Will Obama’s Road To Impeachment Be The Same As Nixon’s

A couple of days ago they released the last tapes on Nixon and Watergate. Those were very troubled days for me. In 1968 I campaigned for Richard Nixon door to door. I felt he was the intelligent and strong person our country needed for the times. One thing his critics never took away from him was his intelligence. He was paranoid with the news media considering they hated his guts. They hated him ever since he exposed Alger Hiss to the world as being a spy in the Roosevelt Administration. He inherited the Vietnam war which he brought to a respectable truce with both South and North Vietnam going back to their respectful borders. He accomplished this by mining the port of Hanoi, and bombing Hanoi for two straight weeks over our Christmas Holidays. He started the war on cancer which is still being funded since then from that bill. He did start the environmental agency but never in his mind did he think it would get so out of hand. He wrote in one of his last books, “yes I started the environmental agency but it was not meant to ruin a whole industry to save the owl.” He opened the doors to China because he said you cannot ignore 800 million people which was what their population was at that time, and also for trade purposes which helps us no doubt, but he also wanted to expose China to the capitalistic system. Who would have known then that the stupidity of our diplomats would have allowed China to loan us so much money that we have lost any bargaining chips with them that we should have had. Just before Watergate he was working on a National Health plan that would have been a free market system, but once Watergate started in full earnest it took away from the attention this health bill would have needed.

Everyone knows that the media hated Nixon. If it wasn’t for this hatred I feel there would never have been a Watergate. When Watergate broke Nixon would have gone to the American people and advised us as to what had happened and that would have been the end of it. Maybe that’s what he should have done anyhow, who knows. The 1972 Presidential election was coming up and Nixon was worried that the media would take this news and destroy him. Now we come to the same parallel of Nixon and Obama. Nixon went on to win with a landslide, winning 49 states. On this last Nixon tape he speaks of the fact that Watergate will just blow over. Obama’s parallel is Benghazi in relation to the Presidential election. Just let it blow over by lying as to what really happened, to win the election. As we saw Romney had Obama on the ropes after the first debate but did not follow up in the last two which he could have if he used Benghazi.

The difference is that Nixon was not involved in Watergate, but he chose to cover it up. Obama is deeply involved in Benghazi and four other scandals and hopes to brain wash the public that they are all phony. The main parallel is that both Nixon and Obama just wished it to go away and time would have done it, the problem to that is facts just don’t go away. They are there, just waiting to be uncovered.

Nixon had a hostile news media. Actor John Wayne whom Nixon and Wayne were friends once told Nixon, Mr. President I can’t understand why you just don’t take the tapes to the front lawn of the White House and just burn them. I assume they would have gotten Nixon for destroying Government property, I don’t know, what else.

Now in Obama’s case the big difference is that the media loves him and he knows it. Will that prevent justice from being served? I hope not. We shall see. They should still put the pieces together and hope for the better judgment of the American people to put the pressure on. As I have said many times, if the Republicans get full control of Congress in 2014, impeachment is a guarantee


Obama Said its A Right To Have Health Care-Thomas Jefferson Disagreed

Obama said before and again very recently that heath care is our right. Lets see what Thomas Jefferson the prime author of the United States Declaration of Independence had to say :”Under the law of nature, all men are born free, every one comes into the world with a right to his own person, which includes the liberty of moving and using it at his own will. This is what is called personal liberty, and is given him by the Author of nature, because it’s necessary for his own sustenance.”

“No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him.”

“What is true of every member of the society, individually, is true of them all collectively; since the rights of the whole can be no more than the sum of the rights of the individuals.”

This means that if one person does not have the right to force another to provide health care (or any good or service) against his will, then no group of people has the right to do so, and hence government has no right to do so. Doing so would be an act of aggression. This posted by Brian Schwartz, titled “Jefferson, rights, and health care.”

