The Republicans In The Congress Better Get Off The Bench And Start Swinging Those Bats

I don’t know how many times I have to mention that the Republicans were given the majority in the Congress to stop Dictator Obama, they were not put there to negotiate with socialism and to lose our standing in the world. Different people can call it different rationales but I say Obama is there to hurt America, what more do people and his cult have to see to believe that, does it have to be Martial Law!

The following is from a post by Jason W. Stevens, published by The Federalist Papers: ” President Obama insisted in an interview with the Huffington Post that “by hook or by crook” he’ll be a successful president. He made the comments in answering a question about whether he’d become a “more progressive president over time.”

“By hook or by crook” might sound like a line straight out of Peter Pan, but the fairy tale that is the partisan political ideology of this real life crook is nothing to laugh at or applaud.”

“Does not admitting that you’re willing to be a crook to be successful imply that you’re also willing to break the law? Isn’t that what crooks do? Isn’t that the definition of a crook?”

“And isn’t that what President Obama has already done time and time again?”

In One of his State of the Union Addresses if you recall Obama famously stated that he would use his phone and pen if the Congress would not give him what he wants and at that time the moron Democrat majority stood up and applauded. What the heck, give up the whole country to the Dictator. Well the Democrats are no longer the majority and it’s the Republican majority that must stop him.

I know what this simple minded Dictator is doing. He knows the Constitution and he brings his decision making right up to the Constitutions borders and sometimes goes across on what he can get away with and the trick in his corrupt mind is that if it’s not challenged by someone taking it to the courts he gets away with it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, such as in the case of his recess appointments in the Senate that the Supreme Court voted 9-0 that it was unconstitutional. Another big one that has backfired thus far is his allowing 5 million illegals to remain in the country that a Federal Judge has put a stop to it until it’s ruled on by another court and that might take a couple of years.

Now here’s the thing, every-time a court rules against an Obama power play, that is an additional add on for impeachment. All his scandals that Obama and the media think have been forgotten are all in the courts, everyone of them and they are all impeachable offenses and don’t forget Obama turning over five hardcore terrorist Generals back to the enemy, what he did is turn over assets to the enemy so they can continue to attempt to kill We The People. To make it worst the deal was over a now classified deserter. There is so much more to cover as far as foreign affairs go that is unraveling it seems like on a daily basis that it shows more and more Obama is taking the side of our worst enemies against the survival and protection of our best friend in the Middle East which is Israel, including the fact that he is negotiating with Iran a country that keeps on saying “death to America.”

The following is posted and published by Wayne Allyn Root: “The Obama government is using an initiative called “Operation Chokepoint” to force legal businesses it doesn’t like out of business, by threatening and intimidating banks and credit card processors.”

“At the same time, the Obama government is urging banks to call the police to report citizens who withdraw $5,000 or more from their own bank accounts. Yes, I said banks are urged to call the police when you withdraw your own money.”

“The businesses on the list of “Operation Chokepoint” are all dominated by people that Obama would describe as capitalists, patriots, conservatives, Tea Partiers, Christians and supporters of the Constitution. Not coincidently, those are the same groups targeted by Obama in the IRS scandal.”

The only thing I will continue to tell the Congress is Impeach now, what are they afraid of. This is their responsibility to stop this Dictator from doing more damage to the United States Constitution than he already has. All I can say to the Congress is “go for it!” and We The People will be behind you before we start looking at America totally transformed to socialism

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