Obama Was Going To Change The World

Can you change history that has been set in stone? Obama was going to make peace with the Muslim world..He was going to change their attitude towards us. Obama knows this calling us infidels did not start with Bin Laden. The only thing that Obama changed was that when we are attacked, we are not suppose to use language as to who attacked us. Even though since the 1970’s, 99% of attacks upon the United States in one form or another has been by Muslims; but don’t use the word Muslim’s as far as Obama is concerned as thought we are stupid.

I wonder if there was you tube in the year 1801, if President Thomas Jefferson would have blamed it for the Barbary States- Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli- for threatening American commerce. From the book, “Thomas Jefferson The Art Of Power” by Jon Meacham.These States are noted for their hostility to the Christian name, and for their piracy’s exercised chiefly in the Mediterranean Sea, against all those Christian powers which do not purchase their forbearance by a disgraceful tribute.” This is what led Jefferson to war with the building of our first Navy and Marine Corps to defeat the pirates, who were hijacking our commerce ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

From wikipedia- this was the first time in history that the United States flag was raised in victory on foreign soil. This action was memorialized in a line from the Marines Hymn-“the shores of Tripoli.

That’s when we were first called infidel’s as Americans; along comes Obama and if he thought his influence was going to stop us being called infidels after over 200 years he is sadly mistaken. He likes to use the term group or groups as I have written about once before as though the American people don’t know who it is that are trying to kill us. I am very suspicious and most Americans are as to why Obama wants to call it something other than what it is.

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