Obama And Hillary Clinton Took A Stand Against Same Sex Marriage Until The Political Winds Changed

It’s just amazing how the Democrats keep on conning the American public into making them believe the lies that they throw out there. The biggest lie of the times is they actually have many people convinced that the Republican Party is the racist party when in fact it is the Democrat Party that is racist which I will report on at another date. In the meantime in regard to the same sex marriage issue we have Obama and Hillary Clinton talking presently as though they are the champion’s of same sex marriage which would not be hard to believe except for the fact that is not what they were saying yesteryear.

The following on Obama is from a post by Wayne Dupree, published by newsninja 2012: ” The Liar-in-Chief was always planning to push Gay Marriage on the nation. He just lied about it in 2008 to get himself elected. His “belief” that Marriage is “between a man and a woman” was not much of a conviction. He’s a total charlatan.”

Now we have Hillary Clinton. The 45 year career liar and now she has perfected her criminal acts by using her personal server at her home doing Federal Government business and then gets rid of the information so she won’t do prison time but it’s not over yet.

Again posted by Wayne Dupree talking about the video’s on his post in regard to Hillary: “The first video is a new Hillary Clinton ad featuring multiple gay and lesbian couples, praising Gay Marriage to the skies.”

“The second video is Hillary Clinton in 2004 saying ‘How dare anyone think Democrats don’t believe Marriage is the union of a man and a woman.’

“Hillary was opposing a Constitutional Amendment that would have defined Marriage as the union of a man and woman, but was claiming her convictions were resolute on the issue. Hillary, Barack Obama and so many others have proven they have no principles.”

The people that have been voting for these socialists have to realize that they can be promised all the goodies but they are not going to get them from these lowlifes. Until they learn this America will be on the road to destruction because the economy will not be able to withstand it and if the economy goes you know the military will. Why this is so hard to understand is beyond me but when the big crash comes these freeloaders will be out in the streets where they belong.

If you wish to see the mentioned video’s by Wayne Dupree you can go to his post titled: “Hillary Clinton’s flipflop on homosexual marriages is why Americans hate politicians-political expediency.”


It’s Now Up To We The People To Repeal Obama Care

Chief Justice’s John Roberts Supreme Court did it again for the second time and allowed Obama Care to prevail. There have been a few reasons mentioned as to why the Chief Justice ruled both times the way he did. The most common reasons mentioned was the fact that he was preserving the integrity of the court to bring down such a major law that was the signature law of Obama and the other reason mentioned often was the fact that Roberts believed the American people should have taken care of this in the voting booth. No matter what Roberts thinks it’s not for him to decide what motives and rational is involved for this disastrous law, his main decision was to determine if this law was constitutional or not and Roberts and the court failed in this regard because the law is unconstitutional.

The majority of the American people still do not want this law. First of all the main objective of this law has still not been met because there are still over 30 million Americans without insurance. The people that are being helped with subsidies still will not be able to keep this insurance mainly for the fact the deductibles are just too high. They can’t pay it and as a matter of fact most of the American people cannot afford these high deductibles. Now we all know by now all the other flaws this insurance has, we have talked about it often of not being able to keep your doctor, it being expensive because they tried to put all the nuts and bolts in one policy that your paying for a policy that is not applicable to ones males or females medical conditions and so much more.

The following was posted by Brian Darling, published by Human Events’: “The House Budget Committee produced a one pager earlier this year where they claimed that the Congressionally passed budget “Repeals Obamacare.” The document’s first bullet point relating to health care swore that the budget “Repeals Obamacare in full – including all of its taxes, regulations and mandates.”

“The Senate Budget Committee posted a press release where they make a similar claim the budget “provides for Repeal of Obamacare to Start Over with Patient-Centered Reforms.”

Naturally after the courts ruling Obama did his victory dance and said that the Affordable Care Act is now embroiled in American society and is here to stay. Congress can repeal Obama Care all it wants and as long as you have Obama as president Obama Care is here to stay. It is up to We The People to take care of this matter ourselves by voting in a Republican president in 2016 and keeping a majority in the Congress because a Hillary Clinton presidency will keep this cancer of a law intact. I have always said that America needs a good health plan but not a plan that people cannot afford and destroys the United States economy. Obama Care must be repealed and a better one that makes sense put in it’s place. This must be done at the voting booths in 2016. We The People will speak.

