Obama Admits Of His Failed Presidency But Naturally Blames Everyone But Himself

So We The People and Congress are to blame as far as Obama is concerned for his failed presidency. At least he admitted that he failed but I am wondering if he actually realizes what he said. But you see now at the end of his presidency he is coming to the conclusion that what he wanted he will not get and that is as we all know by now transforming America to his socialistic liking. Of course since the Republicans took over the House of Representatives in 2010 they would not bend to his radical programs. On the other hand which is well noted and understood by now Obama does not reach out to Congress and that includes his own Democrat Party. He is not one for hand to hand combat or negotiation’s or however which way you want to define it. It’s his way or the highway.

The following was posted by Brian Anderson, published by Liberty News online: “During his bi-monthly fundraising trip to California, Obama made the stunning admission at Tyler Perry’s house in front of a who’s who of liberal Hollywood elitists. From the AP:

“President Barack Obama unleashed a torrent of frustration Thursday night over Washington gridlock and acknowledged he has not been able to bring the hope and change to America’s political system that he campaigned on.”

He blamed the fact that the Congress always worries about the next election rather than at the business on hand. Really now! Here’s a president like I wrote a few days ago that makes every decision based on politics instead of the well being of the American people and as we know he’s a chronic liar.

After he finished with the Congress he placed the blame to you and I that we are not putting pressure on our elected leaders for change, in this instance he is talking about gun control. Naturally he got on the issue of race that it will take more than a few good speeches from him to fix the race issue and that you and I are to reach out to our communities to resolve this issue. I wonder if any reader remembers Obama talking about race issues during the two presidential campaigns. I guess he is making up for lost time. One thing I do know was that the race issue was really coming around until Obama and Eric Holder came around to set it back on fire. So Obama once again is lying to We The people that now it is our fault that we are not leaders in our communities while Obama doesn’t get along with Congress of which he had time to resolve his problem with Congress if he didn’t play as much golf as he does and just reach out to them. But you see, in Obama’s mind “who needs Congress.” I will say this and I’m sure you folks know it also, Obama “wants” a race issue.

Again from Brian Anderson, “This is just pathetic. The President is supposed to lead, not blame everyone else. If Obama weren’t such an incompetent pretender he’d know that politics takes compromise. From day one he has demanded that the country bow to his whacko agenda and it’s only a surprise to him that his way hasn’t produced any results.”

What happens from here with a president that has realized he has been a failure? I wish I could tell you, its kind of frightening. I will continue to say at this juncture that he is not of sound mind to be president of the United States and let’s just pray the next 18 months go by without any major incident. The problem is that Obama is lighting the matches to get such an incident.

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