Thin Skin Obama Puts The Heat On Huckabee For Invoking Holocaust

So Mike Huckabee hit a nerve with Obama. This only means one thing and one thing only “the truth hurts.” Obama is being hammered from all sides on this rotten Iranian nuclear bomb deal and of course we will find out at the end when Congress does the final vote if this deal will be ratified or not who the real patriots are and who the blowhards are. Even Senator Chuck Schumer of New York who has always been a protector of Israel is hiding under the table as of yet not committing himself either way. Like Mark Levin said today on his radio show we will soon see if Schumer does the right thing and vote no to this deal or he will just succumb to politics.

Lets get back to Mike Huckabee and him invoking Holocaust. Huckabee has been a lover of Israel and it’s people now for the years that I know of him. This deal as he knows like the rest of us has done nothing whatsoever for peace except it has done wonders for Obama’s ego which I am sure if this deal goes through, future historians will probably rate it as one of the worst deals the United States agreed to. Iran will be getting millions of dollars from the United States plus the gradual lifting of sanctions which means they will become if not already the number one sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East. They will not give up any of their nuclear installation’s and any infraction caught by inspectors will go into arbitration that the Iranians will call and you know how long that takes. There was nothing in this deal about releasing American prisoners currently held by Iran. We must also remember that they want the total destruction of Israel and they keep on saying “death to America.” Iran was not made to change their desires. What We The People got out of this deal is beyond me, except war will be tomorrow instead of today generally speaking.

Here is what Ayatollah Khamenei has said in the past about Israel and still says it to this day, “it is the mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to erase Israel from the map of the region.” Here is what Huckabee said that is likening the nuclear deal to “marching the Israelis to the door of the oven,” a reference to the Holocaust.

Now people of history and knowing about World War II and the Nazi Holocaust know it was not out of place as to what Huckabee said, because that is exactly the intent of the Iranian government. Obama caved in to Iran and has put the United States and Israel in tremendous danger. Our last hope is the final vote of the Congress and you know how the Congress has been in the past on covering Obama’s rear end, they save it but the problem is they are not saving We The People and especially Israel from future attack. I guess the end result will be all up to Israel.


If Hillary Thought She Was Safe From Prosecution Because She’s Running For President She Just Might Have To Think Again

How a devious mind like Hillary’s works naturally only one who is devious will know. Good old Hillary has been lying for 45 years to the American public and getting away with wrong doings that she probably thinks that she can continue it again. We must remember that she was fired when she was on the committee to impeach President Richard Nixon for lying and being unethical.The thing is she just might not get away with it this time. She is probably cocky enough to think that because she’s running for president and probably thinking they would not dare bring her up on criminal charges.

The following was posted by Michael S Schmidt and Matt Apuzzo, published by the New York Times: “Two inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into whether sensitive government information was mishandled in connection with the personal email account Hillary Rodham Clinton used as secretary of state, senior government officials said Thursday.”

“The request follows an assessment in a June 29 memo by the inspectors general for the State Department and the intelligence agencies that Mrs. Clinton’s private account contained “hundreds of potentially classified emails.” The memo was written to Patrick F. Kennedy, the under secretary of state for management.”

Can you just imagine the audacity of good old Hillary to just erase government information on her server and destroy emails that she should not have had in the first place and then turn in the ones that provides the least damage to her and then declare she handed in all the emails that were not personal. Hillary might think that this little bullcrap of hers cleared the air but this is one of the undercurrents that the American people talk about at their kitchen tables and the American people as a whole are very upset as to the fact there are liars like Hillary Clinton who constantly try to pull the wool over We The Peoples eyes and on top of that think they can run for president of the United States.

There’s Something Fishy About Donald Trump

I must say, Donald Trump has been a refreshing stimulant of finally saying things the way we have been waiting for someone to come along and not only say things bluntly but has hit the ball out of the park as to the way the American people talk about the issues of the day at their kitchen tables that because of political correctness the conservatives have been only touching the surface on these issues. I must say there is the perfect candidate out there that has been telling it like it is for awhile now and that is Sarah Palin and for the life of me I still can’t understand why she has not declared her candidacy.

