Obama Administration To Pay Insurance Companies For Obama Care

This law called Obama Care is becoming more of a nightmare everyday and the president’s lying continues. Today the president said in a speech via campaign mode that the web-site was working much better. Strange he knows that after it was rebooted for only one day. He also said that as long as he is president Obama Care will not be repealed. For him to say that, maybe he is thinking that it is lucky it’s not repealed yet. He went on to say that if anybody had any ideas, to bring them forward. This is where he continues to lie because the Republicans have offered many different ideas in the past including to be able to purchase health insurance across state lines. Obama just can’t help himself with these continuations of lies.

Here comes the bombshell. In my blog yesterday titled “Obama Care Website Has Front-End and Back- End Problems” I stressed the fact that the insurance companies were not getting applications from many of the Obama Care applicants and come January 1st, 2014 many of these applicants thinking they have insurance policy’s will be very shocked to find out they don’t have an insurance policy. Naturally you and I know that when you buy insurance you have to pay for it up front otherwise they will not issue you a policy. Some have even asked for in the past first and last month’s payment. Here is the big kicker. They started the Obama Care website with no method of the applicant being able to pay for their insurance. They totally excluded an accounts payable to be able to purchase an insurance policy. Is this insane or not? You can’t expect an insurance company to give you an insurance policy without payment. They expect about 35% of the applicant’s to be in this category.

Now don’t worry about a thing. Obama is coming to the rescue, doesn’t he always? Get ready, this is mind boggling I got the following information watching Megyn Kelly of The Kelly File on Fox News; Obama is asking the insurance companies in regard to the applicants, that the web-site has messed up about 30% and the applicant’s that can’t make payment about 35% because there is no way to make payment, the U.S. Government will cut the insurance company a check based on only an estimate provided by the insurance company. If the total of the bill comes in lower than what the insurance company received, the insurance company is expected to return the difference. This is all based on the honest system and you and I as tax payers are paying for this like everything else. What kind of a Mickey Mouse operation is this? I really think Obama is losing his marbles or whatever is left of them.

The United States of America is starting to turn into a banana Republic. Obama is so desperate to make this disaster called Obama Care work that he is making an all out effort to save it no matter what the cost instead of sitting down as I suggested in other blogs with Congress and come out with a better health care plan. Someone can say that it would be expensive to start over. Don’t you think it’s expensive and even more so to try to fix an existing operation? I bet if you ask most experts they will say it’s much more expensive to keep on tearing down and fixing. Obama doesn’t want this to go back to Congress because he knows this time around it will be bipartisan. As you recall when Obama Care was being put together the Republican’s were not allowed to put in their input. Yes Obama, you say if anybody has any ideas put them forward; the Republicans had ideas but you didn’t want to listen to their input. Yes Obama, the lying continues.

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