Obama’s Favorite Line “Al Qaeda Is On The Run”

You remember when Bin Laden was killed and Obama gave his (i) speech in front of the American people. You would have thought Obama was with the Navy Seals. He was boasting that Al Qaeda was on the run and Osama Bin Laden was dead. Yes Al Qaeda is on the run, running after us not away from us. You would have thought that maybe he would give President Bush some credit considering it was Bush’s waterboarding that led to the killing of Bin Laden. Are you kidding me, waterboarding is a dirty word in Obama’s vocabulary, after all professors don’t use waterboarding in the eyes of the world, that just wouldn’t be nice. What would other countries do to us American’s if we got caught, never mind that they had already been beheading American’s long before waterboarding.

So Obama tried to impress the American people that because Bin Laden was dead we were close to wiping out Al Qaeda and that they were on the run. If Obama was insane enough to believe that I know the majority of Americans knew better. When you are in war and the General gets killed, is that it? Do you lay down your arms and surrender? Of course not. At the time Bin Laden got killed I don’t even think he was totally in charge any longer. He got the system going and passed the instructions to others as the present event’s are showing.

Al Qaeda senses weakness, and that weakness is Obama. They are probably saying what a naïve character. The mission after 9/11 put forth by Bush was to go on offense, and the enemy was aware of this. It kept them in check. What they see now in Obama is going from playing offense to playing defense. When you play defense it allows the enemy to do most of the striking. They watch and observe. For instance they saw that Russia gave Obama the Boston bomber on a silver platter and still he allowed this fanatic to do his damage on Boston. They watch all this and they see Obama is not only just playing defense but he doesn’t know what he is doing. Look who he put in as National Security Advisory, none other than Susan Rice, the patsy of Hillary Clinton and Obama in Benghazi. If we see lying and a big screw up in Benghazi what do you think Al Qaeda sees?

I understand the fact that it was necessary to close 22 embassies all things considering, but I will tell you one thing, Obama doesn’t know what he is doing and if he has to rely on a Susan Rice and some of those other weird people of his that I see on the news, God help us, God help our main land from attack, God Bless the United States of America.


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