Democrats Are Running Scared Because Of Obama Care

Democrats are getting very worried over Obama Care. There were 106,000 instead of half-million who have signed up the first month. Over 5 million people have lost their insurance policy’s,closer to 6 million. The Obama Administration have also put out I’m sure most of you have seen them, commercials that have been aired on TV telling people to talk about getting insurance over their Thanksgiving day dinners. It use to be turkey and pumpkin pie, now its Obama Care. This is how bad Obama Care is and why Democrats will be distancing themselves away from the president soon.

These Democrats want to make sure to show the American people that number one, they are transparent. I believe it’s a little too late to be transparent. Now they are worried about being candid, open and frank after the fact Obama Care was under wraps since before the presidential election, and until recently. I think it’s a little too late for that.

The Democrats second on the list to ready themselves for the 2014 elections is they want the website to be fixed. The problem with that is, what is the definition of being fixed? Saturday, November 30th, it’s suppose to be fixed. That’s another promise from Obama, their definition of being fixed might be, almost fixed, naturally they will not use that word, they might say “better than expected”, or whatever other different selected statements they might use to try to fool the American people.

The Democrats 3rd on the list is restore trust. These Democrats were going around in their state districts and were repeating everything Obama was saying word for word. So the people who from their states have lost their insurance, you think they will trust these Obama cult robot’s? I don’t think so. People who have lost their insurance lost a policy that they had selected to their specific conditions. That’s what they wanted that’s what they chose. Now even if they are able to get on an Obama exchange, they are forced to carry all the bell’s and whistles and a premium payment that they didn’t even envision. Do you think these Democrats are going to establish trust after we the American people were told one lie after another from Obama.

The biggest regret is the lame duck Congress that put Obama Care through in 2009. But I have remembered something, they were voted out in 2010 to enable the Republicans to win back the House; the same thing will happen to these Senate Democrats who are running scared now in 2014, they will lose the Senate. It’s true that even with the House and the Senate being Republican Obama can still veto a repeal on Obama Care, but there is one thing he can’t do and that is veto impeachment. Obama’s luck is running out.


Obama Calls Netanyahu Of Israel Which Means Israel Did Not Take Part In The Iran Deal

For Obama to have to call Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and for Netanyahu to show concern with the details of the deal reached between the U.S. and five other world leaders to curb Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting some sanctions shows me that Netanyahu was not part of the discussions. Now someone can tell me to get real, do I actually expect Israel to be part of any discussions? Iran would never settle for anything. Okay I understand that, but keep in mind there is such a thing as a back room where Obama can keep the Prime Minister informed as to where the deal is heading. This is so hard to comprehend, Iran that has threatened on numerous occasions that they would wipe Israel off the face of the earth, were not a part of or informed as to the contents of the deal.

Obama goes from one bad decision to another on Foreign policy because he is trying his best on some issue to be successful with which because of desperation of that need leaves himself unsuccessful and makes himself the fool of the world community.

Speaking to his Cabinet, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the world had become a “more dangerous place” as a result of the deal and reiterated a long-standing threat to use military action against Iran if needed, declaring that Israel “has the right and the duty to defend itself by itself.”

Here is part of the agreement: The statement said the deal limits Iran’s existing stockpiles of enriched uranium, and curbs the number and capabilities of the centrifuges used to enrich and would limit Iran’s ability to produce “weapons-grade plutonium” from a reactor in the advanced stages of construction. It also said there would be “intrusive monitoring” of Iran’s nuclear program.

This is not going go happen. Iran does not want a nuclear program for peaceful means.The U.S. should not have been part of these talks.Israel is our key ally in the middle east and this agreement only gives Iran more time to prepare for all out war and develop its nuclear program. Don’t give me this baloney that there will be inspectors monitoring development’s. Don’t you think Iran knows this and has prepared itself accordingly? What I want to see and someone explain to me is if this agreement doesn’t work how do you get all the countries to vote in favor of sanctions again? Russia and China I guarantee you will not vote to enforce sanctions a second time. Obama someday will learn some common sense and stop allowing these countries over there to outwit him. I’m afraid Obama the professor has still not learned how to be Obama the president.