Obama’s Socialistic Policy’s Are Creating Civil Unrest In America

Obama and his socialist cronies have declared war on the American way of life but this didn’t just happen. I said it would when this socialist got elected and yes naturally I was ridiculed by most Democrats that I talked too and Republicans did not want to join the battle, let’s say just like the Republican Rhino types in the Congress. But the climate is now different with We The People. The cancer of socialism is spreading rapidly in the way we live and now it has become noticeable and it’s effects are affecting too many Americans.

The majority of Americans opposed Obama Care as they still do but Obama and the Democrat majority Congress shoved it down our throats anyhow even though it was the economy that needed fixing.

The list is so long of how Obama and his cronies have been taking away our freedoms to the extent that he has weakened our military to a point that he has equalized United States might with Russia and China or very close to it. Wanting to make deals with Iran who want to destroy Americans and wipe Israel off the map. Keeping our southern border open which has now led the FBI Director to acknowledge the fact that all of our fifty states have some infiltration of ISIS. These actions are definitely not from a president who represents the best interests of the United States.

Obama constantly is a divider and definitely not a uniter. From day one Obama and retired Attorney General Eric Holder have been stirring the pot on race, putting poor people against rich people and now that we need them more than ever before in recent history Obama is creating a negative atmosphere with the police forces around the country that they are holding back on doing their jobs properly not knowing if the hammer of the Federal government is going to come down over their heads with all these new rules and regulations placed upon them. You must remember it was Eric Holder when asked after he resigned what had been his biggest disappointment as Attorney General and he said not initiating more rigid gun control laws as though we don’t have enough already and the states with the toughest gun control laws have the most murders and I am stressing this because Obama continues to stay on the gun control issue with each new shootings in this recent case the aftermath of Charleston.

The following was posted by JB Williams, published by Capital Hill Outsider: “I believe that a Civil War is coming alright… but this time, it won’t be North vs. South, East vs. West or even Republican vs. Democrat. It won’t be the 99% average Americans vs. the 1% super-rich either, nor will it be white vs. black or Christian vs. atheist. It won’t be Americans against their own military either.”

“It will be ALL Americans, including their military, against the Marxist anti-Americans destroying America, which means politicians, their lawyers and their leftist minions in the press. I wouldn’t want to be them when they finally succeed in pushing the nation to internal war.”

“Politicians, their lawyers and their minions in the press are NOT the kind of people that go to war. They are only the kind of people that order other people to war. When “other folks” refuse orders to go to war on their own citizens, their families, their friends, the people issuing those orders will be standing bare naked on the front lines and nobody will be able to save their sorry asses from the wrath of the American people.”

We The People have noticed and understand now the transformation that Obama has been doing to America and we realize that we must take our country back. The only question now that remains is how and when.

Shameful Obama Talks About Gun Control Instead Of Uniting America With Prayer After Charleston Shooting

This socialist is such a shameful president he is constantly an embarrassment. His main problem is that it’s always politics and that being the case what it does is not allowing America to have a wholesome effect of the presidency. It’s always a left-wing agenda and most Americans are tired of it. Obama you see is always running the clock. What do I mean by that, I mean since day one he has been trying to beat the clock of his presidency running out and not transforming America to his liking. You see my friends one of the first things Hitler wanted to do was take the guns away from his German citizens and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why. Can you imagine if Obama had his wish for total gun control and he will keep on trying for it as witnessed from his shameful statement not even 24 hours after these families lost loved ones where people were at a prayer meeting at a very historic church in Charleston, SC., stressing gun control. If he wants to talk about gun control he could have saved it for another time, but mind you he will not talk about the mentally ill which this is where these killings mainly come from.

If there is anyone to blame for unrest in our country is this divisive president who has taken God out of America’s well being. When does this socialist ever talk about Jesus but instead he mocks Christianity every chance he gets. He should be taking our nation to prayer after such sorrow, but what do you expect from someone who went to Rev.Wright’s church all those years, a hater of America that Rev. Wright has proved himself to be, but let us not forget Obama never heard one of his sermons for 20 years and he was allowed to get away with such a retard statement.

