Compare: Obama Blames Fox News And Nixon Said I Am Not A Crook

President Obama is on the blame Fox News kick again. As though Fox News is to blame for all his scandals. If it was not for Fox everybody could live happily ever after. By blaming Fox while Bill O’Reilly was interviewing him he was sending a signal to his base that it’s okay to take his lead, commence war with Fox again. This is the same kind of signal he sent to the IRS to harass Conservatives in the same light that Obama was always talking ill will on them. This is what Obama does.The same way Obama has been lying to the American people he has been lying to his base.

I understand the frustration his base has been going through. I went through the same thing with Richard Nixon. I campaigned for Nixon door to door in 1968 when he ran for president the first time. When Water Gate broke and it continued for a long period of time I just didn’t want to believe his involvement in it. It hurts, but somewhere along the line you just have to cut loose and face the facts. This is what his base has to do with Obama, admit the fact that they have been lied to and cut loose. Obama is involved in all the mentioned scandals and he continues to break the laws of the US Constitution.

In the interview Obama said that Fox News has been unfair. When O’Reilly pressed him as to how Fox has been unfair, this is where I feel Obama made his mistake. He said that earlier in the interview O’Reilly brought up the Benghazi, IRS and the Obama Care topics. That was such a stupid statement to make. I guess Obama wants Fox to be like his other puppet news stations and throw all these scandals under the rug. O’Reilly rightly answered him by saying that they are still open cases, in other words they have to be reported.

The American people should be happy that Fox does not suppress the news. Obama definitely has dictatorial tendencies. Every news outlet that I know of on TV, the main ones, CBS,ABC,NBC lean and openly show bias towards Obama. Throw in MSNBC and CNN and that leaves only Fox reporting all the news fairly and that is why Fox has the highest ratings and Obama gets irked just to hear the mention of Fox News.You know what Obama? Only in communistic societies the state controls the news. This is America, never forget that. Obama was lucky I was not interviewing him, I would have asked him why are his college papers under lock and key? I am convinced that if the American people ever saw what’s in those papers they would revolt.

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