While Obama Was Telling Us We Will Keep Our Insurance, His Attorneys Were Telling The Justice Dep. The Opposite

You can’t get any more low life than this. While Obama was looking in that TV camera and giving countless speeches across the country that we would keep our insurance policy’s and keep our Doctors as recently as a few weeks ago, his attorneys were telling the Justice Department that the Grandfather clause was not suffice, that there would be millions of insurance policy’s cancelled by the insurance companies and not only with the people who don’t have insurance but there would be millions of people’s insurance policy’s canceled by their employers. I got this news off of Megyn Kelly, of the Kelly File on Fox News.

This is purely criminal; this is scum. This is proof that Obama was lying and he is still lying.This reminds me of when Japan was on the verge to attack Pearl Harbor in World War II, they had their planes in the air, and while their planes were flying towards Pearl Harbor, the Japanese had Ambassadors meeting with the United States in the White House to talk peace. So while Obama was telling us that we would not lose our insurance polices his attorneys were telling the Justice Dept. the opposite.

I assume more of this will come out in the next few days. Same on the media if they try to cover this up I’m sure they know the American people are fed up with all these lies of Obama’s and the way they have been drilling Jay Carney, Obama’s spokesperson over Obama Care lately I believe they will be up to the task to report the news as it comes out.

My friends, this is real bad. They gave us Obama Care for the public good. I watch some of these liberals talk on TV about now with Obama Care everything is covered for the public good. One thing these clowns forget is what’s good for me might not be good for someone else. They took our choice away, and you don’t do that in America. These same liberals hate to hear about the death panels as Sarah Palin rightly has labeled them. Naturally if their parents were told to take pills for their pain because hip replacements would be for the younger and more productive these same liberals would be very upset. They took our choice away, and you don’t do that in America That is the main reason Obama Care is so expensive, all the bells and whistles are in it, whereas I might just want the whistle.

They impeached Nixon over a Watergate break-in that he had nothing to do with, but he did cover it up. Obama has done criminality’s with Obama Care and he knew it all along. Don’t think for a moment that these blogs that we write don’t get around. I am telling the House which would do it but they don’t because they know the Senate would not take such action, that’s why I am telling the Senate your boy Obama has broken the laws of the United States Constitution ten fold. He needs to be impeached and now.

Yes, I was on a lonely train to nowhere when I started writing about this socialist we have as president. Yes, he was going to transform America to his liking. I don’t feel lonely any longer. Its a shame that it has taken America so long to see so many of Obamas breaking the laws of our Constitution to realize that this man is a renowned socialist who is out to change our country to his image even though socialism has not succeeded anywhere in the world. America, our time is here, the time is near, the year is 2014. Obama wants to use the word transform, you know what Obama, I will steal that word from you. In 2014 the Republicans and real Democrats, (because the leftwing nuts have stolen the real Democratic Party) will go and vote and take our country back and transform it again to the vision of our Forefathers. You know one time a little while back a liberal told me when I brought up our Forefathers and said, “but those people are dead,” This is the retards we are dealing with. Our day is almost here. We will not have 6 million conservatives sitting it out in 2014. Obama you with the IRS set out to destroy the Conservative movement; you have only destroyed yourself. You woke up that sleeping giant, the American people. You did not give the type of change the American people had envisioned. The American people will speak soon.

Impeachment Is Not The Only Way

Today Obama said he was sorry to the people that had their insurance policy’s cancelled. He did not say I’m sorry for misleading the American people. He did not say I’m sorry because I lied. He did not say I’m sorry for forcing this plan down our throats by not allowing a bipartisan conversation. We all heard this before. They are going to pay for it in 2014.

He and his cult keep on saying that these cancellations will only effect about 4 per cent of the people. Is that all! Your talking about 14 million people at that rate. This is just a small percentage from the real truth. Wait until as I have said in other posts when the employer mandates of having a one year extension of implementation runs out. What if we say that there will be close to 100 million people lose their insurance when employers start cancelling their employees insurance plans. This is a complete disaster that I didn’t think I would ever witness in my life time or anybody’s else’s for that matter.

