The Pieces Are Not Fitting The Puzzle In Syria

There are just too many factions in Syria that want the same end results; I am trying to rational other possibilities other than President Bashar al- Assad ordering the killing of his own people. As we know President Obama opened up his egotistic mouth about a year ago around this same time period after a chemical attack of which the finger was pointed at Assad. When Obama was asked about this he stressed the fact that Syria’s use of chemical weapons would cross the red line.

I am asking myself is it possible Assad did not order this chemical attack? Why would Assad put his military and country in such a state of destruction; suicidal in fact? Someone could say to keep his power; I say what power? he will be destroyed from both ends, military attack and the chemical weapons that he triggered. One has to be insane, is he that totally insane? His country will be lost to invasion anyhow. What if Al Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood got a hold of some chemical weapons and used them to frame Assad in the eyes of the International Community. If this being the case, Assad is ousted because Obama is convinced of the fact that Assad is the perpetrator. Convinced or not Obama has put himself in a box by bringing up the fact he considered the use of chemical weapons crossing the red line, now in his mind he is compelled to act.

The Great Britain Parliament voted that they don’t want to involve themselves in this pending war unless they knew for sure who was behind the chemical attack. It doesn’t look too good for the United States for Great Britain to not enter this pending war until there is concrete evidence as to who ordered this attack. My understanding is that if evidence is found Great Britain will have another Parliamentary vote. The following is from a post titled “Tariq Ali on Syrian Chemical Weapons: The Fact Is, We Don’t Know.”“Virtually no one who knows the region believes that these attacks were carried out by the Syrian government, or on its orders,” he says. “It’s crazy, if you think about it. They let the inspectors in, and then in a hotel barely 10 miles from—in a location barely 10 miles from where the inspectors are staying, there’s a chemical attack. And what good does it do the Syrian government to actually open fire on these inspectors? They want them there. So, I think it’s slightly incredible.”

I will not assume the fact that Assad had nothing to do with the chemical attack, but I feel all the pieces are not in this puzzle as of yet and if we are to go to war, with different factions in Syria ready to take over and the Russian navy ready to get involved this better not just be a trap to lure us into a conflict that was put together to do just that, lure us into a war that was rigged for us to enter. The question is, by whom?


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