Now Trump as we know loves attention and he will say and do things to get it. On the other hand as he has said so many times he’s a businessperson, not a politician which also must be said that when you are a businessperson like he is you will not become a billionaire by doing and saying the wrong things and stepping on peoples toes.This is why Trump calling out Senator John McCain as not being a war hero I am sure he must of known the uproar it was going to create. Whatever disagreements I have had with McCain in the past I cannot take away the fact that he spent years as a prisoner of war and what makes it ever so much more heroic was the fact that he was given the opportunity to be released but he decided to stay with his fellow prisoners of war. For Trump being a shrewd business person and always seeming to make the right deal with plenty of common sense this attack on McCain by him raised a red flag as far as I am concerned. This has pissed off the whole Republican Party except maybe for a very small amount of people who might agree with him, never mind millions of veteran’s which naturally include Republicans and Democrats alike. This does not make sense whatsoever, there is much too talk about other than John McCain not being a hero.

The following was posted by John Fund, published by the National Review: “In reality, Donald Trump simply flies his own flag of convenience as the head of the Opportunist Party. As a businessman seeking political access, he could be excused for making occasional contributions such as the ones he made to former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid. But through the last presidential election, a majority of his political contributions went to Democrats. And then there is Trump’s decision to declare himself a registered Democrat from 2001 to 2009. He explained to the New York Daily News that he did so because he didn’t like George W. Bush and because “most of the politicians I know are Democrats.”

“At the same time that he was plumping for single-payer health care in 2000, Trump called for a one-time 14.25 percent net-worth tax on individuals and trusts with a net worth of over $10 million. He has also called for a 20 percent tax on importing goods. All this has led talk-show host Glenn Beck to declare: “Donald Trump is a progressive. He’s not a conservative.”

I have been saying for a week or so now that I’m not convinced yet that Trump is a conservative. If he’s going to make statements like the one he did regarding John McCain at the very least he is a loose cannon and he will just bring the Republican Party to answering for his mishaps. The main thing is to get some conservative through the primaries and I have complete confidence he or she will take care of whomever the Democrats bring forward. I can feel it, can’t you, We The People have had enough of socialist polices that Obama has brought forward. Lets not be too eager for the inconsistencies of a Donald Trump. This is not the time to play poker, we want a winner that will not self destruct such as a Donald Trump.

Once Again Obama Downplays The Killing Of Four Marines In Tennessee : He Was Eager To Say It Was A Lone Gunman

Obama does not want to talk about the real motive to We The People as to what is really happening and unless you are a political junkie that keeps up with the news from all kinds of sources it will be missed. What Obama is not saying is that the ISIS has given the order that anyone who wants to join their movement but cannot actually join their forces in the Middle East they can do the next best thing and that is act as lone wolf gun men and kill Americans by whatever means which includes military establishments.

Today the attack on two military sites in Chattanooga, Tennessee was by a practicing Muslim. Naturally this was a gun free zone which you couldn’t help seeing advertised as such. Why are our military personal not allowed to be armed is another liberal brain dead analysis. The ISIS has declared war on We The People and there have been attacks before. Today you had Marines and Sailors running for cover because they couldn’t protect themselves and others as well. Our military establishments which also means recruiting centers have to be armed. The ISIS must think we are a joke. What makes this worst is that Obama knows that this is more than just a lone wolf attack, this is instructions from ISIS to attack America, we should be declaring war, just think about it, we are being attacked from instructions by the ISIS, wake up people! The FBI Director said that he is being overwhelmed keeping up with all this radicalization. He said the FBI has done a good job till now but he wont be able to stop it indefinitely.

Now I will advise you where Obama’s heart and mind really was today. For Obama to come out today and give a message to the American people was an after thought, let me show you where his first thought was. The following was posted by Bob Price, published y Breitbart News: “President Barack Obama sent a celebratory message to Muslims around the world on the White House Twitter account nearly two hours before his first tweet on the subject of four dead Marines killed by an Islamic gunman.”

