The Gestapo IRS Said They Lost Lois Lerner’s Emails- I Say They Better Find Them!

Are We The People going to believe that this Gestapo agency lost two years of Lois Learners emails. When you have hoodlums in the White House from Obama on down what do you expect. They are all proven liars. This should be everyone’s concern. You have the Obama cult who have been calling this a phony scandal. Let me tell these clowns something, if it was phony you would not have Lois Lerner taking the Fifth. If you are ever audited let me see if you can take the Fifth. If it was a phony scandal this Gestapo agency would not be losing two years of emails. What would happen to you if in an audit you told the IRS agent that you lost documents that they were looking for, you would be hiring a lawyer that’s what you would be doing. Why don’t you Obama cult members do a service to our country and wake up.

The following is from a post by Todd Beamon of Newsmax: Michigan Rep. Dave Camp, the Ways and Means Committee chairman, said that the missing emails primarily involve people from outside the IRS, “such as the White House, Treasury, Department of Justice, [Federal Election Commission], or Democrat offices.” If this is the case everybody who had any kind of involvement with Lois Lerner from any of the above mentioned should be subpoenaed to provide their emails from their computers in referenced topic. There is a way to retrieve these emails, they should not be allowed to get away with this.

The IRS has come out lately to stress the point that they have cooperated by providing 750,000 documents. I feel so bad for them that I can cry me a river. They have provided documents that they wanted to provide, not the ones asked for. This is serious stuff my friends. This is an agency that has gone wild from just being bad, with the blessing of our Liar-In-Chief Obama. You Democrats that have your head buried in the sand on this scandal as you have all the other ones that Obama has triggered I suggest you start taking this one very serious. One fine day when the IRS determines they don’t like the way you comb your hair they will come after you.

There has been good enough reason to rid ourselves of this Gestapo agency to begin with, but you know what! Enough is enough. I am not asking, I am telling the Congress that I want them to abolish this terrible agency. We don’t need this Gestapo agency in the United States of America. I want Congress to do their job and change the tax structure where we would have no need for this agency even if it takes to vote out this whole Congress. On to November.


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