Obama’s Words Don’t Mean Anything Any More; Forget Impeachment, Its Now Criminal, It’s Fraud.

Lets get to the point. This situation with Obama Care is more than telling a lie. The people who have been yelling impeachment including myself , the story line has to change. Yes he lied to us, the American people, but he had a motive to lie. He was going to make Obama Care happen no matter what it took, even if he had to stare into the TV camera and look straight at the crowds and lie. Where am I going with this? Its worst than impeachment, its fraud, its criminal, he intentionally knew what he was doing, Obama is a criminal in the first degree. He knew like I have stated in another post that there was not enough of young people who were going to sign up for Obama Care, so he thought of a scheme. He made the regulations very difficult for the insurance companies to make it worth their while to keep existing policies. Obama knew that the insurance companies would start canceling policies. So what does that do? It sends healthy people that have just lost their policies to sign up in the Obama Care exchanges to pay for the other participants who are sick and dying. This is how Obama has made up for the young who will not sign up. My friends this is fraudulent, this is criminal, this is jail time, forget impeachment.

Obama’s job approval ratings have gone up and down through the years but for the first time his favorability ratings have gone down. The American people are pissed off, they don’t like to be lied to. Now he has his accomplices, naturally the Democrats who voted for this bill. All of a sudden they are talking of the fact that they did not know that there would be people cancelled off their insurance policies. Really now! Obama and these Democrats of his should start a choir and see who sings the loudest. There are twelve of these Democrats who are sweating because they are running for reelection in 2014. The poor babies, they were left in the dark, they didn’t know anything about any of this. Lets go back three years ago, Senator Mike Enzi, Rep- Wyo. introduced a bill in the Senate that was to change the regulations for the insurance companies so as to prevent all these present day cancellations. Not one Democrat voted for his bill, more importantly what does this tell you? It is proof that Obama and his Senate pals knew about this as far back as three years ago. Guess what! They are all lying! imagine that. But worst yet, this shows a motive that they schemed to hurt a whole industry so as to force them to cancel people off their policies. Now, you tell me, is this criminal or not? Is this not a motive from the President of The United States? Like I said above, forget impeachment, this is jail time

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