On Fox News’s Neil Cavuto Show on Thursday Neil interviewed Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. The following was posted by Dr. Susan Berry, published by Breatbart: “I think it was completely shameful, that within 24 hours of this awful tragedy, nine people killed at a bible study at a church,” Jindal continued. “We have the president trying to score cheap political points. Let him have this debate next week. His job as commander in chief is to help the country begin the healing process.”

“Jindal said Obama should be “hugging these families,” and “praying for these families.”

“For whatever reason, he always tries to divide us,” Jindal asserted. “Today was not the moment.”

It’s very heartening to hear such talk from our political leaders because it makes one feel that there is still hope for America. Obama must understand that We The People are on to him now and that is the fact that Obama is not good for America. Yes Obama, we are watching the clock too.

It’s Not Saying Much For Obama That The UN Threw Him Under The Bus Over The Iranian Nuclear Bomb Deal

The biggest responsibility of any U.S. president is to safeguard the safety of We The People. As a matter of fact if you come right down to it that’s “the” responsibility, anything else has been just power grabs from the Congress to the Executive Branch. For Obama to hide the real facts in this case Obama knows that the Iranians are cheating with sanctions violations and he’s keeping it away from the American people and disregarding our safety just for the sake of making a deal for he’s so called legacy, is absolutely a dangerous president who as I have been saying and more experts in that field are starting to express the fact that Obama could be mentally ill and if that is the case my friends where does that leave We The People and the preservation of the United States of America?

The following was posted by Joel B. Pollak, published by Breitbart: “As Sangwon Yoon reports at Bloomberg View, the UN report provides clear evidence of sanctions violations, such as the head of the Quds force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps openly violating an international travel ban. However, it says, western countries have stopped reporting Iran’s violations, which could only mean a “reduction of procurement activities by the Iranian side,” or, more likely, a political decision by some member states to refrain from reporting to avoid a possible negative impact on ongoing negotiations.” The report’s evidence suggests a cover-up is the likeliest explanation.”

“The growing impression–now reinforced by skepticism from the UN, of all places–is that the Obama administration is determined to reach a deal with Iran at any cost, even though doing so would prove Iran a path to a nuclear weapon within several years at most, and would grant it hundreds of billions of dollars in frozen funds to support its ongoing proxy wars.”

What can be more frightening than the above paragraph? I can’t believe for a minute that the U.S. Congress is not aware of this. Republicans and Democrats alike must not allow this deal to go through. If there is ever a time for the Congress to show love of country it’s now. I don’t think Congress would want future historians to judge this period of time that it was the Congress catering to a dangerous president that allowed Iran to become a superpower in the Middle East. Congress! Do not let We The People down.

The Fast Track Trade Bill Has Been Made To Sound Oh So Very Familiar By Rep. Paul Ryan (R -WI): He Is Sounding Like Nancy Pelosi

There is so much speculation as to what’s in this trade bill that Obama wants so bad and the Republicans are falling all over themselves because it has the word trade in it to give it to Obama to the possible misfortune of the American worker. The problem is with the speculation as to what’s in it has become very suspicious. On top of this Rep. Paul Ryan is pulling a Nancy Pelosi of Obama Care fame.

The following was posted by Ben Shapiro, published by Breitbart news: “This week, Ryan made an epic boo-boo while discussing fast track authority: he said in Rules Committee testimony that the free trade agreements would be “declassified and made public once it’s agreed to.” In other words, we have to pass fast track authority in order to find out what’s in the trade agreement. That’s no position any Republican should ever take. And it’s a position no free trader should simply rubber stamp.”

We know how fanatical Obama is about climate-change. There is suspicion that any trade negotiations with a nation would have in it a climate-change clause that I would call blackmail with said nation that there would be no trade agreement unless subjected climate-change condition is settled. This should not be speculated, We The People must know about this before a vote not after.

