The Incompetence In The Obama White House Is Just Staggering.

After six years in office president Obama and his team still manages to screw things up when they put their staff together for a trip like the one that Obama made to Afghanistan on Memorial day on a surprise visit. I am sure no one was more surprised than the CIA chief in Afghanistan to find his name listed on a White House press list. The following is from a post published by Fox News : “The official’s name, identified as “chief of station,” was included in the White House press office’s basic list of senior officials President Obama met with during his surprise visit to Afghanistan’s Bagram air base on Sunday. The list of 15 names apparently came first from the military, and was circulated by the White House press office.

This is a very big mistake. This CIA operative does not sit behind some desk filling in his time, this is an operative whom is out in the field. You must understand the injustice done to him or her at the spur of the moment. I am sure you are aware that this agent and his families life are now in danger. This person I am sure no longer serves any use in his position, his position is shut. They will have to remove the person and all the knowledge that is in the head if this person goes to waste.

“The list then went to a much wider audience when it was included as part of what’s known as a “pool report,” which in this case was filed by The Washington Post’s Scott Wilson. It was only after Wilson raised the issue with the White House, according to the Post, that officials sought to circulate a new list without the officer’s name. But by that point, the mistake already had been noted on Twitter.” This new audience that the list went to covers over 6 thousand people.

It seems that whatever the Obama Administration touches turns to crap. They don’t have the people within to keep it from these blunders happening. Look how many military people Obama has given the okay to phase out. I’m sure they are the ones who see inside Obama. This is the new military Obama is trying to put in place. They can’t even put out a list without making an error of including a CIA operatives name on it. This is Obamas lack of curiosity on how the military ticks. His main concern is to make the United States a non superpower. You can see what’s going on around the world. His attitude of only allowing the U.S. to be able to fight just one war at a time is asinine. This is what we did after World War I and we had to hurriedly reestablish our military to be able to fight in World War II. I thought we had learned from history that you keep a strong military. Obama is not only destroying our economy but our military as well. He is a danger to the United States of America.

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