It’s Still The Economy Stupid!

The United States economy is not going to improve as long as the small business person is holding on to two trillion dollars from investing it back into the economy, why should they? I can’t understand why these liberals who work for a living like myself understand that their boss who owns the company they are working for cannot invest their money without having the confidence that it will bring them a good return. This owner as a matter of fact now has to worry about his or hers survival just from programs like Obama Care. You liberals who put this President in office just do not realize the danger you have put our economy in by voting for a socialist. Do you really like the idea of the government controlling your life? You have no ambition to profit from your labor’s and the rewards that come with it. You need the government to tell you when to flush the toilet? That’s what you have done by voting for Obama. By voting for Obama you are biting the hand that is feeding you, the owner of your company. The socialistic philosophy is they know what is best for you and I. Obama knows no other way. He grew up with people who implanted this philosophy in his head and hung around people in college who shared this same belief but I will not excuse him for this. He knows the American economy is based on individualism, in other words the capitalistic system. This is how our Forefathers have established our American dream.

Alexander Hamilton was very big among our Forefathers who believed deeply in establishing a sound economy. Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison wrote the famous Federalist papers which were really written to urge the people of New York to ratify the new Constitution. He became our first Secretary of The Treasury. What a great choice this was. He sent reports to Congress on the public credit and the National bank which he started. He also said to Congress that if the nation was to grow and prosper it would have to both encourage foreign and domestic investment.

Hamilton was for the separation of powers, which was in the Constitution. An example is that the states could have its own marriage laws, and the central government would protect us from war.

Hamilton put in checks and balances; he felt strongly about this because with the separation of powers one of the branches might get to powerful, so they had checks and balances, which made sure that all the branches could be checked by the others to make sure they don’t have to much power.

Hamilton is one of my favorite Forefathers but that does not mean I agreed with everything he wanted which was a strong central government. (Obama would have loved that) He did not want to give the people the say in the matters of state. He did not think they knew enough to determine critical issues and decisions; thank goodness the other Forefathers overruled him on this issue and as we know Hamilton went along.

I brought up Alexander Hamilton because his focus was on the economy which he planted the seeds and formula that made us the biggest economic power in the world. We are not going to allow Obama to destroy our economy. I am sorry to say that unless Congress adjusts Obama Care it just might be to overbearing for our economy. Instead of employers trying to put all of their emphasis to make their company grow they will now be putting all their emphasis on how to survive Obama Care. Obama has put the United States into a situation that our Forefathers kept us away from and that is choking the economy. Obama knows economics; he has been schooled. So what is his intent? its to socialize the economy of the United States of America. His whole emphasis ever since his first Presidential election in 2008 has been class warfare, and as we have discussed many times that is the Karl Marx philosophy which has been classified as Marxism.

People have been leaving the workforce. The labor force has dropped to 63.3%. This is the lowest since 1979 and who was President in 1979? Jimmy Carter and a Democratic controlled Congress. We have been down this road before, the difference was that Carter brought us to that road by neglect not because he put the wheels in motion to get us there, but hope is not lost because as we all know the story of how a President Reagan came along because he knew what an economy needed to bring it back and that was because he had the confidence that if he showed the American people confidence in themselves he would have the confidence to set forth the ideas he needed to turn the economy around and we witnessed probably the most prosperous era’s in history. He taught Americans not to believe in welfare and food stamps but to believe in themselves. We need that person again, yes it can be done, but first things first, we need to change this Congress in 2014 to a Congress that will give the control of economics back to the people who control the engine of the economy, the small business person.


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