Israel Should Do Whatever It Takes To Protect Itself

The recent kidnapping and murders of three Israeli teenagers as we can see was an intentional provocation by Hamas to provoke what we are seeing today of unrest and murder of Israelis. If this is what Hamas wanted, to provoke Israel into this new wave of warfare so be it. I feel Israel should go all the way and once and for all destroy this low life organization that while they bomb Israeli civilians they then turn around and hide in back of Palestinian civilians. Hamas is nothing but a terrorist organization who have along with their neighbors in that portion of the world including Iran have always been wanting to destroy Israel, run them into the sea as Iran has said many times. How would the United States feel if we were constantly being harassed by examples of what Israel has been going through. We have always had the protection of the two oceans which is old now because of air power but we always had our borders to keep the terrorists out until president Obama has now made our borders extinct.

The following is from a post by Christopher Snyder of Fox News: “Israel relies on its “Iron Dome” air defense system for protection against Hamas rockets. The system intercepted at least 29 rockets since Tuesday, according to Israel Ambassador Ido Aharoni.”Some critics, however, say the “Iron Dome” can’t totally be relied upon for protection.”

Israel can not allow this to finish and happen again at a later day. They are being chipped away at, that is obvious to see. Israel right now is having meetings to decide if they should send in ground troops. I say yes, invade and protect their homeland otherwise there will be no end to this. My regret is the feeling that Israel must have that they are going this alone. In my lifetime I have never seen a president of the United States so hostile to Israel as Obama outside maybe of President Jimmy Carter. Obama has forgotten I guess that it was another United States president by the name of Harry Truman that helped create the country of Israel in 1948. Israel needs a friend. Who do they have as a friend in that area of the world? Regardless of Obama not showing Israel friendship and backing as other U.S. Presidents have done I hope and pray that Israel knows that they have the backing of the American people no matter what Obama’s evil motives are towards Israel.


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