Afghanistan: A Vietnam Phenomenon

Two of the most talked about words, what if? How many times have we used those words in our personal lives? Naturally throughout conclusions in history, what if has been a constant. My favorites are, what if in ancient Greece, Athens and Sparta did not spend all that time fighting with each other, how mighty would the Greek Empire have been? and how much longer would it have lasted? What if President Abraham Lincoln had allowed the states to succeed from the union, would there ever have been a United States of America once that was allowed to happen? What if Adolf Hitler was a peaceful leader and used the scientific intelligence of Germany for peaceful exploration, where would Germany be today?

What if President John Kennedy had lived? would he have allowed Vietnam to become such a disaster? Before he got killed he had confided to some in his administration that Vietnam was his biggest puzzlement. I believe that if President Kennedy would have lived he would have either done one of two things: he would not have ever sent many troops there, or if he did he would have allowed them to fight and finish the war as quickly as possible. President Lyndon Johnson who became President after Kennedy got killed sent 500,000 American troops there and did not allow them to fight to their fullest capacity. The yellowbelly that Johnson was, he would hold them back at certain borders because he was always afraid of what would China do if our troops were allowed to cross into certain borders or bomb more heavily. The Vietnam war got to be so troublesome to him that it caused him not to run for reelection.

Richard Nixon is now President and he had promised the American people that he would end the war. What if the actions he finally took he had done early on? The news media always like to say we lost that war, whereas in fact our troops did not lose that war, it was the Congress of the United States that lost the war. President Nixon finally had enough. He got tired of the Viet Cong always lying to him. Over Christmas he ordered the constant bombing of Hanoi which went for two weeks, and he minded Hanoi Harbor; Nixon’s distractors thought that the President had lost it.What in fact happened was that the Viet Cong went back to the negotiating table and worked out a deal that South Vietnam and North Vietnam went back to their borders, and the war was ended. The main thing that President Nixon’s predecessor President Johnson was so worried about that China would enter the war if we expanded the war, never happened.

What if President Nixon remained President instead of resigning because of Watergate, would the Congress of the United States have taken the action they did? They stopped all funding for the Vietnam war, and President Gerald Ford did not have enough votes to override the veto. That allowed the Viet Cong to invade South Vietnam again and this time it didn’t take them long to overrun the whole country. All the sacrifice our troops had done was in vain.

We now have the Vietnam phenomenon in Afghanistan. The news media had labeled Afghanistan the good war, whereas Iraq with President Bush was the bad war. I will write on a future blog about President Bush and the two wars. In the meantime we must remember the differences between the Vietnam war and Afghanistan. We were worried that if we lost Vietnam it would set off a domino effect ,and we would lose all of Asia. If we lose Afghanistan what will happen is that the Taliban will go back in and they will bring with them al-Qaeda. The Taliban has been holding back ever since President Obama started with his time lines to get out. Why would the enemy just not sit it out and wait for us to get out. As far as getting out, Obama is prematurely planning for our troops to come home. Obama wants to hurry up and use this new found money of not having to support the troops for his welfare agenda and entitlement programs here at home, so he can continue to put the rope around the small business persons head, and continue to lead into Marxism. In the meantime he forgets that this war in Afghanistan was not about domino theory’s, it’s about the enemy wanting to kill us, or anyone that does not accept their religion for that matter, the infidels, that is you and me. If we lose Afghanistan that will make it easier for the Taliban to expand, and the next stop might even be in Iraq, and they even might team up with Iran which means a bloodier war in the future.

Obama is doing the United States a great injustice by prematurely leaving Afghanistan. All we needed in Afghanistan was the fortitude to continue on with great strength and put the enemy away instead of allowing them to get a foothold again which they have; they are in and they are just waiting for us to leave. When Obama was running for President the first time, he told the American People that he would never allow Afghanistan to be defeated; he has lied again.

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