US Senate Is Allowing Obama To Be Dictator

The House of Representatives would impeach Obama in a flash. It is the US Senate that is allowing Obama to put in places changes to Obama Care at free will. Why do I say the US Senate? Well! Do you see them moving to stop all these changes that Obama is doing on his own? I only see a hand full of Senators objecting and they are Conservatives. I feel like I’m sure millions of other Americans feel that I am living in a corrupt country.

Obama has put another years delay on the implementation of the employer mandate. He is doing this to make sure that its way past the midterm elections. As before, employers with less than 50 employees will not be required to provide health coverage. So what we are saying here is that businesses with 50 people or less will not be expanding any time soon. Why would they?, That would be a crazy move on their part to absorb that kind of an expanse on their business. So much for expanding the economy.

How many times have we heard that employers would lay off or put employees on part time so as not to bear the expanse of Obama Care. In an attempt to avoid this the Treasury dept. has come up with a formula that will put even more strain on business. Businesses will be told to “certify” that they are not laying off full-time workers simply to avoid the mandate. Officials said employers will be told to sign a “self- attestation” on their tax form affirming this, under penalty of perjury. So what are these Gestapo’s saying? That if my business will go bankrupt if I don’t lay off some workers which the cause of this will be the effects of Obama Care I will not be allowed to lay off these workers without the threat that I will perjure myself? You have to be kidding me. Where is the outcry from the Congress to save our capitalistic system from this dictator who is just doing as he pleases. I never thought I would ever say this but I think it is now the time for the Supreme Court on their own to jump in and put a stop to all this. This is no longer the country my parents told me about as I was growing up and I’m sure it’s not yours.

14 comments on “US Senate Is Allowing Obama To Be Dictator

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Obama thinks one employer with 50 employees, will be more valuable that 25,000 employers with two or three employees. Small businesses will drop like flies.

    • Well – as a small business person – i say not necessarily. I would like nothing more than to dump ALL benefits issues onto a non-employment based system. That is, I would rather folks more $$ and tell them to go get their own health insurance, fund their own IRA’s, pay for their own disability insurance. I have enough to do and I / we have particular expertise in these sorts of issues. Further, the bottom line is I am in business to make money and not wipe employees noses for them.

      • Brittius says:

        Interesting. I thought the ObamaCare would be harmful to small business owners. I have family that own businesses, one moving to Florida because of New York State being “Over the Top” against Catholics, and another one that is dumping employees and hiring sub-contractors. Actually, that sounds good, because every three employees they dump, only one sub-contractor hired that works like an animal. About four they have.

        • johnapappas says:

          Naturally Obama has given employers with 51-100 employees until 2016 to comply with the law. He knows it must not go in effect until after the mid-term and presidential elections. Why is he doing this? Because he knows the disastrous effects it will have on business and the American people. I am hoping the American people read right through this scheme of Obama’s.

          • … and the real kicker for me is that the ACA is so byzantine and incomprehensible (by design) that it is simply just easier for Der Fuhrer to run it / change it / halt it / stall it by unilateral fiat. Can you really see proposed changes going back to Congress for revision and vote??

            • johnapappas says:

              Yes I see proposed changes going back to Congress for revision and vote but regrettably not until the Republicans take control of the Congress in November. The Senate as it now stands is useless. The majority vote right there now is Obama cult.

      • johnapappas says:

        This is what Obama doesn’t understand or is just putting a blind eye to it. The US Treasury depends on business to make a profit to get that extra tax money flowing. As long as Obama messes with business that will not happen and eventually the collapse of our economy. From this we must ask, what is the motive of Obama?

    • johnapappas says:

      I cannot believe with the education Obama has that he doesn’t understand how business works to make a profit even if he never as much ran a lemonade stand. Yes, he is out to take down the free market system of the United States.

      • Brittius says:

        One moment please!
        You mentioned something that touches upon something that I have been saying for the past six years.
        There is absolutely no proof of any transcription nor validation of college degree. I have been vocal about my belief that, Obama never attended Columbia. Maybe he went through registering, and once he received money through falsification of applications (multiple Felony Thefts), he never showed up at any classes. Nobody at all remembers him, not teachers, nor classmates. He never attended. I believe that he purchased his degree and transcripts from a diploma mill. We hear about people in high paying jobs being caught with fake degrees, and it would stand to reason that falsification of college degree would precisely explain a complete lack of fiscal and economic understanding by the president.
        He never earned anything.

        • johnapappas says:

          I agree with you 100 percent that he never attended Columbia. That’s why it is so important he opens his college papers to the public which he won’t. There is a theory about his college years that would warrant a whole post. He did graduate from Harvard.

          • Brittius says:

            I also wonder, if the educational requirements, of both Barack and Michelle, had anything to do with their disbarment as attorneys in Illinois. Maybe they found out?

            • johnapappas says:

              I wonder if that’s the case that they found out why would that not have been exposed by now? Also are you familiar with Wayne Allyn Root? He had gone to Columbia with Obama and he continues to say to this date that he never saw Obama and neither did any of his classmates. He writes a lot of posts.

              • Brittius says:

                I had posted an alumni of Columbia, possibly Root (?) from YouTube, and it fell exactly into line with what I believe, that Obama is American born, but falsified numerous applications to receive money for tuition. That would indicate multiple felony counts of theft, falsifying documents, if degree and transcript from a mill, criminal possession of forged instrument felony first degree.
                Problem is, there is absolutely nothing that says, a prosecution, must/shall, be made. Unless Congress gets on the ball, all of this, remains, an exercise in futility.

                • johnapappas says:

                  That is his second theory that he is speculating on in which his first theory was that he never was an American citizen. I guess he is working on and investigating which of the two are true. Whatever the case may be ,either of the two shows that Obama is a criminal.

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