It’s Now Up To We The People To Repeal Obama Care

Chief Justice’s John Roberts Supreme Court did it again for the second time and allowed Obama Care to prevail. There have been a few reasons mentioned as to why the Chief Justice ruled both times the way he did. The most common reasons mentioned was the fact that he was preserving the integrity of the court to bring down such a major law that was the signature law of Obama and the other reason mentioned often was the fact that Roberts believed the American people should have taken care of this in the voting booth. No matter what Roberts thinks it’s not for him to decide what motives and rational is involved for this disastrous law, his main decision was to determine if this law was constitutional or not and Roberts and the court failed in this regard because the law is unconstitutional.

The majority of the American people still do not want this law. First of all the main objective of this law has still not been met because there are still over 30 million Americans without insurance. The people that are being helped with subsidies still will not be able to keep this insurance mainly for the fact the deductibles are just too high. They can’t pay it and as a matter of fact most of the American people cannot afford these high deductibles. Now we all know by now all the other flaws this insurance has, we have talked about it often of not being able to keep your doctor, it being expensive because they tried to put all the nuts and bolts in one policy that your paying for a policy that is not applicable to ones males or females medical conditions and so much more.

The following was posted by Brian Darling, published by Human Events’: “The House Budget Committee produced a one pager earlier this year where they claimed that the Congressionally passed budget “Repeals Obamacare.” The document’s first bullet point relating to health care swore that the budget “Repeals Obamacare in full – including all of its taxes, regulations and mandates.”

“The Senate Budget Committee posted a press release where they make a similar claim the budget “provides for Repeal of Obamacare to Start Over with Patient-Centered Reforms.”

Naturally after the courts ruling Obama did his victory dance and said that the Affordable Care Act is now embroiled in American society and is here to stay. Congress can repeal Obama Care all it wants and as long as you have Obama as president Obama Care is here to stay. It is up to We The People to take care of this matter ourselves by voting in a Republican president in 2016 and keeping a majority in the Congress because a Hillary Clinton presidency will keep this cancer of a law intact. I have always said that America needs a good health plan but not a plan that people cannot afford and destroys the United States economy. Obama Care must be repealed and a better one that makes sense put in it’s place. This must be done at the voting booths in 2016. We The People will speak.

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