The New York Times Puts The Lie Of Benghazi Back To The Forefront

Here we are years removed from the attack on Benghazi with all sorts of evidence that the attacke was inspired by Al Qaeda and the NY Times has come out to say that they know that an anti-Islam film played a role for the attack.

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Michigan, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said his panel has gone through 4,000 classified cables, talked to people on the ground and done a postmortem on the event. He said he doubts weather the times has conducted such an exhausted investigation.

Senior Obama Administration officials told NBC News, that the White House does not dispute the New York Times report. Off course they would not dispute the Times report. It is lies. What is it to the Times to lie about this? I will tell you what this is all about. This is all about Hillary Clinton running for president with the full backing of the New York Times. They are trying to justify the lying of Hillary Clinton. Its not going to fool the American people or the Committees who are investigating Benghazi. Never mind Hillary running for president, her emphasis and number one priority should be keeping herself out of jail for not protecting our people in Libya. That was her job. Like Charles Krauthammer said and I totally agree, Hillary and Obama disappeared for around eight hours during the night of the Benghazi attack where nobody knew where they were. They were spending that time talking with each other to come up with a cover story and that’s when they came up with the You Tube video story. They should both be prosecuted for allowing four Americans to die.


The United States Congress Is Not Protecting It’s Citizens: “They Are Going Down In 2014”

The United States Congress is not protecting it’s citizen’s from hardships and economic suppression due to Obama Care. The hitch in the Obama Care software we all knew would be fixed, but as far as we know it’s not totally fixed as of today. They are still not telling us the complete truth that most of the enrollee’s are people with health problems who need the insurance and that the young people who are suppose to be paying for this there is only a very small portion of them that are enrolling which means Obama Care is in financial trouble before it actually gets off the ground, they are not telling us how many of the enrollee’s have actually paid for the policy. They are also not telling us how many people are enrolling into Medicaid of the total numbers. Why has the US Congress allowed such a disaster to be inflicted on it’s own people? It is pure disbelief for a bill such as this to have been voted on without being read in the first place. I must remind you that not one Republican voted for it to begin with.

Many Americans have not been paying attention to the mechanics of this law. They have been consumed of the fact that the software system was not allowing them to enroll. The worst is to come when they find out that there will be less doctors available to them and if they are lucky enough to keep their same doctor to begin with. There will be less clinics and hospitals to choose from. When they will really wake up it will be over sticker shock. When it effects the purse strings, watch out. They will wait months for major surgery and if its an elderly person they will be told to take a pill for the pain, because the younger people will have priority.Why has the Congress allowed 15 new taxes to the American people that are hidden in this law. One example is the medical device tax. I want to ask the Democrats in the Congress why have you rendered such a hardship of a law on the American people. Just because your socialist Obama wants to transform America to a complete socialist state you don’t have to fulfill his wishes. That is why I call you Democrats in Congress a cult. Why would anyone think any differently? You are all in lock step in everything he says, does, and wishes. Yes, he will lead you to the fire. The problem is he will lead us to it also unless we vote you cult out in 2014.

Now you Democrats have a new message, a new scheme, all in lock step.You are going around the news and cable TV networks asking the Republicans to help fix this cancer called Obama Care. You must be kidding, right? This piece of crap called Obama Care needs a complete make over. It needs an overhaul of 360 degrees. You are asking the Republicans who you left out of the creation of this healthcare plan completely, did not take any ideas what-so-ever, and now you want the Republicans to help fix it. You do know you are full of it; you don’t want them to help fix it what-so-ever, if you wanted the Republicans involved you would have had them implementing their ideas to begin with. The Republicans wanted to repeal this law and come out with a better one, but your cult leader Obama did not want anything to hear of it. You are worried about the 2014 elections and now you want the Republicans to bail you out. All I can say is “you are going down”, for giving such suffering to the American people. I will tell you one thing like I have said many times in other posts, if the Republicans win control of the Congress in 2014 you and your cult leader will go down with you, because there are no ifs and buts, your cult leader Obama will be impeached. You hear that Obama?

It’s Time for Christians To Take a Stand

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus this week which of course is Christmas we must remember for the people who might have forgotten, is that Jesus is our Lord. Jesus is God. Philippians 2:7 when He became a man, He “emptied Himself,” or laid aside the symbols of His glory; now, when a man, He humbled Himself. That is, though he was God appearing in the form of man – a divine person on earth – yet he did not assume and assert the dignity and prerogatives appropriate to a divine being, but put Himself in a condition of obedience. For such a being to obey law, implied voluntary humiliation; and the greatness of His humiliation was shown by His becoming entirely obedient, even until He died on the cross.

