United States: Wrong Decisions In War


At the end of World War ll, General George Patton warned about Russia, as did Winston Churchill. General Patton wanted to continue on and take all of Germany whereas President Franklin Roosevelt felt compelled to allow Russia part of Germany it being they were an ally of ours in the war and they lost a tremendous amount of soldiers. Before the war ended Patton started to recognize the danger of Russia to the West. Patton was advised to hold back and wait for the Russian army to occupy vast stretches of Germany, Czech, Rumanian, Hungarian and Yugoslav territory which the American Army could have easily have taken.

The more Patton saw of Russia the more he felt it was wise to stifle communism then, because he felt if we waited and allowed Russia a foothold, they would be to strong to be reckoned with later on. Patton’s advise was not followed; Russia was allowed into these countries and thus the start of the cold war, which did not end until all theses countries rebelled and the Berlin wall came down in 1989.

Communism had collapsed. If President Roosevelt and company in the White House had listened to General Patton, or at least hear him out, Russia would not have been allowed to occupy territories that we could easily have taken over, and there would never have been a forty-five year cold war with Russia.

One of the biggest questions in history is if President John Kennedy had lived would he have devoted so many American soldiers into Vietnam. Kennedy was overheard at one time saying that one of his biggest puzzlements was what to do about Vietnam. I believe Kennedy would have done one of two things. He might have decided not to get involved at all, or I feel that if he did enter our troops into Vietnam he would have gone for all out victory early, he would not have dragged it out. During the Vietnam war yellow belly President Lyndon Johnson sent 500 thousand American boys to fight there and he instructed what borders to cross or not cross, or the extent of the fighting to be done. His main obsession was always, “what is China going to do” if we do this and so on. President Richard Nixon whom the war fell into his lap after Johnson decided not to run for President again, the Vietnam war was his downfall; Nixon after realizing the Viet Cong were not serious about negotiating a peace finally got angry. Over our Christmas Holiday he bombed Hanoi for two straight weeks and minded Hanoi Harbor. Nixon’s enemies thought that he finally snapped, but the offensive worked, the Viet Cong held a truce and China did not do anything in regard to Johnson’s obsession that they would. Again, same old lesson applies with this war as with any other war and that is go all out to win early.

The Vietnam war was not lost by our troops but by our politicians. Congress cut off all funds for Vietnam; President Gerald Ford could not veto the bill because Congress had the two thirds majority to secure the vote. When the Viet Cong saw that all funding was stopped for Vietnam they went into South Vietnam and conquered the whole country and the American lives that were lost went in vain.


The year is 1991, and we have just successfully pushed Iraq out of Kuwait. President George HW Bush was under a lot of pressure to go into Iraq and take out Saddam Hussein. He did not pursue this idea because one of the conditions stressed by the United Nations for them to enter the war was to promise them that Kuwait would be as far as we would go.
I have always had mixed feelings of us invading Iraq. I understood that they broke all the United Nations Resolutions. When President Clinton was President he stressed the fact that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, as did Britain, France, the United Nations, Israel and others. We were talking so openly of going to war with Iraq that Hussein got rid of his weapons of mass destruction’s. I’m sure they are sitting right now in Syria.

After 9/11 we had the whole world on our side, there was no protest about us going into Afghanistan. I don’t think the timing of going into Iraq was good. I feel we needed more cards in our hand to go into Iraq, plus I felt we should have secured Afghanistan totally. Hussein would eventually make a fatal mistake against us that would enable us to go after him with world support. He was shooting missiles at our jets and of Britain’s in the free fly zone, and it would be just a matter of time when he would hit one, there is no telling what other mistake he would have done.

All that being said, once we entered the war we had to support the end game to final victory. It was easy going in, the problem is I am sure someone has wronged President Bush as far as the end game. I think that has come down to one person and that person was Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Why did we not secure the borders to prevent terrorists from coming in from Syria and Iran. When President George HW Bush went into Kuwait, we had Armed Forces there of over 500,000. How can you have mop up operations of under 200,000 in any war? I had read an article during this time period where Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was advocating a lean machine of our Army and Marines for future wars. He was stressing the fact that we would not need massive manpower for future wars with all the precision and technology of our Air Force. That’s well and good if it has been tried and mastered but in the case of an invasion you still need a high quantity of troops to go in and sweep out any last resistance to the invasion and it must be done swiftly not to enable existing enemy troops to go underground and that is exactly what happened in Iraq. The rest is history, President George W Bush had to initiate a last minute surge to save the war that should have been no problem if the correct mop up operations was put in place by Defense Secretary Rumsfeld.

