The IRS Scandal Is Leading To The Possible Arrest Of Official Lois Lerner/Our Judicial System Will Save The Day

Last week I wrote on my blog that on July 11th U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton would make a ruling as to why the IRS shouldn’t be required to let an outside expert evaluate whether emails on the computer hard drives of former IRS official Lois Lerner and six colleagues really are lost forever. Before I give the Judges decision there have been two developments on the IRS scandal since last week. When developments such as these keep appearing I believe the IRS is heading for a big fall because the cover-up is just too vast to keep under control and that it will all fall apart on these Gestapo’s.

This is one of the lost emails that showed up last week of Lois Lerner’s. “On March 29, 2013, Lerner read a draft copy of IRS Inspector General’s report on the IRS targeting of tea party and conservative groups. On April 9, 2013, Lerner sent the email warning to upper IRS officials to use instant messaging instead of emails.”

The email was part of the documents that were finally turned over to the House committee last week. Those documents were subpoenaed over a year ago and were just now delivered. What this means is that Lois Lerner definitely had a motive to make sure emails did not get out to any investigating committees or to the public. I feel this email is very damaging.

Here is the second development: Posted by Dave Jolly: “This week, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) introduced House Resolution 6644 which finds Lerner in contempt of Congress. Now, therefore, be it Resolved,

That the Speaker issue his warrant, directed to the Sergeant-at-Arms, or his deputy, commanding him to arrest and take into custody forthwith, wherever to be found, the body of Lois G. Lerner, and bring her to the bar of the House without delay to answer to the charge of contempt of its authority, breach of its privileges, and gross and wanton insult to the integrity of its proceedings, and in the meantime keep the body of Lerner in his custody in the common jail of the District of Columbia, subject to the further order of the House. While in custody, Lerner shall enjoy no special privileges beyond those extended to her fellow inmates, shall not access any computer or telephone, and shall not be visited by anyone other than her counsel, clergy, physician, or family.” This my friends is real, this can be implemented any time the House chooses to do so.

At the beginning of my post I said that Judge Reggie Walton made a decision and he has kept the door open. This from the Associated Press:”As part of True the Vote’s lawsuit, the group wants Walton to appoint an independent expert to investigate the lost emails.”We don’t trust the IRS,” Cleta Mitchell, a lawyer for the group, told Walton.

Before ruling on True the Vote’s request, Walton said he wants information about the inspector general’s investigation. Walton said he wants to know the qualifications of computer experts conducting the investigation. He also wants a projection on when the investigation will be complete. I must advise the readers because everyone does not know what led to the downfall of Nixon during Watergate and that was the judicial system and I believe this is what will happen to all of Obama’s scandal’s. Our Judicial systems will come through.

I have a strong feeling that Lois Lerner will be requesting Legal immunity down the line because as we can see everything is pointing to her and I am sure she is not going to be the fall person for whomever planned this harassment on conservative groups considering the fact it will lead all the way to Obama because he was obsessed with the Tea Party after he lost the House in 2010 to the Republicans. This is getting much too close to home and a win for We The People.

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