Media Is Not Allowing True Debate On The Fourteenth Amendment If Children Of Illegal Immigrants Get Automatic Citizenship

The media have people of all categories convinced that automatic citizenship is for all children of illegal immigrants. Every time I see some commentator on cable news he or she is stressing the fact that once you are in the United States you have been granted an automatic American citizenship and it doesn’t matter if it’s babies of illegal parents here in the United States. In other words as Donald Trump has said and that we all have said at one point or another if we are concerned of who enters our borders, a women can become pregnant in Mexico, cross the border into the United States and the baby will become an automatic American citizen. Common sense tells me that this is not the case and the media have most people including Bill O’Reilly of the Factor on Fox News believing this also because he told Trump as such when Trump was on his show. In the meantime Mark Levin a Constitutional scholar who has he’s own radio show has challenged O’Reilly to go on his show and debate this issue. Lets see if O’Reilly accepts the challenge, this should prove very interesting.

The following was posted by Ken Klukowski, published by Breitbart News: “Among modern scholars who can shed light on this issue, Professor John Eastman—the former dean of Chapman University’s law school and a former law clerk to Justice Clarence Thomas—thoroughly discusses the original meaning of the Citizenship Clause in From Feudalism to Consent. He explores the congressional speeches of two of the clause’s primary authors, Senators Lyman Trumbull and Jacob Howard, and how they made it clear that this part of the amendment only applied to children born to parents who were not citizens of another country. Yet Eastman—who is also an experienced media commentator—has not been featured on major shows this week to inform the public discussion.”

“Another scholarly source is Professor Lino Graglia’s article in the Texas Review of Law & Politics. In it, the professor explores in greater detail the point in our first report in this series, that the 39th Congress—which in 1865 voted for the Thirteenth Amendment and in 1866 voted for the first Civil Rights Act—later in 1866 repackaged the Civil Rights Act’s definition of citizenship in the new Fourteenth Amendment, and that the Civil Rights Act’s original language explicitly excluded citizens of foreign countries.”

This is why illegal immigrants are breaking our laws in mass numbers because this is the mindset of Obama and his cronies, just let everybody cross our borders and children of illegal immigrants will be granted citizenship and on top of that we are hearing a false pretense as to how the Fourteenth Amendment is being translated to fit the agenda of the socialists. I will tell you one thing, if Mark Levin says it is not an automatic citizenship that is good enough for me. If you ever take the time to listen to his expertise you will find out why I feel that way and you will also learn things about the Constitution you never knew before. If anyone should be in the next Republican cabinet it is Mark Levin.

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