United States Army Builds A Fake City

Get a load of this! President Obama wants to cut the military budget to the lowest it has been since World War II, but in the meantime he has allocated money for a one hundred million dollar, 300 acre urban warfare training facility, a so called “fake city,” on the outskirts of Bowling Green Virginia.

There is a problem with this fake city. Obama has instructed the military to lie about the intent of this city. The military does not give out false information unless they have been instructed to do so. The U.S. Army press release has been talking about the fact that this city has a “mosque” and the environment is set up to practice for terrorist warfare with soccer field and subway system and etc. The problem with that press release is that it is a lie. Does that word “lie” sound familiar in regard too so many of other Obama explanations until we find out about the extent of the lie? This city that has been built is an American city,with a church not a “mosque,” complete with road signs. It even has a subway with a logo that’s used in Washington DC.

Insiders are saying that this fake city is all about Obama preparing the military for martial law. The question to be asked is why is Obama preparing the military for martial law? The Posse Comitatus Act stresses the military is forbidden from taking on the police powers of local and state police. The way they get around this act is to declare martial law. What would provoke a martial law and why does Obama feel the military should be trained for this? Do you see where I am going with this? Obama has some anticipation planned in his evil mind. Don’t forget the government has been buying up tons of ammunition.

I understand the fact that the military must carry out the duties of the Commander-In-Chief, but in the meantime the people in the military have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and anything beyond our Constitution is a treasonous act.


George Soros Is Very Instrumental To The Democratic Party

George Soros is an 83 year old billionaire and founder of the investment firm Soros Fund Management. This firm began donating heavily to the Democratic Party during the election cycle of 2004, calling the defeat of President George W. Bush “a matter of life and death.” Since then Soros has started donating to lobbyists, this past year lets say $11 million on lobbying, up from $3.25 million in 2012. Most of these lobbying contracts are being funneled through various liberal activist organizations. As I mentioned yesterday in my post titled,”We Need Answers On FCC Wanting To Spy In Our Newsrooms.” Soros has donated $52 million to numerous media outlets that are mostly liberal in reporting the news. So naturally media outlets that have not been on the receiving end as of yet do not want to anger him so they report the news to his liking.

Soros spent $25 million dollars for John Kerry to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004 and fell on his face with Kerry’s defeat. He almost got out of politics because of it. He stayed in because as he said he wishes to burst the “bubble of American supremacy,” because our preeminence in the world is a detriment to global “equilibrium.” Now you tell me, who does that sound like? Why it sounds like President Barack Obama a puppet with strings being pulled by George Soros. Obama has been lowering the bar on American supremacy ever since he became President going back to that first apology tour early on in his presidency.

Soros wants this to happen and he will continue to pull the strings of candidates and donate them money until he gets his way on the world scene and America losing it’s superpower status in the interim. He has already donated to a potential presidential candidate in Hillary Clinton. With whatever global ideology Soros has you know Hillary will have. Don’t even let Hillary make you think she is a middle of the road candidate. She is just as socialistic as Obama, don’t let her fool you. Her college papers are open to the public, go take a look.

This is why Soros donates money to every socialistic faucet of American influence. The next two elections, congressional and presidential Soros must be shown he may as well donate his money to an ostrich because he won’t have any effect on the American voters or policy.

So Now Obama Wants To Monitor Our Newsrooms

My first inclination is to say that it serves the media right. The medias darling President Obama, (self proclaimed king) now is sending out the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) out on a witch hunt. You tell me, what else will you call it? They want to monitor Americas newsrooms. What they want to do is place researchers out to all newsrooms to see how they gather and report the news. What is their philosophe, who decides on the stories to be reported, who makes the editorial decisions and whatever other questions they will dream up.

Can you believe this? This Gestapo administration just doesn’t give up. We just went through this with the IRS which they are still under investigation for spying on Conservative groups. As a matter of fact, Jay Selculow who represents some of these groups has said of the fact that some of the questioning by the FCC is reminiscent of the questions of harassment that were asked of these conservative groups. Then there was the fallout over the Justice Department’s wiretapping of Associated Press journalists. This is just getting insane.

