House Speaker John Boehner Is In Shock :He Was Going To Call Up A Vote For Speaker Before August Recess And Found Out He Doesn’t Have Enough Votes

Last week Rep. Mark Meadows (R-OH) drew up a measure to remove John Boehner as House Speaker and Boehner tried to beat him to the punch by calling up a House vote to embarrass Meadows but instead of Meadows being the one to get embarrassed it was Boehner and his team by finding out that if there was a floor vote taken now Boehner does not have enough votes to get reelected Speaker of the House. Just look at all the cocktail parties he would lose out on, that would be just disastrous. Don’t forget he would not have to ever worry about getting messy again considering he is all so concerned about it. But that would mean Obama would not have a House Speaker kissing his rear end anymore, now wouldn’t that be a shame.

The following is from a post by Matthew Boyle, published by Breitbart News: “The strategy from Meadows and his allies goes something like this: They offered the resolution right before the August recess and knew that there is enough dissatisfaction with Boehner that should he try to bring it to the floor immediately–to shut it down as fast as it came up–he’d walk away without his speakership.”

“There are 25 members who voted for a Republican alternative at the beginning of this Congress, and now there are plenty more who are disaffected with the tactics of Boehner and his allies in leadership. More members, those who want to replace Boehner suspect, will, over the course of the month of August, come out publicly against Boehner at town hall events and in interviews with media. Unless Democrats bail Boehner out in September or October, if and when such a vote for the speakership would occur, by that point there would be enough members opposed to Boehner’s re-election for him to lose his position.”

At first when I heard of this last week that Meadows drew up a measure to remove Boehner I said to myself “here we go again,” another attempt to remove Boehner too no avail but then I wondered maybe this guy did some heavy homework and it seems that he did because Boehner chickened out by not bringing it to the floor for a vote.

Boehner brought this all on to himself. Boehner and McConnell, leader of the Senate are both not hearing the true concerns of We The People as to the reasons the Republicans were put in charge of the Congress in the first place. They were put there to stop Obama not negotiate with him and that is one of the reasons Donald Trump is doing so well, the American people are pissed. Not only doesn’t Boehner not go with the will of the people but he strong arms conservatives who disagrees with him and then strips them of their committee leadership roles. Maybe the time is here where his goose is cooked.

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