Punch- Drunk Senator Harry Reid Is At It Again

Democratic Senator Harry Reid is at it again. He said he use to be a boxer; I think he got hit in the head too many time and he has become punch drunk through the years. Here is a Senator that stole the Senatorial election in 2010 by cheating and now he has the audacity to say that the people who have experienced horror stories due to the Affordable Care Act are lying. Can you imagine this kind of statement that I am sure will backfire on him because of the fact that Americans are experiencing problems with Obama Care all over the country.

Harry Reid is telling the people who have lost their health insurance that they are liars.

Harry Reid is telling the people that have lost their doctors that they are liars.

Harry Reid is telling the people that have seen their deductibles go up to $5000 dollars or over that they are liars.

Harry Reid is telling the people who are unhappy with Obama Care because they are forced to get a policy in it with coverage’s they don’t need; they were very happy with the policy they had before because it was of their choosing that they are liars.

Harry Reid is telling a small business with 51 people or more who might have to close their business down or won’t be able to expand because they won’t be able to afford Obama Care that they are liars.

Harry Reid is telling Julie Boonstra who was diagnosed five years ago with leukemia and who said her insurance plan was canceled because of the Affordable Care Act, and claimed her out-of-pocket costs are now “so high its unaffordable.” that she is a liar.

Harry Reid, you and your cult in the Senate who you had to bribe to pass this law even though your party had full control of the Congress at that time jammed this law down the throat of the American people and now the whole country must pay. Why don’t you do the country a favor and take the lead like some of your colleagues have done recently and just announce your resignation. You would be doing America a tremendous favor.

4 comments on “Punch- Drunk Senator Harry Reid Is At It Again

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.com and commented:
    A complete insult, that politicians such as Reid, has the audacity to openly call Americans liars, when the likes of Harry Reid, with all of the notorious corruption of Las Vegas, and the corruption of Capitol Hill, has caused so much grief for America. Guess why Obama has not been impeached? Harry Reid. Bribery money. Honesty is not his virtue.

    • johnapappas says:

      Very well said! His reelection in 2010 was a farce. They started to investigate it and then it was suddenly stopped. Reid’s and his family’s corruptions in Las Vegas are notorious. You would think he’s a mobster, To top it off to call Americans liars who have been hurt because of Obama Care is insane.

  2. Oh my goodness! not surprised at the arrogant fool being a drunk due to history of alcoholism running through the family…but naked, drunk in the road and then telling the state trooper he would rape him! This is the self proclaimed God leader of the Senate and idiots follow this little demented goon like a God..America can not survive with the quality of people in Congress!

    • johnapappas says:

      Reid is taking the lead of his leaders Obama and George Soros. They are out to take America out of world leadership in the name of the world order. These are very dangerous people to our nation and they must be defeated.

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