“From my family to yours, Eid Mubarak!” —@POTUS to Muslims celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr,” the White House tweeted. This message was tweeted at 4:48 p.m. according to the White House Twitter feed.”

The president of the United States sending celebratory messages to Muslims around the world on the same day and two hours before he sent out a tweet on our four marines killed by a gunman who is taking instructions from an organization that wants to destroy the United States of America. Obama does not know what the word shame means.

The American People Have Had Enough With Political Correctness: That’s What’s Fueling The Trump Surge

This reminds me of the silent majority in the Nixon era. The forgotten voter that just had enough and gave Nixon two elections, one of which, the second one was a landslide. In this case it’s not that Donald Trump is doing something special, he is actually being Donald Trump but he has hit a nerve with the American people on kitchen table issues, he is talking and acting like the silent majority of Americans have been waiting for. Issues that every-day Americans talk about among themselves but are not allowed to express their feelings as they desire because of this political correctness. He is telling it like it is and it so happens to be the fillings of most Americans that are oh so fed up on not being able to express their opinion’s without this political correctness crap being thrown with the first wrong word. Enough is enough!

Actually I am getting a kick out of this. Most of the Republicans running for office are in complete disarray of what to do. The only person I can think of even being close to Trump’s way of speaking is Sarah Palin and if I knew her personally I would be begging her to run. I understand there are some things that Trump is saying that is very offensive to some people but it’s refreshing of the fact that he is not holding back and worried about offending someone. Enough is enough!

It is very obvious that on illegal immigration they have been allowed to practically cross the southern border undeterred and Trump is saying exactly the way it is. Since when do people crossing our borders fall into the political correctness web of not reporting it the way it is become the rule of proper ethics. They crossed the border illegally and they should be labeled criminals, the hell with political correctness. Enough is enough

I am sure there are a few conservative presidential candidate’s who understand the fact that there is a volcano out there ready to erupt. They will be more exposed as the primaries continue on and they better not underestimate the anger of the majority of the American people over this issue. The last two congressional elections should have shown them where the winds are blowing. Conservatives are getting in but they must take over America. We The People have had enough of this political correctness. How to say things in the workplace, how to say things on the phone, how to address a meeting, etc., etc. all brought on by the liberals(socialists) the pansy’s that they are. This is another way they are attempting to control you and me, the American society as a whole. The American people have had it with constantly appeasing these thin skinned inaptitude liberals by constantly tiptoeing through the tulips so as to not to insult their feelings whereas in fact they are turning America upside down and this will stop. I will now show you how political correct I am, they can take their political correctness and shove it! Enough is enough!

Sanctuary Cities Must Be Banned In The United States

This is one example of many why it has been said that liberalism(socialism) is a mental disorder. The definitive of a Sanctuary City is everything the United States does not stand for. A sanctuary city is a term given to a city in the United States that follows practices that protect illegal immigration. Why is there a need to protect illegal immigration in the first place? These sanctuary cities have laws that differ from place to place. So what the heck, lets just make up non-existing laws just to protect illegal immigration! This is the kind of crap the Muslims have been wanting to do, create laws to supersede our laws in order to favor their faith and in this case it’s the illegals. These sanctuary cities generally have policies or laws that limit the extent to which law enforcement and other government employees will go to assist the federal government in immigration matters. I just cant believe that there are more than 200 state and local jurisdictions that have policies that call for not honoring U.S. Immigration and customs request.

The following was posted and published by Fox News: “The murder of a young woman in San Francisco last week — allegedly by an illegal immigrant who’d been deported five times, and was in city custody before being put back on the street without notifying immigration officials — has re-ignited a national debate over “sanctuary city” policies.”

” In the case of Sanchez, he already had been deported five times and had a lengthy felony record when ICE turned him over to San Francisco on an outstanding warrant in March. ICE requested they be notified before any release, but the city allegedly ignored the request and released him in April.”