You cannot pick and choose a war. If the United States is to commit troops the end game must be total victory with a speed that would be blinding to the enemy.


North Korea: Bluffing or Self Destructing

North Korea has placed two of its intermediate range missiles on mobile launches and hidden them on the east coast of the country. It seems as though their new Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un is acting just like a child who wants to play with his new toys. Is this guy really serious? The concession is that he wants to show the military how macho he is, after all he is the new kid on the block. Now the world is waiting to see when and to what extreme North Korea will shoot this missile. It’s not that it is the first time that North Korea has fired a missile, right over South Korea as a matter of fact. This time it is different because of all the rhetoric that is coming out of this new young leaders mouth. I really don’t know what to make of his play acting, or is it play acting? Whatever the case may be he is playing a very dangerous game. This game of seeing how far can I go before I cause the sleeping giant to blink is a game that will not be won by this young leader who has found himself leader of a country that is backward to begin with in comparison to most of the industrial nations. At night, if a plane fly’s over North and South Korea it will observe that over South Korea there will be lights which will distinguish the freedom of that country, but when it fly’s over North Korea it shows total darkness which represents the suppression of its people, that North Korea is poor to the extreme; the people have become stalemated to the fact that their future is strictly one man rule. That is the most dangerous part, the people have no rational as to what a leader of this type is leading them into except complete destruction that the United States can inflict on them in a matter of days. I call it insanity, but of course, that’s what dictators are, insane.

We must not send wrong messages to North Korea, or the world for that matter in this situation, that is the worst thing we can do, the most powerful nation on earth and we have delayed a missile test amid tensions with North Korea. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel decided to postpone the tests because of our tensions with North Korea. This is so foolhardy. Because of this crisis that Kim Jong-Un started, we beefed up Naval exercises with the South Korean Navy, we sent extra anti-missiles to Guam and now Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel holds back us, the United States delaying the firing of a test missile because of the fact that Kim Jong-Un does not have a missile of its caliber and it would only make him yearn for one even more so. It is so ridicules to rationalize North Korea in this fashion mainly for that’s the reason they will continue to perfect their missile system no matter what we do or not do. How do our enemies look at our inaction? We should act like the United States of America, we do not appease our enemies, that’s what makes us what we are, a world power. Do you think for a minute that this would stop North Korea from continuing their game plan of perfecting their missile program? North Korea has already broken promises from the Carter and Clinton Administration in regard to gathering material for a nuclear bomb. This country has lied with every agreement that has been put forward to them; we should not only continue the testing of this missile, but we should send it within close tracking distance to North Korea, so this young punk they have running their country now will soil his underwear, when he sees that the toys he is experimenting with are nothing in comparison to the toys we have planned for him.

China can not be happy with North Korea right now. I am sure China and North Korea have the same game plan except for the fact that North Korea is prematurely rushing it. We need to go over just a little history here. Asia is so mass with people, and give those people weapons, you have a horror. General Douglas MacArthur who spent most of his military career in Asia, as a matter of fact he was the one who restored Japan to democracy after World War II and they became what they are today under his leadership, made a statement warning the United States that is in all the history books and that statement was “never fight a land war in Asia”. So what does President Lyndon Johnson do in our participation in Vietnam, he sends 500,000 American troops to fight in Asia and what makes it worst he controlled what borders to cross and not to cross. This is the main obstacle China and North Korea sees in the United States to this day. They don’t want us in Asia, they don’t want us in their back yard, they want us out and we can’t get out as long as we have assured South Korea and Japan we will always be there to protect them. We are there for the long haul as long as need be. In the meantime, lets exercise some self respect.

Silent Majority, WAKE UP!

