United States Army Builds A Fake City

Get a load of this! President Obama wants to cut the military budget to the lowest it has been since World War II, but in the meantime he has allocated money for a one hundred million dollar, 300 acre urban warfare training facility, a so called “fake city,” on the outskirts of Bowling Green Virginia.

There is a problem with this fake city. Obama has instructed the military to lie about the intent of this city. The military does not give out false information unless they have been instructed to do so. The U.S. Army press release has been talking about the fact that this city has a “mosque” and the environment is set up to practice for terrorist warfare with soccer field and subway system and etc. The problem with that press release is that it is a lie. Does that word “lie” sound familiar in regard too so many of other Obama explanations until we find out about the extent of the lie? This city that has been built is an American city,with a church not a “mosque,” complete with road signs. It even has a subway with a logo that’s used in Washington DC.

Insiders are saying that this fake city is all about Obama preparing the military for martial law. The question to be asked is why is Obama preparing the military for martial law? The Posse Comitatus Act stresses the military is forbidden from taking on the police powers of local and state police. The way they get around this act is to declare martial law. What would provoke a martial law and why does Obama feel the military should be trained for this? Do you see where I am going with this? Obama has some anticipation planned in his evil mind. Don’t forget the government has been buying up tons of ammunition.

I understand the fact that the military must carry out the duties of the Commander-In-Chief, but in the meantime the people in the military have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and anything beyond our Constitution is a treasonous act.

5 comments on “United States Army Builds A Fake City

  1. Brittius says:

    Not, a mosque but a church. Cheeky person said mosque but architecturally a Christian church complete with alter. The Posse Comitatus Act was repealed as far as I know.
    Very interesting set of developments. Nobody has a beef if the place is set up for the Middle East or where combat operations are going on. I myself, went through USMC Combat Town, which was set up as a Vietnamese hamlet, and where the actual fighting would be. Here, there is a church. A veteran center or bingo hall. The trains are American gauge and not narrow gauge of the Middle East or Asia.
    If something happens, it will be bad, and it will be up close and personal. Best weapons, are found in your kitchen. Got meat cleaver?

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