Obama Wanted The Presidency Now He Should Start Acting Like The President Of The United States

The whole world feels like it’s ready to explode. Nations want to destroy nations. What’s going on in the world today surely tests the leadership qualities of the President of the United States. President Carter went through a test of world leadership and he failed. I would render to say as I have been in my writing’s that it’s the lack of Obama’s leadership that have moved the world into the chaos it’s in today. When Obama took over the presidency the world was somewhat under control. It was ready to explode but they kept one eye on President George W. Bush. When Obama became president he took his eyes off the ball (except for golf balls.) Obama does not want the United States to be in a leadership position of which America has been since World War II. As much as Obama and his liberal base will never admit, it is this leadership that had kept the world in check. This is what the enemies of ours were waiting for, a weak, inept president that they would have no respect for and they found it in Obama.

Trying to understand why Obama does not involve himself in a leadership role is useless considering Obama has an immature personality of never growing up. This constantly playing golf that he does as the world is falling apart tells you that he is going out of his way to show non concern. This constantly going to fund raisers for his party as the world is falling apart tells you that he is going out of his way to show non concern. The argument that his spokes people use is that he is constantly being informed does not hold water. A leader rolls up his sleeves and goes to the White House and positions himself for instant readiness. It’s also showing the world that he is on top of the situation at moments notice. This is starting to be annoying even to people in his own party.

Obama is in panic mode because he knows he has a very good chance of losing the whole Congress. Democrats who are running for reelection don’t want Obama showing up in their districts so Obama in his mind is doing the next best thing and that is fund raising for his party and in the meantime let the world burn, who cares as long as he doesn’t lose the Congress. Obama is a fool because the American people don’t like the idea of the president of the United States sitting on the side lines. We are Americans after all! We don’t like to be upstaged by the Russian president. The American people know that it is instrumental to be involved on the world scene just to preserve our own security.

I feel that We The People have pretty well made up our minds for November. Obama can go around raising money for the Democrats all he wants. It’s not going to do any good. What will do good is for Obama to start doing the job that the people elected him to do and that is be president of the United Stares. He must never forget that his main function as president is to protect We The People. He is not doing that while the world is falling apart and he’s absorbed in his favorite leisure’s. On to November!


4 comments on “Obama Wanted The Presidency Now He Should Start Acting Like The President Of The United States

  1. There is no leadership.

    • johnapappas says:

      Obama does not want the United states to have a leading role in the world. This comes under Global Equilibrium which puts America on an equal leadership role and this has been pushed by George Soros whom Obama is a puppet of.

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