Democrats Might Boycott Select Committee On Benghazi- Who Cares!

There is talk put out by Rep. Nancy Pelosi that the Democrats are thinking of possibly boycotting the Select Committee on Benghazi which will be led by Rep.Trey Gowdy, R- S.C. I believe that is not going to be the case, but if it is, so what! Never mind that the Democrats are reading the American people wrong on this issue because 61% of the American people want answers on Benghazi, but you know what, when that’s all said and done, why wouldn’t the Democrats on their own merit want to get to the real facts of four Americans getting killed is beyond me. They are missing a great chance of showing the American people that they are concerned. When they act in this fashion it really makes President Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton look even more guilty.

In reading and talking with people the most common argument against having this Select Committee is that the Benghazi news is two years old and it’s been investigated to it’s fullest. This is what Obama’s Press Secretary Jay Carney has been harping in on. You must remember the fact that it’s old news because Obama and the Democrats have been stonewalling the facts from coming out by holding on to all very important emails and not allowing witnesses to testify.

We the people might be better off if these five Democrats do boycott the Select Committee because by them being there I can see they will attempt to delay any real facts from being processed and they will interrupt questions by ridicules questions of their own.

I am convinced in my mind that Rep. Trey Gowdy would not have accepted this position if he didn’t have new facts. I would admit that if it was the same old facts this committee would be a failure, but if you think about it there are too many unanswered questions that new facts will come out of it. The Democrats have better worry that they don’t come out of this looking like they want to obstruct justice of getting out on four dead Americans.

This is in the end very simple. Obama and Hillary Clinton hid the real facts from the American people so as not to allow Obama to lose a presidential election and what was a top notch Ambassador doing in Benghazi to begin with and when things started to roll our people were not protected. When these questions are answered and I have confidence they will be then we the people will have a real case against President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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