IRS Is Going After The Children Of Debtors

I just can’t believe the new authority in regard to statutes of limitations that was handed over to the IRS. I’m sure after you read this any animosity you might have had with the IRS will become magnetized. What I can’t understand is that given the atmosphere of today’s climate against this Gestapo agency why there is not an outcry to abolish it once and for all, instead they are giving it even more responsibility such as being the enforcer of Obama Care. The politicians have the argument won to get rid of this agency and that is the wish of the American people, they don’t want it messing in our lives. What more excuse do they need plus the scandal they are involved in, the climate to get rid of it is just right.

There use to be a 10-year statute of limitations on money owed to the government but in 2011 this was lifted allowing the government to go back decades. In all honesty I was not even aware that once the parents were deceased they could still go after the children for ten years, now they made it indefinite. They can go after the children for decades.

How is the government going to collect? It has been estimated that around 400,000 Americans may see their refund checks taken by the government. This is ridicules. In other words if your parents and the way it looks it can come from as far back as Grandparents, were overpaid a disability payment or any other government payment for that matter the government can now come after the children no matter how many years it has been.

Isn’t this ironic! Even in the Bible God said that the children should not pay for the misdeeds of the parents, as much as there are many people who think it says the opposite. Well I guess Obama and his Democrats have now overruled God which they have been doing all along to begin with. My friends, this is the Democratic Party that many people think is for the little person. If you ask me, they want to make sure they keep the person small and under their control because every time you turn around you see things like this happening from Obama and company so they will keep control. This is not the America I was taught about and grew up in. We have sinister people in control of our country. Lets use an old word, they are hoodlums in the first order. They must be voted out in November.


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