Jesus as we know came to die for our sins. He came and changed the Old Covenant(Testament) to the New Covenant (Testament). Naturally we can’t go through the whole Bible here but lets pick the main descriptive so as to get the general idea of the main change. The Old Testament stressed “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.” Jesus revised this to be “turn the other cheek.” Surprisingly some people get the wrong interpretation on what this means. It definitely does not mean that you cannot defend yourself and your family if it came upon harm. It definitely does not mean that you cannot defend your country from enemy attack. What it means is to accept goodness, forgiveness, if badness has been placed on you. If you are insulted, hurt, angered, annoyed at someone, “turn the other cheek,” let God make the consequential decision on that person.

This brings us to the different religious groups in the United States today. 73% of Americans identify themselves as being Christian in the United States.This means that there are 23% that are not Christian; they practice some other form of religion. Our Forefathers who wrote the Constitution, the greatest document the world has ever known, gave us freedom of religion. I understand as quoted in the Bible there are various conditions that are sinful. This is not for me or anyone else to make judgment or serve consequences on these acts, or make judgments on these other religions. This is our Maker’s decision, it is God’s. What I do expect considering that this is still a Christian Nation I don’t want God to be taken out of our schools or out of our government. Here it is Christmas time and in various school systems across our land educators have instructed staff members to take out the word Jesus out of Christmas Carols. You can’t say the Pledge of Allegiance in schools because it has the word God in it that was passed by Congress under the Eisenhower Administration to include it. During Christmas some Government buildings have been told not to put out an observance of Jesus. The list goes on. Our country does not put limitations on other religions and we should expect the same from them.

I want to tell the Christian community we cannot allow this to continue. We are 73% strong, we have to make our voices heard. The same way these other religious groups want to be looked on, we should expect the same. Why are we allowing this to happen in our country? I am just one person writing; there are tens of thousands writing on this topic as I am, but we write alone. I am not an organization with thousands of people behind me, but you large Christian organization groups with a big Christian following, what are you doing? Why are you not acting to preserve the name of Jesus the God Almighty in our country, the United States of America. By you not acting is a sin in itself. Are you going to allow these socialists who you know as well as I do could care less about our religion or any others religion for that matter just to go on as they are doing? Jesus as I have mentioned before wants us to stay concerned about ourselves and allow Him to worry about the rest. He wants our main emphasis to be on Him. But I must remind you that God has destroyed whole civilizations in the past who have done a lot less than us. We have to revive our Christian movement again in America or America might be going to the path as those other civilizations that God has destroyed. I have written this before, my mother use to tell me as a youngster that God has blessed America, the question that should be asked, is God still blessing America? The only way our country is to survive is to put God back in it otherwise I doubt very much about our survival.

You big Christian organizations out there, I’m just don’t want you to sit around and talk about this issue, I want you to get involved. Who am I to give you such an order, I am a believer in Jesus Christ our Lord, that’s who I am, and believe me He is watching to see what you will do. “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

It’s Time To Replace Speaker Of The House John Boehner

Speaker of the House John Boehner is now attacking conservative groups, that are opposed to the bipartisan budget legislation approved last week by the House, claiming he has “declared war on the Tea Party.” First of all any disagreements within the family he should keep in the family. You don’t give the opposition who are a bunch of cult robots to begin with, to take pleasure of any internal conflict. For Boehner to have come out so blatantly against conservative groups his and Paul Ryan’s pollsters must have concluded that the conservatives are in the way whereas in fact it is phony conservatives like Boehner who are in the way. His true colors have come out. I don’t know who he is listening to but as far as I know America is still a country that leans center to right. We just need that Reagan type leader such as Sarah Palin to bring it out. The last two elections the Republicans went with middle of the road candidates with John McCain and Mitt Romney, with no victory so Boehner, we don’t need you bad mouthing conservatives the heart of the Republican party, so just take a walk, a long one, like disappear.

It’s obvious what Boehner, Ryan and the rest are doing here. They want to hurry up and settle any budget disagreements so as not to shut down the government so all the concentration can stay on Obama Care, rightly so, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out, but that doesn’t mean you have to put down the conservatives by doing it.

The following is from a Fox News Post: Overall, the bipartisan budget plan erases a total of $63 billion in across-the-board cuts in the next two budget years, and specifies $85 billion in savings over a decade, including the one relating to military retirement. The result is a net $23 billion cut in deficits through 2023, although critics argue the spending increases will happen first, and many of the savings years later, if at all.

How ever which way you look at this, it’s a bad deal. pacifying these socialists to prevent Government shut downs is a no win preposition. Either way you look at it if spending is not conquered an economic crash eventually will destroy the United States of America. The people who are all petrified with Government shut downs, this would have been the cure all, that is to prevent that economic crash that is on it’s way if left on check. America cannot sustain all this spending. It would be best to suffer a little now than a big crash later. The Obama cult and many Americans don’t want to hear this, but this is the reality of the situation, either grab the bull by the horns now or it will kill us later. This is Conservatism.