I am so sick and tired of Obama and his cult talking about subpar plans. What is a subpar plan? What might be subpar to you might not be subpar to me. This is not the governments business. I hear people saying they like their so called subpar plans. Lets just say it’s a choice that people want and deserve to make. Now their plan is cancelled and they are forced to go to an Obama Care exchange which as of the moment they can’t because they can’t even get that off the ground and pay a tremendous premium because of the fact that plan has all the whistles which is not applicable to most people in the first place. This so called fix of Obama’s is not going to work. You can’t put toothpaste back into a tube.

The following is from an article by Wayne Allyn Root, titled “It’s Time For Obama To Take The “Perp Walk” Think of the personal stories, the tragedies caused by this purposeful lie, by this fraud. The small businesses forced to close. The middle-class taxpayers hit with dramatic price increases, left with a choice of paying the mortgage or the health insurance. How about the people whose policies were canceled and, because they couldn’t afford this con man’s “better plan” or because of a defective website, went without insurance for a time — and during that time, had a car accident, leaving them unable to work and bankrupt with medical bills.
All of these tragedies were set in motion because a CEO lied and misrepresented. If this happened to one single American family, that CEO would go to prison.

Well it’s happening to millions of Americans. And that CEO con man is Barack Obama.

A grand jury should be convened right now to indict the President of the United States for fraud on a massive scale. The FBI and SWAT teams should be surrounding the White House this week. Obama should be “perp walked” out of the people’s house in handcuffs, with cameras rolling, with flashbulbs popping. He lied to us all. His fraud will cost each of us dearly.

Who would have ever heard that a President would resign in office; we saw it happen when Richard Nixon resigned. Who would have thought that what Wayne Allyn Root said above could happen. It has been said so many times in various circumstances, “never say never.”

Obama’s Words Don’t Mean Anything Any More; Forget Impeachment, Its Now Criminal, It’s Fraud.

Lets get to the point. This situation with Obama Care is more than telling a lie. The people who have been yelling impeachment including myself , the story line has to change. Yes he lied to us, the American people, but he had a motive to lie. He was going to make Obama Care happen no matter what it took, even if he had to stare into the TV camera and look straight at the crowds and lie. Where am I going with this? Its worst than impeachment, its fraud, its criminal, he intentionally knew what he was doing, Obama is a criminal in the first degree. He knew like I have stated in another post that there was not enough of young people who were going to sign up for Obama Care, so he thought of a scheme. He made the regulations very difficult for the insurance companies to make it worth their while to keep existing policies. Obama knew that the insurance companies would start canceling policies. So what does that do? It sends healthy people that have just lost their policies to sign up in the Obama Care exchanges to pay for the other participants who are sick and dying. This is how Obama has made up for the young who will not sign up. My friends this is fraudulent, this is criminal, this is jail time, forget impeachment.

Obama’s job approval ratings have gone up and down through the years but for the first time his favorability ratings have gone down. The American people are pissed off, they don’t like to be lied to. Now he has his accomplices, naturally the Democrats who voted for this bill. All of a sudden they are talking of the fact that they did not know that there would be people cancelled off their insurance policies. Really now! Obama and these Democrats of his should start a choir and see who sings the loudest. There are twelve of these Democrats who are sweating because they are running for reelection in 2014. The poor babies, they were left in the dark, they didn’t know anything about any of this. Lets go back three years ago, Senator Mike Enzi, Rep- Wyo. introduced a bill in the Senate that was to change the regulations for the insurance companies so as to prevent all these present day cancellations. Not one Democrat voted for his bill, more importantly what does this tell you? It is proof that Obama and his Senate pals knew about this as far back as three years ago. Guess what! They are all lying! imagine that. But worst yet, this shows a motive that they schemed to hurt a whole industry so as to force them to cancel people off their policies. Now, you tell me, is this criminal or not? Is this not a motive from the President of The United States? Like I said above, forget impeachment, this is jail time