Obama Care Has Hit Home At Harvard University And The Faculty Is Livid

So the liberal faculty at Harvard University are getting the taste of Obama Care. I love it when liberal hypocrites get a taste of their own medicine. Thank goodness this law has one more time in front of the U.S. Supreme Court that hopefully Supreme Court Justice (Benedict Arnold) John Roberts can redeem himself by voting this law down after he turned Red coat last time around.

The following is a post that was published in CBN News: “Harvard healthcare experts advised President Barack Obama, giving him some of the ideas that were implemented in his Affordable Care Act. ” They actually gave Obama ideas, I guess those ideas are not serving Harvard University any good.

“But the The New York Times reports the faculty have been in an “uproar” in recent weeks because they don’t want to pay for the costly changes that resulted because of the ACA.”

We The People have been going through the disaster of Obama Care by taking in all the lies that were told to us by our Liar- In- Chief Obama of higher deductibles, premium’s going up through the roof after being told by this liar that a family would save $2500 a year, we can keep our doctor, we can keep our health plan, just a constant stream of lies that rolled out of Obama’s mouth. But then all the lies came home to roost.

Now just look at this, I love the old “what goes around comes around” cliché, from the same post as earlier stated : “Harvard’s faculty had previously experienced a very generous health plan. Now they’re facing co-insurance payments and deductibles, and the reality of Obamacare is hitting home in this Ivy League institution just like it already has for many other Americans.”

So now Harvard University is in an uproar! The poor bleeding heart liberals at Harvard are facing the same ordeals as We The People are with this cancer of a law. Why would I or anyone have any sympathy for these liberals at Harvard is beyond me. Let them drown in their own shit that they helped spread around to the rest of us.

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