The Liberal’s (Socialist’s) Are Worried Obama Care Will Destroy Inroads Made Towards Socialism.

To convert a capitalistic system of government is a step by step progressing. You heard the saying that the United States is going to wake up one morning and find itself a complete socialist state. This is done very slowly, one program, one new law at a time until one day the American people will say, “what happen?’

The first president to show disrespect to our Constitution was Woodrow Wilson, Democrat. Woodrow Wilson became President in 1912. In 1908, as president of Princeton University and prior to ascending to the Oval Office in 1913, Wilson authored a treatise titled “Constitutional Government in the United States”.Yet, Wilson wrote not of the Constitution as is but as he wished it to be—that is, denuded of its carefully crafted limits on the central government.

Wilson asserted, “ No doubt a great deal of nonsense has been talked about the inalienable rights of the individual, and a great deal that was mere vague sentiment and pleasing speculation has been put forward as fundamental principle.”Clearly, Wilson dismissed not only the Declaration of Independence and the Founders’ announced purpose for American independence, but the Lockean exposition on natural law, the nature of man, the social compact establishing the civil society, and the essential ingredients of constitutional republicanism.In short, for Wilson, rights are awarded or denied the individual as determined by the government.pg189

What is ironic is what saved our country from Wilson was World War l. Woodrow Wilson was a hard pacifist. His pet project was to get The League of Nations active, which never happened. He suffered a stroke in office I believe because of the pressure of the war, which in turn he lost much of his activeness, and in the process was not able to implement any of his ideology.

America was speared until here came President Franklyn Roosevelt. I will call Roosevelt the father of Socialism in America.

There is no denying Roosevelt’s revolutionary fervor. Whereas the Founders broke from tyranny, Roosevelt and the utopians broke from the Founders. Cass Sunstein, a former academic now employed by President Barack Obama as administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Office of Management and Budget, in 2004 wrote approvingly that “America’s public institutions were radically transformed under Roosevelt’s leadership.The federal government assumed powers formerly believed to rest with the states.pg205

Whittaker Chambers, who had been a member of the Communist Party USA, Soviet spy, proponent of the New Deal, editor at Time magazine, and who later condemned communism and the New Deal, wrote in his 1952 autobiography, “Witness, “I had to acknowledge the truth of what its more forthright protagonists, sometimes unwarily, sometimes defiantly, averred: the New Deal was a genuine revolution, whose deepest purpose was not simply reform within existing traditions, but a basic change in the social and, above all, the power relationships within the nation.It was not a revolution of violence. It was a revolution by bookkeeping and lawmaking. Insofar as it was successful, the power of politics had replaced business. This is the basic power shift of all the revolutions of our time. pg207

The socialistic attempt and planting of the first seeds to socialize America was the Social Security program submitted by Roosevelt. Do you think for a moment that Roosevelt did this because he cared about the well-being of Americans He installed it as a first step towards implementing socialism. This was done as a first step for the people to rely on the government. The United States had depressions and recessions in the past. People relied on family’s, churches, neighbors and donations to get them out of economic difficult in the past. The average age in those years of life was 60 years of age, why do you think Roosevelt made it 65? How about maybe keeping the money in the U.S. Treasury. Nobody came close to envision in those days that someday the average age would become in the 70’s.

Since then we have had Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and the list goes on. Now we have Obama Care. (maybe)The liberals are very angry and worried about this law. This law was suppose to commence smoothly at its implementation date, another law for the complete socialistic take over of the United States until the web-site crashed and the people started finding out that they will be losing their Doctors and insurance policy’s, that it will remind people that government is no match with the private sector. Liberals are very worried that the American people will realize that this socialistic government has strayed from our Forefathers and what they envisioned for our great country. What Obama envisions for America is a complete socialistic take over. Come on America, wake up, we cannot allow Obama and his cronies to take over the United States of America.

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The End Result Of Obama Care: The Democrats Will Feel Sorry

We must never forget that the Democrats passed Obama Care by using an abuse of power. The abuse of power comes into play because they had the majority in Congress they established all the rules without any Republican input. Obama was bringing in Senator after Senator to the White House and bribed them with pork for their states. The worst thing they did was ignore the economy for two whole years while they were putting together Obama Care. No Republican was suppose to see the plan which created the effect that not one Republican in the Congress voted for this bill. So they passed a bill of over two thousand pages with no one having read it. If you recall, this was the main reason the Republicans took over the House. First of all, most of the American people did not like the plan and secondly, they didn’t like the way the bill passed the Congress, an abuse of power.