This is definitely an intrusion into the freedom of the press. I don’t know what Obama is getting out of this constant harassment into our liberty’s. I really think he is losing his mind to be constantly bucking the Constitution, but that will prove itself out as we go along; I hope that it doesn’t get to the point where he gets too dangerous, but don’t forget we always have Biden. At least Biden was always a capitalist and not a socialist, just a small improvement. The main difference is that Obama is out to hurt our country and Biden would not have that motive, and naturally he is dumb funny.

Do you realize that this will cover all news, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. Now I am and millions like me are bloggers. Maybe they will even come and visit me at my home. Sure, they can look over my shoulder and watch me type and my dog will be looking over their shoulder. One thing I won’t do is offer them coffee.

Obama Is Telling Us : Stop Me If You Can

The way Obama has been acting of late I have the feeling at times that he is just going over the edge. What has happened to him is that every underhanded thing he attempted to do to take over the House of Representatives has now backfired on him. Not only will he not take over the House but he has a good chance of losing the Senate. How ironic is that?

He is obsessed that he will not get his socialistic programs through Congress that he is looking at every conceivable way to buck the United States Constitution. He studied and learned the Constitution so as to know how to get around it.

One thing that Obama must remember even though he probably doesn’t want to is that these Republican House members and Senators are sent by the people this being a Republic. Those Congressional people with the word Republican after their name were sent to the Congress to represent those people from those districts and those states. Who the heck does this dictator Obama think he is to say I will disregard their beliefs because I don’t agree with anything about them. It just so happens that Obama never really tried to negotiate with the Congress. Sure he will take some photo ops every now and than considering the phony that he is, but that is all meaningless. It’s all make believe. The problem is he has an accomplice that is going along with all this, and it is called the US Senate.

Here is what Tom Delay the former Texas Congressman and House Speaker said about this recently: “The Constitution creates a government that reflects the principles given to us in the Declaration of Independence. It can only survive and can only carry us into the future if you have people that believe in these principles.”There we go. That’s the key. The people have to believe in those principles. I truly believe by the latest polls that the majority of Americans still believe in these principles and because Obama and the US Senate are suppressing us the American people from continuing these beliefs that our Forefathers had originally set out to do, the whole US Congress controlled by Senator Harry Reid and Obama are all criminals destined to destroy our way of life and the Constitution. These criminals have to be removed from office. Yes I know, I keep on saying it but time is running short. The Republicans must remove this criminal Congress and then we will impeach this criminal president. This will be the last chance to take our country back. If these socialists are allowed to keep control of our great country what our Forefathers had envisioned for us will be destroyed. God bless the people of the United States, I trust they will fulfill the moment.

We The People Must Get Furious With Obama’s Tyranny

Today I went shopping and when I went to check out my groceries there was a register clerk that was ringing up groceries that I was acquainted with. I asked this person if Obama Care had effected her in any way and she said that she doesn’t pay attention to politics, it’s the same old thing. I said in other words you don’t know right now if your employee contribution has gone up which you can find out anytime by looking at your pay check stub; are you aware if your deductible has gone up? She just looked at me and asked, are you serious? I said yes I am. She thanked me.

This is what Obama has been doing. He is taking advantage of the American people going on life as usual, while he is doing a power grab on us! The American People! I have told you five years ago that Obama is a socialist and he will lead our country to socialism. I have experienced it myself, at times I would be told “I don’t talk about politics.” Well people who have this attitude better start talking and better start listening to some real news and not lies. You Obama Czars! Are you reading this? Pass it on! When you have only one news station, Fox, reporting all the real news its not all the peoples fault. The people are not hearing all the news. They are hearing only the news these News Networks want you to hear.

