Obama Is Giving Away American Exceptionalism (The Internet)

ICANN is a non-profit corporation that was formed to assume responsibility for the allocation or management of domain names, IP addresses, protocols, and root servers. The U.S. has always played a leading role in managing internet technology, (keep in mind Al Gore didn’t invent the Internet) the United States did. Over the last few years the U.S. has faced pressures to globalize management of the Internet. I can’t even imagine how that is going to effect present day users of the Internet in the United States as myself and millions of others.

Look at this. “This plan calls for police to patrol face book and other social networks in search of “extremists material” and propaganda.” As though we didn’t have enough concerns with the NSA now we have to concern ourselves with the whole world policing us.

In addition to censorship, the ICANN transfer will allow for a globalist taxation scheme. If the U.N. gains control, it can impose whatever taxes it likes. It likely would start with a tax on registering domains and expand from there.

Look at the countries that are going along with this scheme.The proposed changes were backed by China, Russia, Brazil, India and other UN members.This is unbelievable and the United States is just going to allow this to happen. China who is an expert on wireless network attacks will now have a say on the global internet.

It has been suggested that Obama is under pressure to do this because of the NSA getting caught spying on other nations and this would be a way to pacify them. I will not believe that for a second. Obama does not believe the United States should be exceptional, either militarily or superior in technology. This always goes back that he does not want the United States to be classified as world exceptionalism, or a super power. He wants, pushed by George Soros to be in the world order. In other words “Global Equilibrium.” This is why he has been downsizing the United States military and now he wants to give up our Internet to the world order and you have Senator punch drunk Harry Reid allowing Obama to destroy the United States of America right in front of our eyes. We, the American people are in danger and the only way out as I have been saying for awhile now is we must vote these socialists out in November and then we can impeach this president.

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