You have two types of Constitutional scholars, you have Obama who learned the U.S. Constitution to maneuver around it with lies so as to know how to destroy it, and you have another type of Constitutional scholar such as Mark Levin who learned the Constitution so to be able to save it. Obama goes on TV to give us a case which is really no case. Thomas Jefferson explained in artistic format because that was the way of writing in those days “no man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another”. This definitely goes against the individual mandate that has been forced on us by these socialists, and as I have written before who knows how they got to Chief Justice Roberts to go out of his way to find a reason to implement Obama Care. To Chief Justice Roberts, that was a sad state of affairs. Maybe someday Chief Justice Roberts will write a book and tell the real reason that compelled him to vote for an unconstitutional health care mandate on the American people. I sure don’t know what Constitution he read.

If I Were A Reporter At Obama’s Last News Conference.

You lied to the American people that Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video when in fact we had four Americans killed by Al Qaeda which you did not want the American people to know about because you were telling us Al Qaeda was dead and this being just before the presidential election you could not allow the truth to come out.
Is that a phony scandal Mr. President?

The IRS was targeting Tea Party, Conservatives and any organization with the word patriot in it to disallow them their tax exempt status that has been their right to file for such status as other organizations including Democrats had done in the past. This was a process by your cronies to intimidate them and prevent them in large numbers as in 2010 from going to the polls, during the presidential election.
Is this a phony scandal Mr. President?

Spying on a Fox Reporter and listening in on conversations of the Associated Press and your Attorney General denying he knew anything about it but then changed his tune and admitted of the fact that he not only knew about it but approved it.
Is this a phony scandal Mr. President?

Edward Snowden leaked the fact that the National Security Agency has been spying on millions of Americans via phone records from various companies such as Verizon as an example and also has the ability to go through our Emails. Today you mentioned the fact that you had already given the go ahead to reexamine the techniques that were being used by the NSA before Snowmen leaked all this out. You know, I also crawled before I walked.
Is this a phony scandal Mr. President?

So you tell me, out of all these scandals Mr. President, which ones are phony. I say, and the more Congress investigates them that you are petrified; you are petrified because you know as well as I do none of them are phony and its just a matter of time when all these scandals will have their day in court.

Obama’s Favorite Line “Al Qaeda Is On The Run”

You remember when Bin Laden was killed and Obama gave his (i) speech in front of the American people. You would have thought Obama was with the Navy Seals. He was boasting that Al Qaeda was on the run and Osama Bin Laden was dead. Yes Al Qaeda is on the run, running after us not away from us. You would have thought that maybe he would give President Bush some credit considering it was Bush’s waterboarding that led to the killing of Bin Laden. Are you kidding me, waterboarding is a dirty word in Obama’s vocabulary, after all professors don’t use waterboarding in the eyes of the world, that just wouldn’t be nice. What would other countries do to us American’s if we got caught, never mind that they had already been beheading American’s long before waterboarding.

So Obama tried to impress the American people that because Bin Laden was dead we were close to wiping out Al Qaeda and that they were on the run. If Obama was insane enough to believe that I know the majority of Americans knew better. When you are in war and the General gets killed, is that it? Do you lay down your arms and surrender? Of course not. At the time Bin Laden got killed I don’t even think he was totally in charge any longer. He got the system going and passed the instructions to others as the present event’s are showing.

Al Qaeda senses weakness, and that weakness is Obama. They are probably saying what a naïve character. The mission after 9/11 put forth by Bush was to go on offense, and the enemy was aware of this. It kept them in check. What they see now in Obama is going from playing offense to playing defense. When you play defense it allows the enemy to do most of the striking. They watch and observe. For instance they saw that Russia gave Obama the Boston bomber on a silver platter and still he allowed this fanatic to do his damage on Boston. They watch all this and they see Obama is not only just playing defense but he doesn’t know what he is doing. Look who he put in as National Security Advisory, none other than Susan Rice, the patsy of Hillary Clinton and Obama in Benghazi. If we see lying and a big screw up in Benghazi what do you think Al Qaeda sees?

I understand the fact that it was necessary to close 22 embassies all things considering, but I will tell you one thing, Obama doesn’t know what he is doing and if he has to rely on a Susan Rice and some of those other weird people of his that I see on the news, God help us, God help our main land from attack, God Bless the United States of America.