This is from Megyn Kelly of Fox News today, “The Kelly File” The framers created a system that was designed to avoid one principle thing, and that’s the concentration of power in any one branch, because that balancing between these branches in a fixed orbit is not only what gives stability to our system, but protects us against authoritarian power, protects civil liberties from abuse,” Jonathan Turley, a professor of law at George Washington University Law School, told host Megyn Kelly, “And what we’ve been seeing is the shift of gravity in that system in a very dangerous way that makes it unstable.” I must stress that Jonathan Turley is a liberal Constitutional lawyer and I respect him for being forthright and honest to say what he did.

I would say to liberals on occasion whom I debated with how are you absolutely sure that there is not tyranny going on right now in front of your very eyes? I would tell them that’s what’s going on so open your eyes. I understand it must be very hard for someone to see that this is tyranny. Okay, maybe it was hard to see when I first started talking about it but surely people must see it now. My friends, I have said many times, this is not a Republican or Democrat issue, this is tyranny right before our very eyes. Do you actually want to be a participant in the socialistic take over of the United States of America? I sure don’t and I know you don’t. Lets save our country. We must vote these socialists out in November. If not for ourselves, at least for our kids and Grandkids. How about our Forefathers who sacrificed their lives of being hung to defy King George of Britain? How about all the wars we have fought in to preserve the freedoms you and I have today? You think you know all about Obama? You don’t know anything until he opens up his college papers. One thing I do know, he has broken the laws of our Constitution enough times to have been impeached by now, but he is still there exercising executive power. We the American People have the power, but we have to start using it. Let’s take our country back!

US Senate Is Allowing Obama To Be Dictator

The House of Representatives would impeach Obama in a flash. It is the US Senate that is allowing Obama to put in places changes to Obama Care at free will. Why do I say the US Senate? Well! Do you see them moving to stop all these changes that Obama is doing on his own? I only see a hand full of Senators objecting and they are Conservatives. I feel like I’m sure millions of other Americans feel that I am living in a corrupt country.

Obama has put another years delay on the implementation of the employer mandate. He is doing this to make sure that its way past the midterm elections. As before, employers with less than 50 employees will not be required to provide health coverage. So what we are saying here is that businesses with 50 people or less will not be expanding any time soon. Why would they?, That would be a crazy move on their part to absorb that kind of an expanse on their business. So much for expanding the economy.

How many times have we heard that employers would lay off or put employees on part time so as not to bear the expanse of Obama Care. In an attempt to avoid this the Treasury dept. has come up with a formula that will put even more strain on business. Businesses will be told to “certify” that they are not laying off full-time workers simply to avoid the mandate. Officials said employers will be told to sign a “self- attestation” on their tax form affirming this, under penalty of perjury. So what are these Gestapo’s saying? That if my business will go bankrupt if I don’t lay off some workers which the cause of this will be the effects of Obama Care I will not be allowed to lay off these workers without the threat that I will perjure myself? You have to be kidding me. Where is the outcry from the Congress to save our capitalistic system from this dictator who is just doing as he pleases. I never thought I would ever say this but I think it is now the time for the Supreme Court on their own to jump in and put a stop to all this. This is no longer the country my parents told me about as I was growing up and I’m sure it’s not yours.

Compare: Obama Blames Fox News And Nixon Said I Am Not A Crook

President Obama is on the blame Fox News kick again. As though Fox News is to blame for all his scandals. If it was not for Fox everybody could live happily ever after. By blaming Fox while Bill O’Reilly was interviewing him he was sending a signal to his base that it’s okay to take his lead, commence war with Fox again. This is the same kind of signal he sent to the IRS to harass Conservatives in the same light that Obama was always talking ill will on them. This is what Obama does.The same way Obama has been lying to the American people he has been lying to his base.

I understand the frustration his base has been going through. I went through the same thing with Richard Nixon. I campaigned for Nixon door to door in 1968 when he ran for president the first time. When Water Gate broke and it continued for a long period of time I just didn’t want to believe his involvement in it. It hurts, but somewhere along the line you just have to cut loose and face the facts. This is what his base has to do with Obama, admit the fact that they have been lied to and cut loose. Obama is involved in all the mentioned scandals and he continues to break the laws of the US Constitution.

