President Obama Lacked “Passion” And “Conviction” Over War Strategy: Unlike President Bush

“Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Sunday escalated his already-tough criticism of President Obama, saying the president lacked “passion” and “conviction” over his Afghanistan war strategy.”

“Gates went on to suggest that the president was far more emotional about repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” — the policy barring openly gay people from serving in the military — and passing the health care bill.”

In his book Gates also mentions the fact that President Bush had a contrasting passion for the military. No matter what Bushes enemies have to say about Bush they cannot lay claim that he did not have passion for the military. If you and I can tell the love he exerted for the military you can imagine the military felt double the love. Like Gates said, he at times saw tears well up in Bushes eyes when he spoke to the military like I’m sure we have had on occasions, but you never saw Obama’s eyes well up.

When President Bush spoke to the military personal he spoke of victory with passion. What else does the military need to hear but be victorious. Lets face it, even the Obama supporters cannot lay claim that this president talks about victory. He can’t wait to get out. He did it under false pretenses and prematurely in Iraq and now you see that Al Qaeda is once again taking over, why? because Obama could care less. He wants that money for his social programs, for instance free cell phones distributed so he can win an election. What he cares about is the World Order, everybody is equal with everybody else, no longer the United States of America being a world power. No longer the world looking at us as a leader, respect and admiration.

One thing Gates mentioned was this has to be discussed now, not in 2017. This is the reason he came out with the book while Obama is still president. How can you run for President of the United States and not have a heart for our military. If you ask me, add this to another impeachable offense with all the other ones Obama has accumulated. On to the elections of 2014. “We will take our country back”.

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