Impeachment Is Not The Only Way

Today Obama said he was sorry to the people that had their insurance policy’s cancelled. He did not say I’m sorry for misleading the American people. He did not say I’m sorry because I lied. He did not say I’m sorry for forcing this plan down our throats by not allowing a bipartisan conversation. We all heard this before. They are going to pay for it in 2014.

He and his cult keep on saying that these cancellations will only effect about 4 per cent of the people. Is that all! Your talking about 14 million people at that rate. This is just a small percentage from the real truth. Wait until as I have said in other posts when the employer mandates of having a one year extension of implementation runs out. What if we say that there will be close to 100 million people lose their insurance when employers start cancelling their employees insurance plans. This is a complete disaster that I didn’t think I would ever witness in my life time or anybody’s else’s for that matter.

I am so sick and tired of Obama and his cult talking about subpar plans. What is a subpar plan? What might be subpar to you might not be subpar to me. This is not the governments business. I hear people saying they like their so called subpar plans. Lets just say it’s a choice that people want and deserve to make. Now their plan is cancelled and they are forced to go to an Obama Care exchange which as of the moment they can’t because they can’t even get that off the ground and pay a tremendous premium because of the fact that plan has all the whistles which is not applicable to most people in the first place. This so called fix of Obama’s is not going to work. You can’t put toothpaste back into a tube.

The following is from an article by Wayne Allyn Root, titled “It’s Time For Obama To Take The “Perp Walk” Think of the personal stories, the tragedies caused by this purposeful lie, by this fraud. The small businesses forced to close. The middle-class taxpayers hit with dramatic price increases, left with a choice of paying the mortgage or the health insurance. How about the people whose policies were canceled and, because they couldn’t afford this con man’s “better plan” or because of a defective website, went without insurance for a time — and during that time, had a car accident, leaving them unable to work and bankrupt with medical bills.
All of these tragedies were set in motion because a CEO lied and misrepresented. If this happened to one single American family, that CEO would go to prison.

Well it’s happening to millions of Americans. And that CEO con man is Barack Obama.

A grand jury should be convened right now to indict the President of the United States for fraud on a massive scale. The FBI and SWAT teams should be surrounding the White House this week. Obama should be “perp walked” out of the people’s house in handcuffs, with cameras rolling, with flashbulbs popping. He lied to us all. His fraud will cost each of us dearly.

Who would have ever heard that a President would resign in office; we saw it happen when Richard Nixon resigned. Who would have thought that what Wayne Allyn Root said above could happen. It has been said so many times in various circumstances, “never say never.”

4 comments on “Impeachment Is Not The Only Way

  1. Brittius says:

    Maybe, he will opt to leave, as the Fuhrer did?!

    • johnapappas says:

      Yes, I quoted Wayne Allyn Root in my post and the title of his post. Root is one of the people who went to Columbia University at the same time period as Obama but he and people in his class never remember seeing Obama.

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