Liberals like Obama and Secretary of State Kerry Just Don’t Want To Use The Word “War”

What is it with these liberals that they don’t want to use the word “war” in regard to people who want to kill us such as the ISIS. A few days ago there was Obama explaining to We The People a useless just for the moment plan of operations that at least he got himself off the golf course to address the American people. He started the speech by giving us a lesson in Islam which I’m sure the American people did not tune in to hear that. What we know is that those people want to kill us and it took the American people to get pissed off that two Americans were beheaded by these savage’s for Obama to get off the golf course and address We The People because Obama’s poll numbers were going to hell. Then the very next day you have his Secretary of State backing off or trying to make sure the American people don’t think Obama is talking about going to war.

John Kerry should do some homework of the fact that Obama wants to use two resolutions given to President George W. Bush by Congress which gave him permission to go into Afghanistan in 2001 which mentions the word war 4 times and the resolution of 2002 again by Congress which gave Bush permission to go into Iraq that mentioned the word war 9 times. For an administration that does not like or want to use the word war it doesn’t seem to bother them to be trying to use resolutions passed by Congress with the word war in them if it suit’s their interests.

I believe John Kerry should keep up with what’s going on around him. The following was published by Fox News: “The CIA said Thursday that the number of Islamic State fighters has grown to as many as three times previous estimates; a day after President Obama announced he is drastically expanding the U.S. military campaign against the militants.”

“A spokesperson for the agency told Fox News that new assessments show that the militant group can muster between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters across Iraq and Syria.”

My friends, this is for real. maybe these liberals(socialists)don’t like to use the word war but this ISIS group, they are at war. The war of 9/11 against the United States has never stopped and since Obama gave up Iraq it put this ISIS group in the forefront. If Obama thinks that these animals are going to be defeated by using somebody Else’s ground force he has less an intellect than a lot of people give him credit for. I want our southern border to be closed and I want this president and his cronies to admit to We The People that we are at war since 9/11 and we need to put an all out effort to defeat these scum before the car bombing starts right here in our own country. Instead of Obama trying to socialize the United States of America he should be saving our country from the worst that these people can do to us. We need a leader, “now.”

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