Chief Justice Roberts; A Modern Day Benedict Arnold

I hope Chief Justice Roberts is proud of himself. I had concluded that applying Obama Care to the Commerce Clause would never make it through the Supreme Court, and as we saw it didn’t. Then it was reported that Chief Justice Kennedy was not the deciding vote that I had feared all along, he voted Obama Care down. It was Chief Justice Roberts who ruled it a tax. The first thing I thought of was that we broke away from King George because of over taxation. What Chief Justice Roberts did was force it on us, in other words he found a way. He forced Obama Care on the American People and our economy. Chief Justice Roberts I have labeled the modern day Benedict Arnold. He is a traitor to the economics of the United States which Obama Care will hurt badly.

This law is unconstitutional. What made Justice Roberts vote the way he did? Maybe someone got to him. Maybe he is not really a conservative. No conservative would vote for a law that has the potential to break the economic structure of our country. Some people have guessed that he wanted to preserve the integrity of the court. I believe he was intimidated by the President of the United States; in other words what he did you cannot learn from the best institutions and that is how not to choke when the issues get hot. Justice Roberts choked, because of the fact that Justice Roberts choked we now have the worst piece of legislation of modern times, Obama Care. The House of Representatives who control the purse strings must get the courage to defund it. Are you listening Rep. John Boehner? The American people do not want Obama Care. The ball is in your court.


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