Obama Condemns The Wealthy, But Vacations At Their Retreats

This is a President who has used class warfare to paint wealthy Americans as unjust to the poor. What is his definition of wealthy Americans one could never figure out for sure. That really doesn’t matter to him; what matters to him are poor against anyone doing better than they are, straight out of the Karl Marx playbook.

Where has Obama and the First Lady decided to go on vacation this year? none other than Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts which has always been a popular retreat for the rich and famous.This will be the third time the Obama’s have vacationed on the exclusive Massachusetts island in the past four years. And all my goodness, all those yachts all over the island; do you recall Obama’s constant attacks on people who own yachts and private jets? All I can say about Obama in the fullest sense is that he is a hypocrite. Where the Obama’s should be going on vacation is to Detroit, considering he said during the 2012 Presidential election that economically he would always stand by Detroit. What a beautiful example that would be for feeling their pain.


5 comments on “Obama Condemns The Wealthy, But Vacations At Their Retreats

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