Now how could they have done this in good conscious. Nothing about this makes any sense whatsoever. It’s as though the only motive the city had of turning this nut-case loose was spitefulness. My understanding is as of this post that Sanchez had used a federal agents gun, how the heck did this low-life get a Federal agents gun! What is this, Fast and Furious all over again?

So an innocent young lady walking with her father in San Francisco was murdered by the random shooting of this moron Sanchez. To lose a loved one by someone who should have never been on the streets in the first place except for the policies of these brain-dead liberals is unjustified. This is so hard to reason with and understand. To protect criminals who broke the law in the first place. Yes I will say it again, they are criminals, they should never have been here in the first place. If the law was followed and normal procedure was used to bring these immigrants in, for instance I am the son of Greek immigrants and my parents fulfilled all the necessary requirements and came to America legally unlike this low-life Sanchez where this young lady would still be alive today and her family would not be in grief. Lord what is happening to our great country?

We Must Take Back Our Schools From Big Brother If We Are To Take Our Country Back

As we know in the Communist manifesto there are steps on how to take over a society and what’s way up on the list if not number one on the list is brainwash the youth. For the last 60 years or so the liberals(socialists) have been in control of the American school system and it doesn’t matter if there is a conservative president the liberals have their tentacles spread throughout the American school system from school administrators on up. It needs a wide spread conservative movement of many years to be able to stop this cancer and this cancer has now spread too deep into our school systems to allow the time and effort it would take to once again teach our children the real America and not the liberal version. I am sure everyone reading this post can think of different examples of how our children are being brainwashed with wrongly information just to make liberalism the hero of American exceptionalism when in fact it was the American individual and even in today’s liberalism Obama doesn’t even want that word exceptionalism used for our great country. For instance even when I was going to school we were taught that President Franklin Roosevelt ended the Great Depression when in fact the opposite is true, his programs did nothing to turn the depression around, it was World War II when all the factories came into existence to supply all the weaponry that was needed to win the war.

Now we have this Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage. If you think this will not influence our kids in the school systems you are wrong. The following was posted by Gary DeMar, published by Godfather Politics: “With the latest ruling by the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage, your children will be indoctrinated in the new sexual faith. Douglas Wilson writes: “If your children remain in the government schools, there is now no legal way for them to be taught any normal view of human sexuality. And, depend upon it, they will be taught the other kinds. And second, they will be taught an approach to civics that sees nothing wrong with the Supreme Court’s juridical putsch here, and that is just as worrisome.”

“More than 95 percent of American young people attend government schools. We call them public schools, but they are really government schools. The curriculum is designed by the government, the textbooks are approved by the government, the funding comes from money stolen by the government, and the Federal Department of Education oversees the whole process.”

My children as they were growing up went to public schools but we talked many times at home as a family the degree of showing how America got here to where it is today. I constantly talked about America and our great Constitution. It was just family conversations that did not look like a school lesson. Watching news on TV just to be in the environmental setting. Both my kids I am proud to say have become conservatives mainly for the fact that they have a sense of what America is becoming just from the actions and disregard of our Constitution from these liberals.

The kids today must be taken out of these public schools and home-schooled but I know that is easier said than done. I know with our workloads during the years of my kids being in school we couldn’t do it. Parents must do the next best thing and that is stay abreast of what your kids are being taught and if an educator is straying away from the real explanation of American history he or she must be told that their teaching must mirror the truth on the United States of America because that teacher must teach the child the true facts of our American history and not some rewriting of American history to suit socialistic ideology. This is why the government has taken over our school system to brainwash and control our kids. They are indoctrination centers to force the socialistic view on our kids. For this to stop it has to be a groundswell movement, we must start today.

