It’s Not Saying Much For Obama That The UN Threw Him Under The Bus Over The Iranian Nuclear Bomb Deal

The biggest responsibility of any U.S. president is to safeguard the safety of We The People. As a matter of fact if you come right down to it that’s “the” responsibility, anything else has been just power grabs from the Congress to the Executive Branch. For Obama to hide the real facts in this case Obama knows that the Iranians are cheating with sanctions violations and he’s keeping it away from the American people and disregarding our safety just for the sake of making a deal for he’s so called legacy, is absolutely a dangerous president who as I have been saying and more experts in that field are starting to express the fact that Obama could be mentally ill and if that is the case my friends where does that leave We The People and the preservation of the United States of America?

The following was posted by Joel B. Pollak, published by Breitbart: “As Sangwon Yoon reports at Bloomberg View, the UN report provides clear evidence of sanctions violations, such as the head of the Quds force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps openly violating an international travel ban. However, it says, western countries have stopped reporting Iran’s violations, which could only mean a “reduction of procurement activities by the Iranian side,” or, more likely, a political decision by some member states to refrain from reporting to avoid a possible negative impact on ongoing negotiations.” The report’s evidence suggests a cover-up is the likeliest explanation.”

“The growing impression–now reinforced by skepticism from the UN, of all places–is that the Obama administration is determined to reach a deal with Iran at any cost, even though doing so would prove Iran a path to a nuclear weapon within several years at most, and would grant it hundreds of billions of dollars in frozen funds to support its ongoing proxy wars.”

What can be more frightening than the above paragraph? I can’t believe for a minute that the U.S. Congress is not aware of this. Republicans and Democrats alike must not allow this deal to go through. If there is ever a time for the Congress to show love of country it’s now. I don’t think Congress would want future historians to judge this period of time that it was the Congress catering to a dangerous president that allowed Iran to become a superpower in the Middle East. Congress! Do not let We The People down.

7 comments on “It’s Not Saying Much For Obama That The UN Threw Him Under The Bus Over The Iranian Nuclear Bomb Deal

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

  2. Lorra B. says:

    He has already let We The People down, many time over….the Putz… (sorry, a bit cranky) LOLOL! 🙂

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