In the interview Obama said that Fox News has been unfair. When O’Reilly pressed him as to how Fox has been unfair, this is where I feel Obama made his mistake. He said that earlier in the interview O’Reilly brought up the Benghazi, IRS and the Obama Care topics. That was such a stupid statement to make. I guess Obama wants Fox to be like his other puppet news stations and throw all these scandals under the rug. O’Reilly rightly answered him by saying that they are still open cases, in other words they have to be reported.

The American people should be happy that Fox does not suppress the news. Obama definitely has dictatorial tendencies. Every news outlet that I know of on TV, the main ones, CBS,ABC,NBC lean and openly show bias towards Obama. Throw in MSNBC and CNN and that leaves only Fox reporting all the news fairly and that is why Fox has the highest ratings and Obama gets irked just to hear the mention of Fox News.You know what Obama? Only in communistic societies the state controls the news. This is America, never forget that. Obama was lucky I was not interviewing him, I would have asked him why are his college papers under lock and key? I am convinced that if the American people ever saw what’s in those papers they would revolt.

Majority Of Americans Don’t Want Obama Talking Like A Dictator

The majority of Americans did not like what they heard in Obama’s annual address to the nation. CNN’s poll showed that 67% of Americans did not like the idea of Obama talking about pushing his programs through by executive order by going over Congresses head. I started warning people when he was running for president the first time that there was a word that he used in the campaign that should put all Americans on alert, and that was that he was going to “transform” America. That’s the word, “transform”. Lets think about this for a moment. This was a word that the media completely chose to ignore. Did anyone in the media choose to ask Obama what he meant by “transform,” in other words how and what was he going to transform? It took the American people five years to figure it out but I believe it has happened. Who does Obama think he is, first of all to keep his college papers under lock and key so we can not see which Marxist professors influenced him to think as such. The American people have figured out that the people he has put in place in his cabinet will not say it as daringly as myself but are socialists with the agenda to change America to their liking. We are not going to allow that to happen, are we?

The American people when polled put the economy and jobs on top of the list of importance. He is doing neither as though he wants this once mighty economy of ours to crumple. He made me laugh with many remarks in his address but one remark that was striking was when he said that the US is less reliant on overseas oil than ever before. Like Rand Paul said, “that happened in spite of him.” Yes there is much more drilling now but it is on public lands, not federal lands.Obama has sealed up exploring for oil on federal lands almost to a stop, or whatever president George W. Bush initiated is active today. Obama’s lies can’t get through as reality any longer, he has lied one time too often. The Keystone Pipe Line that could add thousands of jobs to our economy has not been decided for approval yet by Obama. I wonder if it has anything to do with his friend Warren Buffett owning a railroad company that delivers oil in that same area that they are talking of installing the pipe line. This should be investigated by our partisan news media, but good luck with that one.

So it has come down now that Democrats running in crucial states for reelection in November do not want to be seen with Obama. They should have thought of that when they supported this socialist blindly with the implementation of Obama Care. Even Senator Harry Reid is not pressuring politicians from various states that they have to be seen with Obama. He is leaving it up to them.

Obama may be president but he does not follow the tradition of our founders. This is not the same Democratic party of Jackson, Truman, and Kennedy. This is a party of tyranny and the people are getting wise to the fact, the Democratic Party has been kidnapped by people with non traditional goals of Democrats from the past. My friends, we are witnessing the hostile takeover of the United States of America. This is why the Congressional elections in November are so very important. Of course there are Democrats who have stayed within the Constitutional make up of the United States. The American people know the ones who are socialists.We must rid ourselves in the ballot box of these politicians. If they want to practice socialism there are a few countries around the world who are meant just for them, but they are not welcome in the United States of America.