United States Security Is All About Political Correctness

In Israel they worry about the people who are carrying the items, here in the U.S we worry about the items people are carrying. This is what Avi Dichter, the former head of Shin Bet, Israel’s security agency had said in an interview three years ago. Because one terrorist hid a bomb in his shoe, everyone now must take their shoes off. The previous was from an article by Michael Goodwin who writes for the New York Post.

On the one hand security officials allow terrorists through the cracks because they fear charges of anti-Muslim bias, and on the other hand they secretly get personal data from hundreds of millions of our phone records. Where are we going with this? We have to give up our rights as Americans because we are afraid to offend Muslims? We know the majority of Muslims are good people just as in any other ethnic group, but it must also be said that 99% of the attacks on the United States, domestically and internationally from the 1970’s till present have been from Muslims. Instead of President Obama condemning our possible way of speech against the Muslim community after an attack that was caused by a Muslim or Muslims, why can’t he say yes, it was caused by Muslims or don’t even mention the fact, but don’t condemn what one might possibly say. Doesn’t he trust our intelligence that we are not going to condemn a whole ethnic group? No matter what Obama tells us Americans and how he wants us to apply political correctness, it does not take away from the fact that there are elements of the Muslim community out there who want to kill us and they will not stop attempting to do so.

Us Americans as we have found out are being spied on from the Obama Administration; should we be the ones being spied on? Obama will not acknowledge that Muslims around the world are out to kill us in one fashion or another. I remember after 9/11 President Bush acknowledged that the pilots of the suicide mission who flew into the twin towers buildings were Muslim. He also told the Nation that the Muslims are a peaceful people. That’s what I want to hear from my President, tell it the way it is to the American people. This is what President Bush said; “The face of terror is not the true face of Islam, Islam is peace”. He went on to say that American Muslims “need to be treated with respect. In our anger and emotion, our fellow Americans must treat each other with respect”.

This is reality Mr. President. We did not go to war with the radical jihadist who preach violent Jihad; they went to war with us; they attacked our home land. You do not use the word terrorist or the word war, but that’s what it is. These radicals are at war with us, and they will never be satisfied unless they do as much destruction to us as possible, and by you calling it something else will not change it.


2 comments on “United States Security Is All About Political Correctness

  1. Van Vollmer says:

    At 85 years of age l have lives one third of the life of my once great country. I learned American
    history in school, we never locked our front door, ice cream was 5 cents a scope, if you were bad you got paddled, the policeman were friendly and earned your respect and neighbors watched out for neighbors. The America I grew up in, served for in the Navy(we has 13 button pants), went into
    business in, married in and brought up a son in, and once loved, no longer exists. Everything
    changes constantly. Whether or not the change is for the better or worse is a matter of personal
    opinion. I don’t personally like the extreme changes in the political arena. I’m not proud to be an
    America any more. Obama’s America is a police state not to my liking. I’m looking to become
    an Ex-patriot and all you low information voter can have your political correct America to destroy
    and fight the Muslims bastards who want to kill you. There is no such thing as a good or a
    moderate Muslim.
    No hard feelings here.
    Van Vollmer
    PS- May the fleas from a 1000 camels nest in the crotch of ever Muslim man.

    • johnapappas says:

      Van, thank you for a well written observation about this socialist president by the name of Obama. No president has been perfect, after all they are human beings but at least they honored the United States with the wishes set forth by our Forefathers. Obama is not a capitalist, he is a socialist that’s the difference. He is out to transform America to his liking of which is not defined in our Constitution. He is a danger to We The People and we must take control of the Congress this November to stop completely this scheme of Obama’s to socialize America. May God be with us. On to November.

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