Obama And Hillary Clinton Took A Stand Against Same Sex Marriage Until The Political Winds Changed

It’s just amazing how the Democrats keep on conning the American public into making them believe the lies that they throw out there. The biggest lie of the times is they actually have many people convinced that the Republican Party is the racist party when in fact it is the Democrat Party that is racist which I will report on at another date. In the meantime in regard to the same sex marriage issue we have Obama and Hillary Clinton talking presently as though they are the champion’s of same sex marriage which would not be hard to believe except for the fact that is not what they were saying yesteryear.

The following on Obama is from a post by Wayne Dupree, published by newsninja 2012: ” The Liar-in-Chief was always planning to push Gay Marriage on the nation. He just lied about it in 2008 to get himself elected. His “belief” that Marriage is “between a man and a woman” was not much of a conviction. He’s a total charlatan.”

Now we have Hillary Clinton. The 45 year career liar and now she has perfected her criminal acts by using her personal server at her home doing Federal Government business and then gets rid of the information so she won’t do prison time but it’s not over yet.

Again posted by Wayne Dupree talking about the video’s on his post in regard to Hillary: “The first video is a new Hillary Clinton ad featuring multiple gay and lesbian couples, praising Gay Marriage to the skies.”

“The second video is Hillary Clinton in 2004 saying ‘How dare anyone think Democrats don’t believe Marriage is the union of a man and a woman.’

“Hillary was opposing a Constitutional Amendment that would have defined Marriage as the union of a man and woman, but was claiming her convictions were resolute on the issue. Hillary, Barack Obama and so many others have proven they have no principles.”

The people that have been voting for these socialists have to realize that they can be promised all the goodies but they are not going to get them from these lowlifes. Until they learn this America will be on the road to destruction because the economy will not be able to withstand it and if the economy goes you know the military will. Why this is so hard to understand is beyond me but when the big crash comes these freeloaders will be out in the streets where they belong.

If you wish to see the mentioned video’s by Wayne Dupree you can go to his post titled: “Hillary Clinton’s flipflop on homosexual marriages is why Americans hate politicians-political expediency.”

3 comments on “Obama And Hillary Clinton Took A Stand Against Same Sex Marriage Until The Political Winds Changed

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

  2. rick s. says:

    Hey you god damn idiot. People can change their mind on this issue. Many many have. All the stupid turds like you are dying off faster than a clan of horny hypicrite josh duggar podophile trolls for jesus can pop out new babies. shut the fuck up fool

    • johnapappas says:

      Well look here, I ran into a typical braindead liberal that when they have nothing intelligent to say they start cursing. I am use to your kind. I guess your mother never washed out your mouth with soap.

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