Former CIA Spy Said “I Can’t Tell You How Bad This Is” In Regard To Hillary’s Emails And Server

Hillary Clinton has handled the Benghazi episode and the aftermath of her emails and not wanting to hand over her server after it was shown it was all on her personal server so poorly that it actually creates astonishment in ones mind. I have started to ask myself if in fact Hillary has a drinking problem or whatever problem and I have done a little research that I would like to convey my results with you folks.

I found that Hillary continuously everywhere and anywhere she travels, is photographed with a brew, shot or inebriating intoxicant at her lips. No, don’t even conclude that as Secretary of State it’s an occupational hazard. Also it’s a fact, she drank John McCain under the table in a Vodka drinking contest in Estonia when both were Senators.

The following is from a post by Gordon Tayner, Chief Reporter, published by The Telegraph: “It has emerged that Mrs Clinton took on Mr McCain at downing vodka shots when the two senators were on a congressional tour of Estonia in 2004.”

“Hillary Clinton can hold her drink Rumors of the drinking contest have surfaced before, but had always been dismissed as apocryphal until the story was finally confirmed by Mrs Clinton’s campaign manager, and by the owner of a restaurant in the Estonian capital of Tallinn.”

So this is the Hillary Clinton that Obama had entrusted as Secretary of State drinking up a storm and this is the same Hillary who has been making decisions as to how to store sensitive U.S. material probably with a glass in each hand.

The following was posted by Ian Hanchett, published by Breitbart: “CNN Intelligence and Security Analyst and former CIA spy Robert Baer said that Hillary Clinton’s server and the material reportedly on it is a deal-breaker, adding, “I wonder if she’s capable of being president,” “you and I’d get fired, and possibly jailed. This could be a felony,” and “[this] is a transgression that I don’t think the president of the United States should be allowed to have committed on Saturday’s “CNN Newsroom” on CNN International.”

“When asked if people could argue that sometimes things can drop through the cracks, Baer answered, “No. When I was overseas at various stations, I had encrypted communications, and I wasn’t even allowed to receive documents like this over highly encrypted communications. We were worried about leakage, and the rest of it, storage, leaving it in hard drives. It couldn’t be sent from Washington. This is very, very serious stuff. And, in the discipline of the national security establishment, you never let this stuff out of your hands, and especially on a handheld. And if this in fact, were on her handheld, was sent to her, or she forwarded it [in] any way, I wonder if she’s capable of being president.”

Poor Hillary once again in Iowa stressed the fact that the Republicans are after her again and she would not submit to such dirt. One thing Hillary does not get is the fact her own competitor in Bernie Sanders is an admitted socialist, he is not a Democrat and if Biden gets in the race he is as much a liberal as Hillary is, so if Hillary was not in the race the Republicans still will face a socialist or a liberal so by Hillary saying the Republicans are after her is meaningless. I will say as I have been saying to my conservative friends and that is as far as I am concerned Hillary is the easiest Democrat to beat so lets hope she is the one who gets the nomination unless she’s in prison by then.

3 comments on “Former CIA Spy Said “I Can’t Tell You How Bad This Is” In Regard To Hillary’s Emails And Server

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

  2. omanuel says:

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

    Thanks for confirming that BIG BROTHER IS GOING DOWN !

    Thanks to scientific (Climategate), economic and political scandals, the 1945 plan to rule the world by deceit is now unraveling:

    Click to access STALIN’S_SCIENCE.pdf

  3. johnapappas says:

    Yes power corrupts if power is used to do just that instead of to use power for peaceful means and the betterment of mankind.

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