We are all aware by now of the immigration laws that have been broken by Dictator Obama. There is suspicion that there are immigration requirements buried in this trade agreement. “According to Alex Swoyer, Wikileaks has revealed a “secret immigration chapter” in the agreements that would allow Obama to “unilaterally alter[] current US immigration law.” The Trade in Services Act (TiSA) would dramatically restrict the period of immigration processing in order to increase the number of immigrants with work visas.” This should not be a speculation, We The People must know about this before a vote not after.

Once again the Congress is willing to give up more of it’s authority to Obama or any future president as far as this terrible new law reads. Right now with the present trade bill the Congress has to be fully updated while a president is negotiating with any foreign nation. Right now Congress has to be advised for every trade agreement as to even a sentence being changed. This is not a war deal, the president does not need fast track powers from any trade agreement and that’s what makes this deal highly suspicious, there are clauses in there that would never pass the Congress on individual voting. Let Obama show this fast-track deal to We The People before the vote so these doubts can be dispelled. Otherwise this is just Obama Care II.

Dictator Obama Is Once Again Attempting To Intimidate The U.S. Supreme Court

It’s not the first time this Dictator has intimidated the Supreme Court. During his State of the Union Address in 2010 Obama chided the Justices for their Citizen’s United ruling where the Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment protects political speech, whether from an individual or a corporation.

When Obama Care went before the Supreme Court to be decided if it was constitutional or not again Obama made an attempt to intimidate the Supreme Court. Here is part of what he said:

“Ultimately, I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected congress.”

“And I would like to remind conservative commentators that for years what we have heard is that the biggest problem is judicial activism and that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law.”

Does this type of intimidation have it’s effects on the Justice’s? Not if they are following the text of what was presented to them but it’s probably like anything else, it comes down to the spine of any person. It has been said that Chief Justice John Roberts was going to originally vote against Obama Care but eventually voted for it. You decide. There are many posts on the subject.

Now Dictator Obama is once again putting his mouth in action. In King v. Burwell, the case questioning the legality of Obama Care subsidies given to people living in states without state based exchanges Obama said the following: “This should be an easy case. Frankly, it probably shouldn’t even have been taken up,” Obama said.”

“Obama again voiced that confidence on Monday, and urged the court not to rule otherwise.”

“He said it’s safe to “assume” the court will do what most legal scholars expect and “play it straight.” Obama said it has been well-documented that Congress never intended to exclude people who went through the federal exchange.” But they did, they left it out very obviously. The Justice’s have to vote on the text of the law presented not what Obama wants to force them to vote on.

Now how can we not forget what Obama Care architect Jonathan Gruber said who was “infamous for saying the law passed thanks to the “stupidity of the American voter,” has repeatedly said people living in states that do not have their own exchanges cannot receive tax subsidies for Obama Care. He’s argued multiple times the law was set up to force states into setting up exchanges.”

“I think what’s important to remember politically about this is if you’re a state and you don’t set up an exchange that means your citizens don’t get their tax credits.”

Now I would think that during the course of their everyday day lives the Justice’s watch and follow the news like we all do. How can they not see that We The People have been lied too and made fun of once again by Obama and his cronies in this case being the Obama Care architect Jonathan Gruber and Obama has the audacity to scold the Supreme Court as to how they should vote on this case. What the supreme Court should do is commence prison time for this Dictator-In-Chief, never mind pass more lawlessness.

Running For President Has A New Criteria, All Traffic Tickets Must Be Paid: Ask Senator Marco Rubio

With all the major things going on around us, domestic turmoil, almost 100 million people who can’t find jobs, the ISIS who want to kill us Americans, Obama destroying our military, what does the New York Times find as a very compelling news story? Marco Rubio has 4 unpaid traffic tickets over an eighteen year time span. Would you call this overly obvious for the kill or what?

One person posted this on Twitter: “How the hell has @marcorubio managed to get only 4 tickets in 18 yrs. driving in Miami?”

For anyone who might not be aware of the fact, Hillary Clinton who is now trying to inspire the country that she is the one of the future will not get any tickets because she hasn’t driven a car now for 30 years. Here is a person who is now attempting to show concern for the average American yet she is catered too as the elite.

The following is from a post by Gary De Mar, published by Godfather politics: “How many people remember Barack Obama who only paid his long overdue 17 parking tickets when he decided to run for President?”

“Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama got more than an education when he attended Harvard Law School in the late 1980s. He also got a healthy stack of parking tickets, most of which he never paid.”

“The Illinois Senator shelled out $375 in January — two weeks before he officially launched his presidential campaign [in 2007] — to finally pay for 15 outstanding parking tickets and their associated late fees.”

This story turned into immediate mockery against the New York Times in Rubio’s favor. He couldn’t have asked for better publicity as proof as to what lengths a liberal newspaper will go to smear a Republican candidate running for president.

The United States Has Been Attacked By A Massive Data Breach From The Chinese That Possibly Involves Four Million Federal Employees

This is war against the United States. This is big time. Just picture what happened here. Like Mark Levin stated today on his radio program, the term that is being used by the Washington Post that Chinese hackers pulled this off is no such term. This is not done like he said from some hacker out of their basement, this is the Chinese government. They dictate and control everything. They are the hackers all in one.

The following was posted by John Hayward, published by Breitbart News: “This could be one of the most devastating blows yet struck in the shadowy First Cyber War. The Associated Press reports “the Obama administration is scrambling to assess the impact of a massive data breach involving the agency that handles security clearances and employee records.”

“A congressional aide familiar with the situation, who declined to be named because he was not authorized to discuss it, says the Office of Personnel Management and the Interior Department were hacked. A second U.S. official who also declined to be identified said the data breach could potentially affect every federal agency.”

This looks to me that they are just getting better at what they are doing. This is practice. In the meantime do you understand what it is for four million federal employee’s records to have been compromised? It means all their personal accounts, from payroll records, credit cards and whatever else is in their files. The clincher is if they can do this they can infatuate the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security Dept., the NSA and lets just say whatever they want too. How about our electrical grid that has become outdated.

You see my friends, it’s the same old crap. This happened in April and We The People did not learn about it until June 5th. Sure, Obama said he would have the most transparent administration ever. Obama is about as transparent as the devil. Maybe he can blame this on climate change like he blames everything else. Such a shameful presidency.

Obama says He Has Restored Respect To The United States: Only In His Own Mind

There was another time in recent American history when the United States went through the same level of non respect and that was during the presidency of Jimmy Carter and you remember what happened then when Iran held captive American hostages for 444 days. They were finally released during President Reagan’s inauguration as a final insult to Carter whom Iran had no respect for whatsoever. Iran sure does not respect Obama as even as they are trying to put together a nuclear bomb deal with the United States they continue too say “death to America,” they are laughing at Obama.

Reagan turned America around with leadership of the likes of not having been seen in our life times. He had America inspired back to the tune of love of country even among the young. This is what Reagan said early in his presidency, “We maintain the peace through our strength; weakness only invites aggression.” I guess Obama didn’t read that part of Reagan’s presidency.

Obama has made bad decisions of major consequences that our enemies have picked up on and are now acting accordingly. No matter what one might have thought of President Bush going into Iraq the point in being is that when Obama took over the presidency Iraq was stabilized and holding their own with only a U.S. contingency force there needed to safeguard the victory. What does Obama do with no consideration for the saving of Iraq, the sacrifices from our military and the will of the American people he pulls out all remaining American troops that enabled the radical terrorist group called (ISIS) to take over, that even Al Qaeda wants nothing to do with them. So! “is the world watching?” If this is what Obama calls gaining respect throughout the world with other nations he is more delusional than one might think.

Obama not only has left Iraq on their own but he is about to do the same in Afghanistan. If you recall Obama use to call Afghanistan the good war during his first presidential campaign as though there is such a thing as a good war. This is unheard of in American history that an American president is actually in retreat without protecting the countries that we were victorious with to protect them from attack until they are able to get on their feet. I am confident to say that if Obama was president during World War II we would be speaking German today. So! “is the world watching?” Yes they are and behind the scenes they are wishing once again for American leadership that Obama because of his philosophy of Global Equilibrium feels our leadership in the world is not warranted and to say it even better, Obama does not want the United States to have a leadership role in the world. This, future historians will judge as a big mistake and has caused lack of respect for the United States of America of which it’s consequences still need to be played out. So when Obama says “he has restored respect to the United States,” it’s only in his own delusional mind.