Obama Admits Of His Failed Presidency But Naturally Blames Everyone But Himself

So We The People and Congress are to blame as far as Obama is concerned for his failed presidency. At least he admitted that he failed but I am wondering if he actually realizes what he said. But you see now at the end of his presidency he is coming to the conclusion that what he wanted he will not get and that is as we all know by now transforming America to his socialistic liking. Of course since the Republicans took over the House of Representatives in 2010 they would not bend to his radical programs. On the other hand which is well noted and understood by now Obama does not reach out to Congress and that includes his own Democrat Party. He is not one for hand to hand combat or negotiation’s or however which way you want to define it. It’s his way or the highway.

The following was posted by Brian Anderson, published by Liberty News online: “During his bi-monthly fundraising trip to California, Obama made the stunning admission at Tyler Perry’s house in front of a who’s who of liberal Hollywood elitists. From the AP:

“President Barack Obama unleashed a torrent of frustration Thursday night over Washington gridlock and acknowledged he has not been able to bring the hope and change to America’s political system that he campaigned on.”

He blamed the fact that the Congress always worries about the next election rather than at the business on hand. Really now! Here’s a president like I wrote a few days ago that makes every decision based on politics instead of the well being of the American people and as we know he’s a chronic liar.

After he finished with the Congress he placed the blame to you and I that we are not putting pressure on our elected leaders for change, in this instance he is talking about gun control. Naturally he got on the issue of race that it will take more than a few good speeches from him to fix the race issue and that you and I are to reach out to our communities to resolve this issue. I wonder if any reader remembers Obama talking about race issues during the two presidential campaigns. I guess he is making up for lost time. One thing I do know was that the race issue was really coming around until Obama and Eric Holder came around to set it back on fire. So Obama once again is lying to We The people that now it is our fault that we are not leaders in our communities while Obama doesn’t get along with Congress of which he had time to resolve his problem with Congress if he didn’t play as much golf as he does and just reach out to them. But you see, in Obama’s mind “who needs Congress.” I will say this and I’m sure you folks know it also, Obama “wants” a race issue.

Again from Brian Anderson, “This is just pathetic. The President is supposed to lead, not blame everyone else. If Obama weren’t such an incompetent pretender he’d know that politics takes compromise. From day one he has demanded that the country bow to his whacko agenda and it’s only a surprise to him that his way hasn’t produced any results.”

What happens from here with a president that has realized he has been a failure? I wish I could tell you, its kind of frightening. I will continue to say at this juncture that he is not of sound mind to be president of the United States and let’s just pray the next 18 months go by without any major incident. The problem is that Obama is lighting the matches to get such an incident.

As Another Independence Day Approaches We The People Must Believe In American Exceptionalism

On this Independence Day We The people must believe that America is an exceptional nation. No matter how much Obama wants to take America into a state of parity with the rest of the world the American people are not in parity with the rest of the world. America is superior, a country that has saved the world from domination by Germany in both World Wars. America is a country that the world has depended on because of the rigorousness of the America people. The world is calling for America once again but Obama chooses instead to ignore the fact that what’s happening overseas with ISIS if left unchecked will be fought on our soil as this is a reminder from the Homeland Security that we are being warned as of a possible terrorist attack on this July 4th.

There is no excuse whatsoever that we should be having threats of a possible terrorist attack on our nation. God forbid if this is to occur on July 4th or any other day for that matter I would like to know how would Obama address the nation. How is he going to respond? I’m sure most of us know the answer to this question. The way the United States should respond in such a scenario is to declare war and destroy this ISIS lowlife organization. This should have been done already with the beheading of two of our Americans by the ISIS. Obama is stalling to get out of the presidency so he doesn’t have to deal with this problem. All I can say is that if our homeland is attacked in any way shape or form the blood spilled will be on Obama’s hands.

The world relies on the United States as they have done since the World Wars. We are an exceptional people and the world knows that and respects that because of the leadership qualities of the American people. You see a socialist like Obama does not want the American people to show exceptionalism, any exceptionalism is reserved for himself. That’s the nature of socialism. If Obama likes it or not I will write a quote that we have heard all so many times, “America is the last best hope for mankind.”