You are the silent majority. Yes, you remained silent in the 2012 Presidential elections which again enabled Obama to remain President. You spited your own face by not voting and gave the election away to a socialist who is against all the principles that our Forefathers set forth in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. There could be a number of different reasons you sat out the election. It’s possible you sat it out because you did not like the idea that Mitt Romney was a Mormon forgetting the fact that a Mormon is a Christian, whereas Obama claims he is a Christian in which I doubt very much; I believe he is a Muslim, he grew up as a Muslim. I can get deep on this subject which I won’t do now. There are about 5 million conservatives that did not vote. I put conservatives in this silent majority because there are more conservative’s in our country than there are liberals or moderates. Yes, Mitt Romney did not go out of his way for the conservative vote, he did not go on any conservative talk shows and the biggest vote getter the Republican’s have, Sarah Palin, she was not even invited to talk at the Republican convention. Maybe you were concerned that the same person who was talking about repealing Obama Care put through a health insurance plan in his state of Massachusetts when he was Governor. So what do you do? You sit it out and enable the most liberal President the United States has ever had to win the Presidency ; so liberal in fact I label him a socialist(Marxist). You know Obama; did you think that maybe he would change? Did you think in his second term he would reason with the Republican’s and come more towards the center? Not a chance. Did you forget in 2008 candidate Obama said that he would transform America? What, do you think he changed from that concept? He did not change, some campaign adviser told him not to use that slogan anymore because it sounded like he wanted to change the make up of the United States, well no kidding. Whatever the reason it was for you not voting in 2012 it is still not to late. The 2014 Congressional elections are coming up and you cannot sit this one out for the survival of the United States. One thing has to motivate you and if nothing else does this has to and that is the fact that Obama is a Marxist and he is out to destroy our Constitution as you and I know it.

You, the silent majority by sitting out the election have enabled Obama Care not to be repealed. We have always had one of the best medical care’s for American’s in the world. People would come from all over the world to get away from waiting lines and age discrimination (death panels) in their own countries medical insurance plans. Yes, our plan needed some improvement, I always realized that, but that does not mean to tear down something that is working respectively and start all over again. Someone is going to try to convince me that Obama with his Harvard education could not see what this would do to the business community in our country. This is a socialistic plan that is out to hurt our capitalistic system. He spend the first two years with a Democratic controlled Congress with much arm twisting to get it passed and in so doing this he neglected the real issue in America that most people were worried about and that was jobs and the economy. Yes, you, the silent majority sat out the election and allowed this to happen. Mitt Romney would have repealed Obama Care, but not stop there, a new common sense plan would have been pursued which the end result would have had the blessing of the American people.

You, the silent majority by sitting out the election have enabled Obama, to become President with little concern for the Christian faith. One must remember that 73% of the people in America are still of the Christian faith. That is usually one of the first intolerance’s of a Marxist. Every socialistic government in the past , the first thing they did was suppress religion, so as to prevent a closeness to God. Go to “Christian Anti- Defamation Commission” and read Seven reasons Barack Obama is not a Christian. A person can say that peoples opinions have changed in regard to abortions, homosexuality, adultery, and what have you; go and tell that to God whom a country depends on to have it blessed from Him.

You the silent majority by sitting out the election have enabled Obama to become President with little concern for the small business person. Every action from this President is a deterrent to enable the small business to expand. The United States has the highest corp tax rate from any industrial country. You have to keep in mind that the small business person is taxed twice, just as in any big company. He has to pay taxes twice, the corporation tax and his own payroll tax, and lets say a third time if he receives any bonus. On top of this there is Obama Care with even more taxes, and don’t forget always some kind of new regulation that is a big expense to the small business person and than you wonder why the small business is not hiring at full capacity. Obama must be brain dead to expect all his new programs to be paid for if the hiring is not there. In just his first term in office President Reagan made enough incentives to allow 7 million Americans to be hired and you do this by cutting taxes which John Kennedy did as well as George W Bush. Obama is taking us to a controlled state, where people are dependent on the government, which besides class warfare that Obama instigates will put the United States of America into Marxism.

You, the silent majority have to get active. You cannot sit back any longer. You have to unit and send these Marxists to pasture. This is your chance coming up in the 2014 elections. You will have to go out and vote for God fearing candidates and candidates who believe in our capitalistic system and vote out this cancer called Marxism.