fact that Obama is a Marxist and he is out to ruin the economy of the United States.

I remember what I had to do to even start my business, which was a restaurant. First you have to convince a bank to give you the capital needed by submitting five years of earnings projection.You have to show you have enough capital yourself. Once you clear that hurdle you apply for the various licenses to operate a business, and of course that is an expanse; you buy the equipment needed for your restaurant such as used or new. Used is a lot cheaper, but if it breaks there is usually just a 30 day guarantee. Your construction is all finished but now you need to pass various inspections such as fire inspection, health dept., city ordinance, are you within zone qualifications to be given a liquor license, etc.,etc..

Your doors are now open, and your main anxiety now is to make a profit. You have a President who never ran a lemonade stand, which means he knows nothing about business, but knows enough to tax anyone making over $400,000, a tax increase, or a married couple making over $450,000. Just look how stupid that sounds, if you are single its $400,000 but if you are married and filing jointly its $450,000. So Obama is saying that extra person is good for just an other $50,000. Obama is the Harvard graduate, not me. Thank the US House of Representatives for making it $400,000, and not the $250,000 that Obama wanted.

Many small businesses do not incorporate for various reasons, the main one being that they are to small still, and the expense to incorporate, so they file for Sub Chapter S. What that does is allow the small business person to file as a personal return at the end of the year. That means a married couple will file as one, so you can imagine what would have happened if the taxable amount stayed at $250,000 instead of the agreed upon $400,000. What is $250,000 in some parts of the country such as the East or West coast? You tell me this President is not out to choke the economy of the United States. You choke the small business person, and you choke the United States of America.

Lets go back to my restaurant. After hopefully I am able to survive the paying of taxes and all the regulations the government has levied on me, and I am able to make a profit, naturally the employee who is working for me expects to make a living. You, who are reading this know what you need in earnings for you to make a living. That has to come from my establishment, and if I am being choked from a Marxist philosophy that this President practices, I as a business owner will not make it and neither will you, and this will be happening to the small businesses all across America.

It is regulations that kill the business person more than anything else. I get a kick when Democrats say that the country should go back to the Clinton era tax rates. What they don’t say is President Clinton went out of his way to cut regulations, after he lost the Congress in 1994, he started sounding like a Republican. This is from SF Gate: President Clinton announced yesterday the first in a series of moves to streamline the way the government regulates drugs, the environment and small business.

The event marked the first step in a year long campaign to reduce bureaucracy and narrow government intervention into private industry.

Now we forward to Obama. President Obama’s second term promises to be among the most intense periods of regulatory activity since the late 1970’s,(President Carter) The major focal points for new rules will be three of the country’s largest industries: health care, energy/environmental, and financial services. My point of view is that this is Marxism at its best. Why is this Marxist President insistent to give our economy all these new regulations now, when the economy needs help? He wants to level our economy, that’s why.

Lets go to welfare. This is Aug 22, 1996. President Bill Clinton signed a sweeping Temporary Assistance for Needy Families(TANF) The measure, hammered out in congress, imposes a five-year limit on benefits, requires able-bodied recipients to go to work after two years, and gives the states incentives to create jobs for people on welfare.

July 12, 2012. The Obama Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) released an official policy directives rewriting the welfare reform law of 1996. The new policy guts the federal work requirements that were the foundation of the reform law. The Obama directives bludgeons the letter and intent of the actual reform legislation.

In the four years after welfare reform, the caseload dropped by nearly half, employment surged and child poverty among affected groups plummeted. The driving forces behind these improvements was the rigorous new federal work requirements.

With Obama’s new directives is that welfare precipitants once again have a total reliance on government with no obligation on their part to meet any responsibility to get off the welfare roll. This is Marxism at its best, a reliance on government.

I would like to know, that if a President of the United States, is governing in such a motive as to bring down the United States, and the Congress is too partisan to impeach, is there any agency in the United States that can commence charges, such as the FBI? There is no way our economy can sustain all these new regulations, and new taxes all across the land. The economic collapse is coming. What makes me laugh are all these Democrats that are in total shock when they look at their first paychecks of the new year and see a large tax increase. The question is what will Obama do with this new found money?, probably pay for all those free cell phones he was giving out to help him win reelection.

Would Spending Cuts Work In Todays Economy?

                The issue in Americas economy today is cut spending. The problem is what spending is to be cut to have an effect on the deficit. I have really been trying hard to come up with a way to explain this issue and make it understandable. I think the best way to explain it is to relate it to ones own domestic situation. Lets say you are an average American and just trying to make ends meet. You have been going through some hard times economically and you need to make some spending cuts in your household’s budget. Your biggest item is your mortgage or your rent. You can’t cut that, it’s a fixed expense. Your next big item is your automobile, same thing , it’s a fixed expense, can’t cut that. You can’t cut your utility cost’s unless you use less of them. Anything else left to cut is very little and will not even make a dent in your budget. So, where are we? the only thing left to do is increase your earnings. The problem with that is your hours have been cut, and there is no way you can make it, unless you start working two jobs. So, again, you have to rely on the job creators.
Lets now move this same equation to the Federal Government; 60% of the governments budget goes to entitlements, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Disability, Food stamps,etc.. This is what the liberals, progressives, socialists, (these labels are all so kind by the way),the term is Marxists, have commenced in our economy to take control. Like I mentioned in one of my other blog’s, President Franklin Roosevelt who I have called the father of socialism in America started the entitlements going with Social Security. Those were different days. Americans always helped each other, especially the family. Neighbors helped neighbors, and also the churches in the community helped. Americans did not know of any other way. Then came Social Security, and then Medicare and Medicaid our three biggest entitlements. The government had started its control on the American people whereas the American people now have a reliance on government. First of all Americans have paid into the system of Social Security, and the employers(which is unconstitional) have been forced to match the employees share of input. It is these entitlements that would have to be cut if there would be any dent made to the deficit, and that is not going to happen. What party or politician would want to take credit for taking away funds from his or hers parents, or his or hers parents cannot be treated effectively from an ailment because there was a cut in Medicare. ObamaCare will do a good job by itself from taking away funds from Medicare. So again, you have to rely on the job creators.
It is the small business person who provides most of the jobs, almost 70%. Lets leave this aside for the moment. Lets talk about three presidents who cut taxes and stimulated the economy by those tax cuts. President John Kennedy. Educated at Harvard,  Democrat, cut taxes to stimulate the economic, and it worked.
President Ronald Reagan, Republican, educated at Eureka College, and majored in economics, cut taxes and gave America one of its biggest prosperity, all within his first term as President, so much for President Obama and President Bill Clinton stressing during the 2012 Presidential campaign that a country can not be turned around economically during the first term of a President in office.
President George W. Bush, Republican, educated at Yale and Harvard, cut taxes and stimulated the economy and because of that America had fifty-four straight months of growth; interrupted only when America had its housing bubble burst because Rep. Barney Frank did not take President Bush’s warning that Fanny Mae, and Freddie Mac needed investigation, as a matter of fact President Bush warned seventeen different times of that possibility happening. 
I have mentioned the former Presidents philosophy of how to stimulate an economy, and their results were the same, and that result was that it added badly needed money into the treasury. America’s business community is needed more then any time in its young history. Instead of helping the business person with tax cuts to stimulate the economy so that business can expand and provide more jobs, President Obama wants to tax them, whereas the tax the government will collect from that business will have very little effect of helping the national deficit, maybe about six days worth. President Obama went to the same type of university’s as the other President’s I have mentioned, and the biggest difference between President Obama and the other three I have mentioned, is that the other three are capitalists, whereas President Obama is a Marxist, and he is out to take America down.