The Sequester

Obama stressed the fact that Republicans would be at fault if the spending reductions take effect and cost jobs of emergency personal, even though it was Obama who agreed to the sequester idea. Obama purposely made them so painful that everyone would be forced to agree on a broader framework to tame federal borrowing. What Obama has been actually doing is calling the Republicans bluff, but that hasn’t worked. So if the sequester goes into effect in March it will dramatically trim spending on a wide range of domestic programs, including education as well as research and development, and it would also sharply reduce spending at the Pentagon.

It has been estimated that sequestration would cost 700,000 jobs and push the unemployment rate a quarter of a percentage point higher.

Obama has an opportunity to be a great President, instead he chooses the path of ideology. He chooses like I have written many times the class warfare of Marxism. His stooge, Harry Reid, the leader of the Senate has not produced a budget bill now for over three years, whereas the Republican controlled House of Representatives have sent bills to the Senate that Senator Reid will not bring up for a vote, per the instructions of King Obama. Obama even terminated his jobs council. Where do these Democrats get the audacity to hold up all the business of the United States over the games of politics that they are playing. This is all about the blame game of Republicans being at fault for unpopular cuts that will go into effect from sequester. Obama is more interested in the blame game than sitting down and negotiating with the Congress. This is what we have now as President of the United States, a hooligan from Chicago.

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