If Only Hillary Clinton Would Fade Away From The Political Scene: America Will Do Great Without Her

Hillary Clinton’s press conference reminds me and should remind most Americans from that era that Hillary Clinton is no President Bill Clinton. She just doesn’t have it. She can tear your eyes out if you give her the chance. To have to go through her lies once again is just terrifying. What do her followers see in her is an illusion. The famous question has been what has she accomplished all those years she has been around? Come on you Hillary lovers, I challenge you, name one achievement! You can’t because she doesn’t have any. Someone will say she is for women’s rights but that is not an achievement, that is something that millions of people in high standings want. She talks about women’s rights yet hers and Bills Foundation accepts mega bucks from countries that scorn women. Why does she accept the money, she should return the money to countries that treat women with no respect.

The following was posted by Eugene Robinson, published by The Leaf-Chronicle: “The Hillary Clinton email controversy is a reminder of one inescapable fact: She comes with baggage. Not the kind that fits in the overhead bin, either. I’m talking steamer trunks.”

“How could anyone serve four years as secretary of state with no official email account, instead conducting business from a private address with its own domain and server? The answer is: Deliberately.”

I really didn’t want to write about Hillary again this week considering I just wrote about her days ago, but the lies that came out of her press conference has just forced me to respond. She started by saying that she realizes she made a mistake by using a personal web-site for her emails but she did it for her convenience so she wouldn’t have to use more than one phone and only two weeks earlier she was on a talk show where she bragged she has at least four different phones and even mentioned her favorite. It’s just such a stupid statement to use that reason considering I bet most people who own cell phones know that you can access different web-sites from one cell phone. She can’t even tell the truth about how many phones she uses.

Just the continuous lies in one setting. She said that there were about 60,000 emails, she sent about half to the State Dept. and destroyed the other half because she considered them personal. There were many personal emails that was between Bill and herself whereas Bill Clinton mentioned that he has only sent two emails that he can recall. Even if they were writing back and forth just picture how much personal data it would take to consume 30,000 emails and that’s counting all personal ,correspondence from all sources. So the bulk of this argument really is who is she to determine what you and I should see, because all this information is also ours, We The People are the government.

Now I have heard many reasons the last few days as to why the smartest women in the world that she has been designated that title could have done something so stupid. Here is my opinion. She knew the consequences of her actions would create the uproar that is happening today but she sacrificed this reaction for destroying emails that would be devastating to her because it would have exposed the truth about Benghazi and expose the shenanigans going on with the donations going to the Clinton Foundation and what other underhanded deals going on while she was Secretary of State. To win the public over all she had to say at that press conference is that she would volunteer and willingly turn over the server to the State Dept. but as we know now she said that her server is going nowhere.

Hillary is hiding lawlessness on that one server. They have to subpoena it and examine it. There are many cover-ups to uncover from Hillary Clinton on that server. This is all you get from this women, a constant stream of lies because she is a 45 years career liar that started when she was on the committee to impeach President Richard Nixon where she was fired for lying and unethical practices. America does not need Hillary Clinton and her constant ruthlessness for her self-interest. This server if examined will determine to what extent Hillary Clinton has kept from We The People critical information that has been hidden. Just to start a personal server for government business is suspicion in itself and the only way that suspicion will be erased is to release the server.

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