Have you ever stopped to think, how was this bill put together. This is a very complex bill, one sixth of the U.S. economy. It seems to me that the Democrats had this all planned in the event they retook the Congress. I believe they had a single payer plan sitting in mothballs just waiting for that big day to implement it. They definitely couldn’t do it while the Republicans had a portion of the Congress or the executive branch. They sat and waited, like a killer snake. The time came, they won the Congress and the presidency, perfect opportunity, but there was something wrong. Senator Reid and Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi discovered something very wrong, there were not enough Democrats who were willing to go for a single payer plan. So what were they to do? The Democrats had been pushing a health care plan since President Harry Truman. What they did was settle for this piece of crap called Obama Care.

Oh my! how they lied to us. They knew exactly what was in this plan, or at least the main architects did, but they could not reveal it before the presidential election of 2012. Even most of the Obama cult that voted for it did not know what was in it. As much as I liked Mitt Romney that was a big mistake the Republicans made by making him the nominee. Why? Because of the Health Plan he installed in Massachusetts. He could not talk about Obama Care without people thinking that he also initiated one in Massachusetts. Romney was praying during the debates that there would not be any questions on Obama Care. The Republicans took the issue of Obama Care right off the table with the selection of Romney.

Obama Care is fully out of the bag now. It’s a complete socialistic take over of the United States of America. What happened here, just as though it was a “God send”, the wed-site did not work. It created all this chaos and confusion all across America. The good side is that it gave the American people the time to figure out what this law is all about, it is to transform America to get you and I and the U.S. economy under the control of a socialistic state. Now it is up to us to take our country back. It is still not to late. We must vote for the people in the 2014 Congressional elections who will dismantle this socialistic program that is going to be policed by the IRS which will enable the Government to know everything about you and I and our health records. If we keep these socialists in power we are doomed; if we vote them out we will take our country back. This is what my writing is all about, to take our country back. The people are now seeing the effect’s of this cancer called Obama Care, with the people’s efforts and God’s will, we will take our country back. May God Bless America!

Obama Administration To Pay Insurance Companies For Obama Care

This law called Obama Care is becoming more of a nightmare everyday and the president’s lying continues. Today the president said in a speech via campaign mode that the web-site was working much better. Strange he knows that after it was rebooted for only one day. He also said that as long as he is president Obama Care will not be repealed. For him to say that, maybe he is thinking that it is lucky it’s not repealed yet. He went on to say that if anybody had any ideas, to bring them forward. This is where he continues to lie because the Republicans have offered many different ideas in the past including to be able to purchase health insurance across state lines. Obama just can’t help himself with these continuations of lies.

Here comes the bombshell. In my blog yesterday titled “Obama Care Website Has Front-End and Back- End Problems” I stressed the fact that the insurance companies were not getting applications from many of the Obama Care applicants and come January 1st, 2014 many of these applicants thinking they have insurance policy’s will be very shocked to find out they don’t have an insurance policy. Naturally you and I know that when you buy insurance you have to pay for it up front otherwise they will not issue you a policy. Some have even asked for in the past first and last month’s payment. Here is the big kicker. They started the Obama Care website with no method of the applicant being able to pay for their insurance. They totally excluded an accounts payable to be able to purchase an insurance policy. Is this insane or not? You can’t expect an insurance company to give you an insurance policy without payment. They expect about 35% of the applicant’s to be in this category.

Now don’t worry about a thing. Obama is coming to the rescue, doesn’t he always? Get ready, this is mind boggling I got the following information watching Megyn Kelly of The Kelly File on Fox News; Obama is asking the insurance companies in regard to the applicants, that the web-site has messed up about 30% and the applicant’s that can’t make payment about 35% because there is no way to make payment, the U.S. Government will cut the insurance company a check based on only an estimate provided by the insurance company. If the total of the bill comes in lower than what the insurance company received, the insurance company is expected to return the difference. This is all based on the honest system and you and I as tax payers are paying for this like everything else. What kind of a Mickey Mouse operation is this? I really think Obama is losing his marbles or whatever is left of them.

The United States of America is starting to turn into a banana Republic. Obama is so desperate to make this disaster called Obama Care work that he is making an all out effort to save it no matter what the cost instead of sitting down as I suggested in other blogs with Congress and come out with a better health care plan. Someone can say that it would be expensive to start over. Don’t you think it’s expensive and even more so to try to fix an existing operation? I bet if you ask most experts they will say it’s much more expensive to keep on tearing down and fixing. Obama doesn’t want this to go back to Congress because he knows this time around it will be bipartisan. As you recall when Obama Care was being put together the Republican’s were not allowed to put in their input. Yes Obama, you say if anybody has any ideas put them forward; the Republicans had ideas but you didn’t want to listen to their input. Yes Obama, the lying continues.