Obama Is Obviously Trying To Cause Racial Unrest: We The People Must Find Out Why

This is the first time in my lifetime that I am experiencing and so are you a president that instead of trying to keep the calm in racial unrest is actually trying to cause it. Obama has an open door policy to the biggest trouble maker in America and that is Al Sharpton. Why would anyone want to be associated with this windbag is beyond me expect to provoke hatred which Sharpton does well. It’s a disgrace that Sharpton has Rev in front of his name. Actually it’s an insult to God.

Obama is not acknowledging the fact that he has lost the House and the Senate. Experts have said that usually when that happens presidents move to the center, in Obama’s case he actually moves more to the left. I would love to know who is pulling Obama’s strings, let’s face it , it all comes down too money. Naturally George Soros is the first that comes to mind. Getting back to the fact that Obama does not move to the middle is because he doesn’t care. He will continue to attempt to transform America too his liking and the hell with the American people. He’s teaching We The People a lesson.

The following is from Joseph Curl, the editor of the Drudge Report: “On how Obama has handled racial strife during his presidency, Curl recalled the “Beer Summit,” Trayvon Martin, as well as the recent Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases. In all, Curl opined, “Obama has stoked the embers of the race war with equivocal statements. ” Especially troubling to Curl was Obama urging Reverend Al Sharpton to “stay the course” when “wherever the reverend goes, violence follows.” It can’t get any clearer than that.

It’s obvious what these troublemakers are doing so now we have too chip away at the motive. The following was posted by David Risselada, published by Tea Party Crusaders: “It isn’t hard to come to this conclusion when you remember what Obama said about a civilian security force that is better funded and more “well trained” than the military. Alleged racism in the police precincts across the country gives Obama and his communist cohorts the perfect excuse. We even have the U.N. expressing concerns about racially charged police brutality in America. The facts about white police killing blacks, as Janna B. reported, matter little because their is an agenda, and that agenda is disarming America and creating a national gestapo.”

We The People are living in a very dangerous time with very dangerous people running our country. We have to be so very alert the last two years of Obama’s presidency. If there ever was a time for the Republican controlled Congress to come through it is now. May God give them wisdom.

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