Enough Already! Top-Secret Emails Were Found On Hillary Clinton’s Private Insecure Server: It’s Prison Time For Hillary Clinton

So Hillary from the goodness of her heart decided to hand over the server from her computer to the Justice Department. Let me take a good guess as to what really happened, the FBI after finding out that two of those emails of hers was actually classified “Top Secret” gave her a call and advised her that they want that server and if she doesn’t hand it over they will go in and take it themselves. I would bet my life that this is how it went. When you work for the government of the United States you don’t call the shots, you are the property of the U.S. Government plus anything that you call your own that you are holding on too and in this case it being that computer server that she decided on her own to take processing of.

I have heard different commentators ask the question why would she go out of her way of setting up a server at her home and then start erasing emails that she claims was just of her and Bill Clinton when it was found out she had the server on her property. This was considered pretty funny considering Bill Clinton said he doesn’t write emails but only one that he remembers. Really now! I just can’t believe that people are asking that question. They are asking the question hoping to get the answer they are thinking but they don’t want to say it themselves. What’s funny is they are not answering the question. Let’s face it my friends it’s all about Benghazi, she doesn’t want We The People to know about what happened in Benghazi and none of these so called experts want to talk about it.

The following was posted by John Hayward, published by Breitbart News: “With this news, law enforcement has at long last taken custody of Clinton’s server and the thumb drive full of emails held by her lawyer, steps that should have been taken the minute this scandal broke.”

“The scoreboard currently stands at a mere forty emails reviewed by the inspectors general, of which five contained classified material, and two were classified Top Secret. Extrapolating that ratio over the 32,000-plus emails Clinton didn’t bother to delete, in defiance of subpoenas, produces a national security threat of staggering proportions.”

Hillary by declaring she didn’t know what type of classification the emails were is not going to fly, she knew exactly what they were that’s why she had them on her private server instead of on the governments because if the government didn’t know We The People would not know about what really happened in Benghazi.

Hillary will try to put all the stops on this scandal. Keep in mind in the question of what are her accomplishment’s she only has one by far, she is a 45 years career liar who has perfected the art of lying. But keep in mind no matter how much she lies and tried to erase emails there is one thing that cannot be erased by the American people and that is the fact that just by Hillary trying to erase emails and protecting her personal server as long as she did when in fact these were property of the federal government We The People know she is guilty as sin.

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